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    Episode 1
    “What’s up folks this is Flip TV and it’s your boy, Johnny Badmus AKA J.B here tonight and I’m thrilled to inform you that you’re receiving this broadcast live from the just concluded special edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent here at the Landmark event center. Whooo!!” J.B screamed. “Sorry about that, I’m just super excited right now and I’m very sure that you are just as hyped as I am right now if you have been keeping up with all the latest updates on this show from the beginning to the very end. For those of you who’ve missed out on all the action, trust me when I tell you that the show was amazing and truly epic and we even got an amazing surprise in the end cause no one could have predicted from the onset that the winner would turn out to be a 14 year old boy……can you believe that? A fourteen freaking year old boy picked up the trophy here tonight.….what the heck?”

    The camera rolls away to give the viewers a quick view of the backstage area and the ongoing activities before cutting back to Johnny Badmus.

    “As you can see I’m at the backstage area right now and that’s because we’re going to be interviewing some amazing newly discovered talents, precisely the winner, and both the first and second runner-ups but as you can see this whole place is a bit rowdy due to the ongoing renovations, so we’ve arranged for a room right here in the backstage area where we are going to be interviewing each one of our top three participants one after another so stay tuned and don’t you dare touch the dial cause we’ll be right back.”

    A short commercial from, Glo network one of the sponsors of the got talent show ensued before the camera rolled back to Johnny Badmus who was now sitting inside a room and a man wearing a white suit was sitting on the chair in front of him.

    Johnny smiled at the camera as soon as he realized that they were rolling. “Welcome back folks, I’m here with our first runner up of the competition, the man who came so close to winning it and what an amazing talent he is. Mike, introduce yourself to the audience.”

    “The name’s Mikel Samson Chibuike AKA Chi-funny, I’m a 28 years old boy from Anambra state. I’m an accountant by profession but I’m also a comedian by obsession.”

    “We don’t have much time on our hand so, here’s how we’re going to do it Mikel. I’m going to ask you three questions that I’m sure your fans and audience at home will like to hear you answer.”

    “Go ahead.”

    “My first question for you is that how are you feeling right now after coming so close to grabbing the trophy?”

    “I’ve got to tell you J.B, I feel blessed, I feel grateful, I’m thankful to God for everything because I never envisioned myself to make it this far and that’s a huge grace on its own because I feel like I have already won just by being able to secure a second place in such a tough and competitive show. Nigeria has a lot of unique and amazing talents just waiting to be discovered and I am very proud that tonight, my talent has been recognized and happy is how I feel right now.” Mikel said with a bright smile.

    “Well, that’s amazing to hear. We’ll move right on to the next question. After coming out in second place you were gifted with a huge amount of money in the sum of 3 million naira. The question I want to ask you now is that what do you intend to do with that money?”

    Mikel shrugged and said. “I’m going to invest the money into my business, that’s what I’m going to do with it.”

    “Straight to the point, I like that.” J.B said. “Finally, what’s next for you after this show, are you going to continue chasing your dream as a comedian and should we be expecting anything else from you soon?” He added.

    “You know, being on this show has given me a lot of confidence to keep pushing on and to continue chasing my dreams so I can assure you that you have not heard the last of Chi-funny.”

    “Alright thank you Mikel Samson Chibuike, and congratulations on your victory tonight that will be all for now.” J.B said and he shook hands with Mikel Samson before turning his face back to the camera. “I sure hope that you aren’t getting sleepy folks because we are moving right on to our next participant immediately after this short commercial.”

    Another Glo commercial ensued before the camera finally switched back to the room where J.B now had another man sitting in front of him. This one was wearing a striped, v-necked shirt and a black trouser coupled with palm slippers. The man had black hair that he had styled into a buzz cut and his short goatee was dyed in white. He had a stern look on his face as his hands were folded over his chest.

    “Welcome back folks, I’m here right now with our second runner up.” J.B announced.

    “Na me be the third position don’t call me second runner up.” The man angrily chips in.

    “Sir, second runner up is the same thing as third position na.” J.B explained jokingly.

    “Let’s just call the thing as e be, third position na third position. Don’t come and be forming oyinbo here. Which one be second runner up? Na relay racing we dey do?”

    “Alright as you please sir, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?” J.B said.

    “Well,” The man began, adjusting in his seat. “My names are Babatunde Sodeeq Adisa, AKA Hot-Sod. I’m from bodija in Ibadan state. I’m the number one rapper in Ibadan and it’s environ, you can ask anybody, nobody drops bars like I do.”

    “Alright Hot-Sod, I’ll be asking you three rapid questions due to the fact that time is not on our side. So, my first question is how are you feeling right now?”

    No response….

    “Sodeeq, how are you feeling?” J.B repeated.

    “Shebi you said you have three questions?” Hot-Sod asked.

    “Yes.” J.B answered.

    “Then ask everything at once na? No be you talk say there’s no time?”

    “Okay, what are you going to do with your prize money? That’s number two. And finally, what should we expect from you going forward?”

    “Well, before I answer your question.” Hot-Sod began, clearing his throat and then he paused…. “Wait, what was the first question again?”

    “How are you feeling right now after coming in third place?” J.B repeated the question.

    “Eh, ehn, before I answer that question I just want to make one thing clear to you and everybody at home and that is the fact that I’m not happy with the show and all of the organizers, because it’s like you people did not even have common sense. I’m serious oh. In a show where we have thirty, forty and even fifty year old men and women, how can you now insult our collection of intelligence by giving the trophy to a fourteen year old boy? Because I don’t just understand. So, you’re now asking me how I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling very angry if you must know.”

    J.B opened his mouth to speak up but Hot-Sod continued. “And for question number two that what will I do with the money, that one’s easy na, no be Friday be today again? I must to enter club tomorrow, me and my padis. We go turn up and shayo till the money collapse.”

    “Uhm, actually, normally when we ask people what they are going to do with the money they either say they’ll use it to start up a business or perhaps further their education, have you considered any of this?” J.B asked.

    “Which business? Shey you dey whine me ni? Which business am I going to set up? How much did they gave me that I’m setting up a business from? 500 thousand. Ordinary 500 thousand. That’s another thing wey dey vex me for una, because even when we were in primary school, I remember back then, if first position get 5 exercise books, second position go get like 3 exercise books then third position go come get 1 exercise book. You see the ratio wey dem take divide am? Meanwhile, for your own show now, una gave first position, that pinishin child, five milla, second position, that comedian wey no sabi crack joke, 3 milla. Now, me, third position, a whole local rapper, 500 thousand. Who does that? Is like you’re giving me half an exercise book abi you did not know? I’ve been on this show for three months now and you guys are giving me 500 thousand. You know how much I dey make if I perform for club in one night? Nothing less than 20K per show and I get to attend at least ten shows every month. You sef do the maths na. You guys are mad, I swear, or is it because the two other guys are from Anambra and one is from Abuja? Ehn, ehn, you guys are racist towards Ibadan people, abi?”

    “Did you just say racist?” J.B asked, a bit baffled.

    “Uhn uhn. I said rapist, e be like say cotton board dey your mama’s ear. You guys are not only racist sef, you are also sexist because out of all the top three finalist, they are all boys and no girls. So, what you guys are saying now is that Nigeria women gat no talent abi?”

    “Uhm? I’m not one of the show’s organizers. You do realize that I’m just the interviewer?” J.B pointed out calmly.

    “Sorry, I actually thought you were the vulcanizer. No be all of una dey host the show?” Hot-Sod was raising his voice now.

    “Please tune your voice down sir.” J.B pleaded.

    “You no get remote to come and tune it down for me? Johnny Bastard abi wetin dem dey call you?”

    “It’s Badmus.” J.B corrected.

    “If I woss you ehn, I go slap your destiny into reverse. Ma gba eti e iya e ma gbo nle(I’ll slap you and it will affect your mom). Both you the interviewer and the organizers all of you are mad. You think say it’s easy to be an Ibadan rapper? Sporadic Idiots.” Hot-Sod hissed before storming out of the room.

    J.B turned to face the camera and he seems to have forgotten that his mouth was wide open from shock or he has simply forgotten how to shut his mouth. Finally, he cleared his throat and announced that he will be interviewing the winner after the next commercial.

    The next commercial took a bit longer than the previous ones but finally the camera switched back to the room where J.B was now sitting down next to a young teenage boy.

    “Welcome back folks, this is still interview session with Flip TV and I’m here with our last guest of the night, the super talented young boy who stole his way into everyone’s heart with his beautiful and extraordinary voice ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Adedamola Daniel AKA Danny Prince. Alright Prince, introduce yourself to the fans at home.”

    “My name is Adedamola Daniel Olatunji, I’m fourteen years old….”

    “Did you just clock fourteen this year?” J.B asked.

    “No, that was last year. This year’s August 18 is when I’ll be 15.”

    “Wow!” J.B exclaimed. “Carry on.”

    “I’m from the federal capital territory Abuja but my mom and I reside in Lagos right now,”

    “So, you’re still in secondary school, right?” J.B asked.

    “Yeah.” Daniel nodded.

    “Wow, you know some of us finished secondary school many years ago and we still haven’t made the amount of money that you just made in one night, tell me do you feel blessed?”

    “Yes, I feel blessed.”

    “You know I listened to your performance during the audition and that was when I knew you were going places. You have such a unique and amazing voice. Even I voted for you.”

    “Thank you,”

    “You’re welcome, so when exactly did you discover your singing talent?”

    “Since I was ten.”

    “Ten? Wow! Some of us were still rolling tires at that age. Anyways, how did you come up with the name Danny Prince?”

    “You know my name is Daniel so my friends often call me Danny. My middle name is Adedamola, and Ade means crown in Yoruba so I just sort of combined the two and that was how I came up with Danny Prince.”

    “Do you have any of your family members here with you tonight?”

    “Yes, my mom is waiting outside.”

    “I’m sure she must be very proud of you. Now let me go straight to the main questions, you’ve already answered my first question when you admitted that you feel blessed so my next question is this; five million naira, what are you going to do with it?”

    “My mom is going to invest the money into her cloth business and finally get her own store, and if things turn out the way they should she’ll be able to afford my university studies.’

    “I’m glad education is still a big priority for you, but tell me something; are you going to keep pursuing your career as a singer or was this just a onetime thing for you?”

    “I’m actually very passionate about singing so I’m going to keep at it.” Daniel answered.

    “Well, that’s good to hear and I’m sure that you are going to become one of the best music artists that’s ever come out of Nigeria and I’m sure a lot of record labels already have their eyes set on you so your rise to the top begins today.”

    “Thank you.” The boy said.

    J.B turned to face the camera and said. “Alright, that’s it for today guys and be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing young talent, Adedamola Daniel AKA Danny Prince. This has been interview session with Flip TV, my name is still Johnny Badmus and I’ll see you soon, bye for now.”

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    I’m back from vacation @jummybabe please bring the register


    Episode 2&3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5&6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

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    Hahaha funny episode

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    My boo @itzprince and my bae @ryder anoda story don land o

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    That second guy is funny😂😂

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    @fb-mhizlilygold Sweetheart thanks for the iv. Am sitting beside you

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    @fb-mhizlilygold, thanks for the IV… erm @itzprince permission to seat please?

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    @ryder permission granted

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