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    Please if you scroll down, that means you want to read a (+18 story


    ♥️ #EPISODE_1 ♥️

    We all like sex, that sweaty feeling of unguarded passion running through your brain, the way our heart beats faster, the unimaginable sensation we feel when we are about to feel when we c-m, its like flashes of heaven and the addiction is what keeps us coming back for more.

    My name is floxy, the word “nymph” never meant anything to me as a child, i grew up noticing i like the rush of water from the bathtub how it makes my v----a feel, i loved that feeling so much that i would wait for everyone in the house to bath so that i can spend real quality time in the bathroom and enjoy my “special time”.

    My Inchoate nymphomaniac lifestyle really started when i was 11 years old, i would watch my elder brothers p--n book, i would steal it from under his bedcovers and admire those huge d---s and loved the way the models would keep their moaning faces, the glossy magazine became my new addiction, i would stir at it most times and wonder away in thoughts, i knew i needed to experience that, i couldn’t find someone to help me and disvirgin me, every boy i knew then either sees me as a child or the guy himself is a child like me too, i scouted for so long but no willing d--k was available until chris came my way…

    Chris our family driver, a tall fair guy, he was the one saddled with the responsibilty of taking me to school and also taking me home when its school over, i imagine how the size of his d--k was, i imagined and wished that his size was as huge those d--k i saw on the glossy magazine, i would watch his dangle in his boxers anytime he pulls his trouser to wash dads car, so i decided to find a way to make him disvirgin me..

    On this fateful day it was raining heavily after school hours as he came to pick me from school, we drove towards the major road and got stuck in traffic, the air condition from car was so strong that the air from the vent was blowing straight to my v----a because i sat in the front sit with him, and that cool air made my pant so cold and i couldn’t control myself, so i turned and watched him as his head was on the stirring while he slept off, i was afraid but i had this inner pressure that was compelling to do what my instincts was telling me, so i stretched my hand and reach for his trouser as i began to caress his loin region, hoping i would have a feel his d--k, i couldn’t feel anything so i decided to press a little bit harder and that was when he jumped up from his slumber, turned towards me with his heavy eyes and said,
    Chris: Floxy you don dey mad abi? see dis small girl oh! wetin you dey do? dis world don spoil finish.
    I was clothed with shame, i kept my face down and hoped the long journey hope would come to an fast, but the way chris began to associate with me after that day began to give me hope that he might change his mind, he would always spank my bum-bum and smile and say.

    Chris: Floxy you don dey grow up, before you know you go begin do yanga for men!
    I would smile and shake my tiny waist as i walked past him, he decided to make my nympho circle complete on this day he picked me from school, i noticed he wasn’t taking the normal route home and i enquired to know why and he smiled as his right hand went straight to my thighs
    Chris: i wan carry you go place you and me go relax, abi you no want am?

    He knew i wanted it badly and couldn’t reject such offer, we swerved and parked under a mango tree in a ver lonely road, as he lowered my seat and it turned into a mini bed and i smiled as our eyes caught with each other, and he began to caress my thighs, this time his hands were firm and soft, he began to undress me as he caressed me, took off my pinafore and my pants as he began to fondle with my peanut sized boobs and play with my v----a, as his fingers wanted to enter my v----a, i screamed and pushed his hands away..

    Chris: So this girl you be virgin sef, then f--k come dey hungry you like this, no be me go spoil you, dress make we dey comot from here.
    I couldn’t believe i would not get to taste a feel of how being f----d feels like, so i begged chris and pleaded that he disvirgins me, but he remained adamant that he would not try such, out of anger, i opened my bag, brought out my pen and disvirgined myself, as the tip of the pen tore my hymen apart and ripples of blood began to flow. ..

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    He was gripped with fear as i used my handkerchief to wipe of the blood and turned to him
    Me: Uncle come and do me na
    Chris: Dis girl u get mind o, i don dey fear you
    He opened the pigeon-hole and brought out vaseline, collected a little quantity as he pulled his trouser and revealed to me my first sight a d--k before, he let me touched it before he rubbed the vaseline all over his c--k, squeezed himself over as he moved to the other side of the sit i was sitting, spread my small legs apart and looked me in the eyes
    Chris: Dis thing fit pain you but no shout o!

    As he inserted his pipe, i almost fainted for his huge pipe almost tore me apart, he would remove his pipe and wait for a while before he will try the painful entrance again, then he began to f--k me, jerking his waist as he made me s--k his nipples, he kept going for almost another 15minutes as i began to enjoy the session, when i was about to c-m, i had this strange experience that i have not had before, that sensation threw me off balance as i used my hand to direct him to t----t harder and faster.

    It was that day that the nympho in me was unleashed, i would see any guy on the road and imagine the good things he could do to my v----a, chris and i began to f--k virtually all day after school, we would drive to our normal spot and he would f--k me good, he thought me different position, made me give him fellatio and i was enjoying the experience.

    Three days gone and chris didn’t take me to our spot as usual and give some wild sex oats, rather he would keep his face like has angry and drove home straight, i got too hungry for some ‘action’ and i wasn’t get it, in my room i have use the candle in my room to m--------e, neither was the cucumber mum bought to make salad good enough for me to wank and feel relieved, so on this particular day he came to pick me from school, i tried touching his thighs, he pushed my hand away
    Chris: Floxy you no dey tire? we no dey anything jare, i no know say na so you like p---k reach.
    Me: Uncle chris please na, oya just come do me that thing for only today, i won’t ask you of it again
    Chris: No oh! i say i no do
    I knew he had made up his mind so if i don’t act fast i would sure go home hornier than ever
    Me: Uncle chris i swear if you don’t take me to that place, if we reach house now i’ll tell my mum what you and i have been doing
    Chris: Dis small girl! i talk am say you be ogbanje, say you go put me for trouble.
    I began to cry as he said those words.
    Chris: Why you dey cry? you want f--k abi? oya wait you go see f--k today run.
    Chris reversed the car and drove to that spot, this time he walked and acted angry, he came down from the car, open my door, grabbed me by my pinafore as we walked into an uncomplete building
    Chris: lie down here, comot your cloth keep make e no dirty, athink you want f--k, i go f--k you today you go know say na play i dey place with you since.

    He pulled his trouser and hung it on a nail, began to stroke his d--k to gain erection as i pulled my pinafore, he used empty cartons littered around the building to create a makeshift bed, laid my back to the ground as he inserted his d--k, the raw flesh to flesh contact bruised my v----a because i wasn’t even wet, then he began to f**k me like a b---h!, ramming my puccy so hard that i moaned but he was quick enough to use his to cover my mouth as he kept f**king me so hard that my eyes turned red and tears began to flow from the corner of my eyes, out of pain and finding a way to make him stop, i grabbed his singlet and squeezed to his neck to see if i can choke him and make him stop but rather ignited the devil in him more
    Chris: Shey you say you wan f--k? you go tell your mummy abi?
    He kept say those words as he was using his d--k to beat my v----a hard, i grabbed his singlet this time and tore it, it was then he removed his hand from my mouth and began to skillfully whine his waist round as his d--k met my v----a, my put of ecstacy was so ground breaking as i lifted my tiny legs and moved my waist up to meet his hard stroke and my c-m gushed like a fountain and he kept going, ramming and moaning until i felt his c-m shots deep inside my v----a
    Chris: Dress up make we dey go
    As we drove home that day i was far more happier than ever, i enjoyed the bitchy sex than the normal sex routine, he never knew my passion for sex was ignited more but no quenched like he imagined his rough sex would do to me…

    I would sit in class and all i could think of is closing time so that i could get back under Chris and let him ravage my body, but as time went on, it was obvious he got tired of me, i complained about him to my mum and he was sacked, my excuse? i told mum he keeps coming late and he beats me alot, being the pet of the house i would get anything i want done.
    bro. bayo my lesson home teacher was my next port of call, he just finished SS3 and instead of him to stay idle, my mum employed him to coach me in some science courses and i was happy, over time i have come to love the art of flirting, you see a man who barely cares about you but with the power of lust encoded in the male gene, a mere flash of a v----a, he is singing halleluyah and promising both heaven and earth, all in a bid to satisfy his insatiabl lust.
    Bro bayo looked like the typical church boy, quiet and never smiles, his looks would make you handover your daughter under his care and when he gets the needed chance, he would corrupt your daughter to a point of no repentance, i never made the move to lure him rather he was the one that made the move, we would be in my room, door closed while its just the two of us at home.
    Bayo: Floxy your a fine girl o, if only you were a correct girl i’ll like to have you as my girlfriend.
    Me: {Smiling} brother! am not a small girl o, i have had a boyfriend before o
    Bayo: Serious? does he touch you like that?
    Me: Bro bayo, if i tell you now you will go and tell my mother
    Bayo: look at this girl, am the one even scared if you will go and tell your mother
    Me: No i won’t na
    Bayo: Oya come close
    He drew me close and gave me a deep kiss, and since i didnt protest, he pulled my skirt up and we had sex.

    Bro bayo’s was the whole slept me all through my JSS3 until i moved into senior class, bro bayo was the one s------g me, i knew i need more hands to be able to quench this burning desire inside of me and SS1 was my “go card” i had been looking for.
    walking down the veranda of the senior secondary section, i saw a classmate of mine crying, she had catarrh drooling out of her nose, as i walked up to her to enquire why she was crying, she bowed her head in tears and told me
    Girl: Senior jude, the one they call barb wire
    Me: Yes?
    Girl: Him and his friends rape me, the dragged me into the bush and raped me.

    I didn’t feel sorry for her, i wished i was been raped, how can someone have too many d---s and complain? i needed to be stuffed like her and i turned immediately and left the place, while she kept crying, all i could reason was where i could locate barb wire and his friends so that we can rape me as much as they want coolval stories ..

    After over an hour of futile search, i had lost hope of seeing barb wire and his friends until i decided to go urinate in a nearby bush, it was then i saw him and two other of his friends as they sat down, smoking something that looked like marijuana and walked towards them, when i was closer to where they could see me clearly, i raised my skirt, pulled my pants off and made sure as i knelt down that my gaping v----a was staring them to the face.
    Barb wire was the first to bend down to get a very clear view of it, i heard his other friend called Stone as he pushed barb wire and said
    Stone: Barb wire you see fresh toto? omo if we no chop dis thing we don jonse
    Barb wire: You dey craze ni? your oga never give order you dey talk anyhow.

    My pant in my hands, and my skirt still up, i turned to all of them and touching my v*gina as i said
    Me: Stone i know guys like you, only mouth but no action
    The shock in their eyes almost made me laugh
    Me: Yes na, even if i allow the three of una sef, you guys can’t do anything
    Barb wire: if we no f--k dis girl today make i die, i go f--k until your toto bleed
    And Barb wire gave them order to drag me deep into the bush, I never made move to run and walked with them into the bush until we got to our abandoned agric poultry farm, barb wire told me to pull my clothes of which I did gently and neatly, not wanting to dirty my school uniform.

    I laid my back on the ground as barb wire told me to *s--k his d--k, just then stone and his other friend brought out their d---s too, amongst all the other friend that* barely says a word was the most endowed amongst all of them, as the trio of them surrounded me and I was s-----g them and making sure they enjoyed it, Stone like I imagined was the first to moan like a fool as I s----d him and he shoot his c-m straight into my mouth…

    to be continued

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    Omo diz girl na pro….And i was thinking Gift is oga patapata nt knowing she was learning.,

    Ride on pls


    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Last Episode

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    Gift should come and learn from this girl

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    @Henrymary am just 17 i cant read sha

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    Chineke nna mu @ele1 @thecomely @henrymary @fb-danieledem biko make una come see another Gift o, hmmmm odikwa risky o.

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    @henrymary i thought i ve see it all nt knowin dat i ve nt seen anytin yet, izzoarit.

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