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    episode 7

    I finally agreed to see him with me being clueless.

    He was lodged in an hotel. He led me to his room asking me what I wanted.

    I wasn’t comfortable.

    Told him I was okay with a bottle of shwerppes and that I wasn’t staying long because I needed to see Jeff.

    “What’s with you and the guy anyways?” He asked.

    “He is my boyfriend” I told him checking my watch for the time.

    He went to the door and locked it,, removing the key, that’s when I knew I was in big trouble.

    My biggest fear.

    i felt a big lump in my throat.

    I was in deep shit.

    How would I get out of here.
    “You know I like you right?” He asked and I gave a fake laughter as a reply.

    “I have seen you before the party, but at that point, you were with Leo” he said getting me confused.

    “I have a boyfriend” I replied.

    “But you are here” he said coming to sit closer to me.

    “What makes you think he isn’t cheating on you anyway” he asked and I shrugged, trying to move away from him.

    “I didn’t put a leash around his neck. See I have got to go, I am late already” I said standing up and carrying my bag”.

    “He was in town on Tuesday” he said standing up.

    “Well, he came for a party. See I really need to leave now. I need to attend to something. Please come and open the door” I said with my heart beating rapidly.

    Instead he came onto me trying to kiss me. I shoved his chest.

    “What is up with you now?” I asked with a frown.

    “You know you are the reason why I haven’t travelled back” he said glaring at me.

    “Please, I am not in the mood for this…” I was cut short with another kiss and I tried pushing him away. This time he used his strength, pushing me down on the bed and my head hit the headboard.

    I yelped in pain, trying to shove his weight off me.

    “What is wrong with you?” I screamed pushing him away but he didn’t bulge.
    He struggled with the belt of my Jean and I pushed his hands away. I was scared.

    My heart was hammering so fast that I was trying to catch my breath.

    He slapped me hard and I yelped in pain. I didn’t stop struggling, I screamed at the top of my voice with tears rushing down my eyes.

    He was going to rape me.

    This had been my fault, I know I shouldn’t have come here.

    There was a knock at the door and the idiot jumped off me, realising what he had tried to do.

    “Who be that?” He said removing the keys from his pocket and putting it on the lock.

    I jumped off the bed with my heart hammering, I arranged myself. I was still crying.

    “Room service. You ordered for pepper soup”

    He opened the door. “Since” he said angrily. I made my way to the door, pushing him aside and running out, not looking back.

    I had gotten outside the building when I felt a hand on my arm.

    The idiot had followed me.

    “I don’t know what came over me, I was just angry and tired of hearing Jeff’s name. Please..” I didn’t allow him to finish. I had stopped a bike and I jacked my arm from his grip.

    “Bolek” I told the bike man. And he moved without any other words. I tried hard to control the tears. I couldn’t cry outside. I tried holding it back but a tear had already escaped and another.

    I gave the bike man his money without waiting for change.

    Immediately Claron opened the door, all hell let loose. I burst into tears and she pulled me inside, holding me while she locked the door.

    “What happened?” She asked and I cried harder.

    “Is it Jeff, did you guys fight” I shook my head.

    “I went to see Somto” I said and she frowned.

    “Party Somto? Why? You didn’t say you were going there” she said still frowning.

    “I was trying not to be rude, he had been calling me and I kept giving excuses” I said trying hard to contain myself.

    “Okay, you went to see him, so why are you crying? Did he…?” She said the last words with her mouth opened in shock.

    I felt the tears gushing out more. I told her everything. How close he was. How foolish I had been to go there. She hugged me, trying to soothe me. Telling me to relax.

    My phone began to ring and it was Jeff, I couldn’t pick the call. I didn’t know what I would tell him. That I had gone to see a guy that he supposedly dislike? Or how the guy had gotten my contact.

    I locked myself up that day. Imagining what had happened, what had almost happened.

    I cried harder. My head was still hurting from the hit. And I was still scared.

    Jeff kept on calling and he called Claron who lied that I was sick and that she wasn’t with me.

    That night was hell. I kept recalling the incident and what would have happened if someone had not knocked and what if the idiot had chosen to send the room service away.

    I knew then that it wasn’t luck.

    But the God whom I had longed abandoned.


    There was a knock on my door. Claron wasn’t around so I stood up to get it.

    To my surprise it was Jeff.

    The first thing I asked was what he was doing in town and that was my guilty conscience speaking.

    He had kept calling yesterday and I had kept rejecting it.

    “Eriel, are you okay. You look a mess” Jeff said with concern, his gaze roaming over my face.

    I felt guilty and stupid. I felt the tears starting all over again and Jeff pulled me in for a hug, rubbing my back.
    He led me to the bed where I sat down. He didn’t say a word, just kept rubbing my back until the tears subsided.

    “What happened?” He asked me and I pulled away from him.

    I pleaded with him not to hate me. And he kept telling me to just talk. And I told him everything. How I had given the idiot my number and went to his place.

    Jeff was pissed. “What the f--k? After I told you I didn’t like the way he was all over you that night, you still gave him your d--n number, then to crown it all, you went to see him in an hotel? What were you thinking? Why would you risk your life, what were you even trying to do, spite me” he let out angrily and I cried harder.

    He was pacing around

    “I can’t do this shit” he said angrily, walking out on me.

    I cried myself to sleep.


    Jeff called me the next day but I refused to pick because I knew I had hurt him.

    Somto called and sent messages that I all ignored. I blocked his line later on.

    Jeff kept calling. He went through Claron begging her to talk to me.

    I traveled to Lagos that week with the mindset that I was going back to my old life of loving God, loving myself more and being the sweet girl everyone saw me as.

    Two weeks had gone when Jeff called again. This time I picked it.

    I was happy to hear his voice. I had missed that voice. He begged to see me again, he told me he was in lagos and I agreed to meet him at a fast food close by.

    Immediately he saw me, he gave me a bear hug before releasing me and I laughed. I had missed it.

    “You refused to see me” he said drily.

    “I am seeing you” I replied, knowing what he meant.

    “I have missed you. I swear I said I was going to get over it. I tried but I couldn’t. It just didn’t work. I missed seeing your wide smiles, and your eyes, what I love most in you” he said.

    “You don’t have to tell me all this. I hurt you and I know. I had been so naive and foolish to think…to think God knows what” I said with teary eyes.

    “I later came to realise no one is above mistakes. You made a mistake. Baby you have your flaws and it is the girl with the flaws I fell in love with. The girl who always tried hard to please everyone. The girl who was a big time introvert pretending to be something more. I know you went to that guy’s place not with the intention to lay with him. But it hurt. I was really hurt but I got over it” he said holding my hand and I tried hard not to let even a tear escape.

    “I am so sorry, I am really sorry” I told him with my teary eyes.

    “I want you back. I need you back” he said desperately.

    “How can you still want me?” I asked in confusion.

    “Because you are human and you are not afraid to show it”

    And that was it. We got back together and we were even better together than before.

    You know how they say experience is the best teacher.

    I used to lie to myself that I could learn from other people’s mistakes and I didn’t have to make any.

    What happened to that good girl who wanted to please everyone?

    She was gone.

    Replaced by a tougher and new woman. I had made my mistakes and I had learnt from them.

    I know how you all think that I am dumb or I was dumb for everything I did.

    Keeping myself to the age of 22 only to give it to a scoundrel.

    Or having sex with my friend’s boyfriend.

    Or going to Somto’s place.

    It was all my mistake and I own up to them because I was the one who made bad choices.

    People see me as the perfect sweet girl.

    But, the truth here is that I wasn’t perfect.


    I am still not. Because I am human and we all make mistakes.

    We have all made choices at some point in our lives that we are not proud of.

    I have made my fair share of mistakes and I have learnt from it all.

    It took me a while to find myself but eventually I did.

    I became a woman who made my own decisions.

    I have become a woman who pleases no soul.

    I have become a woman made out of my mistakes.

    I am happy where I am now.

    I have come to love me for me.

    I have found a stand.

    The End♥♥♥

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    nice one

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    Waoh.. Nice one

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    what a story

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    Nice story

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    Lovely story
    I can’t believe you finally end up with Jeff

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