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    Chapter 1

    Stepping out into the warm morning light, Kate Jack blinked her deep golden eyes a few times to adjust to the bright light. Fixing the maron bandanna tied around her forehead. She quickly threaded her fingers through her messy black hair, trying her best effort to hold them back as a small breeze picked up, playing idly with her wayward bangs. Silky strands of her hair spilled over the bandanna and lined her face, the ends tickling her chin. Deciding that the battle with her usually messy and dishevelled hair was a losing one, Kate instead straightened her clothes, running her hands down the black and gold embroidery tunic of her dress, of which was the same colour as her bandanna, a pair of golden sockings that came to her knees and a black heel boots to finished her look.

    After she deemed herself reasonable, Kate began her journey along a winding sandstone path that lead her from one grand structure, a building known to all as the Fire Temple to another, a even more majectic estate known as the Fire Palace. It was situated high upon a grassy hill, overlooking the bustling markets situated near the ocean front, the Temple located further away from the market place.

    And as she walked, Kate took a moment to appreciate her surroundings that still, even after her 21 years of being alive, left her in awe.

    The Island was beautiful, pristine and lush, the sandstone building of the Fire Temple and the Fire Palace stood starkly out against the landscape of luscious green trees, the stone reflecting the bright sunlight in a golden hue. Small, shanty grass huts lined the white sand beaches, the people of this Island living in harmony with nature.

    The scenery was not unlike the other Island that chained out across the sapphire blue eyes. Except, of course, for the large dormant Volcano shadowing the centre of the Island. And at the very peak, behind the smoky mist, a constant flame burned, the flames dancing across the ground like playful sprites. The fire had been burning undaunted for as long as living memory or written word could say.

    This was Fire Island.

    And the volcano at the very centre of this erotic place is known as Obisdian Volcano, the home of the Fire God that protected every one who resided there.

    And it was this same Fire God that Kate may one day have to give her life to.

    Looking up at the peak of Obsidian, Kate sent a silent prayer to the Fire God that she could live just one more day. For as long as she could remember, she had been preparing herself for her fate.

    Since birth, she had been known and referred to as the Peace Keeper. It was her duty to act as a means to appease the Fire God. And, ultimately,sacrifice herself in a ceremony known as the Sacrificial Ritual. The ritual had never been performed in living memory as the writing began shortly after the last eruption of Obsidian, so there was much speculation of what the rituals entails. And from the ancient libraries it was assumed that the Peace Keeper will be used as a gift to quell the Fire God’s anger.

    Which involved the Peace Keeper being taken to a platform at the very peak of Obsidian volcano, her hands bound where she was then pushed into the lake of Lava hidden at very top of the volcano. And the person to do that was none other than the Fire Princess, Kira Ash.
    Also known as her cousin.

    Despite her circumstances and the knowledge that any day could very well be her last, Kate was at peace with her destiny.

    “Ah,good morning, Lady Kate” Fudo, a respected elder within the Fire Council gretted Kate as she walked into the Council Chambers
    “Oh, good morning, Elder Fudo” Kate returned the greeting with her own,bowing her head in a sign of respect.

    She was attending a Council meeting, yet another duty of being the Peace Keeper. As well as being a Fire Priestess as a lot of people tend to forget about in regards to her. Kate may not be the most powerful Fire Priestess within the Fire Temple, but she was one nonetheless. She was a Fire Priestess and took her role within the Temple seriously. It was her duty to act as a guide and a medium between the people of Island and the Fire God who watches over them all. She was much closer to the people and was more acutely aware of their troubles and trails of the land better than anyone residing in the Fire Palace could possibly be.

    Returning the other greetings she recieved from the other Council members. She took her seat next to Elder Fudo, Kate kept mostly silent to herself as the other Council members chattered amongst themselves as they awaited for the arrival of their Fire Princess. And she was due to enter at any moment now…


    The large doors leading into the Council Chamber were flung open in a dramatic display of power and authority, causing the room to fall into a silent hush. A mere moment later the slender figure of a young woman strode confidently into the centre of the room, immediately gaining the complete and undivided attention of everyone seated.


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