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    Fafa na brain on his own


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    Next please

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    Kontiune my person, @timson7373 thx 4 d iv.

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    ~EPISODE 2~❤


    That evening was very boring. The sun was going home after a hard day’s work to give way to the moon.
    I was lying on my bed staring blankly at the ceiling. Nothing seemed to interest me.
    “Abena, are you in there?” My friend Afua called me from outside my dormitory.
    “Afua, I’m in here, what’s up?” I asked her.
    “Nothing ooo. Just feeling bored and decided to come to you,” She said.
    “Me too, I was on my bed thinking of going to Ama’s Dorm.”
    “Ok. Hurry up. Let’s go see Ama,” Afua said to me.
    I got up , dressed and we headed towards Ama’s Dorm. Upon reaching there, Ama was also getting ready to go to Afua.
    We laughed at one another. It was silly. Afua planned to visit me, I planned to visit Ama and Ama was planning to visit Afua.
    Afua suggested we take a stroll. We all bought into the idea and decided to do that.
    We passed between ‘flexy & Sons Resident’ North -East of Fredmef Hostel.
    On our way, we bumped into three nice looking university guys whom I guessed were also taking a stroll.
    One amusing thing about University Guys is , they think once they come to the university, everyone must bow for them. Quite annoying.
    They decided to join us, because we were all moving in the same direction. I realised two of the boys were really loquacious which was typical of most university guys.
    They talked about cars they had not touched before, countries they had not set their feet in before , monies that did not exist in their pockets or bank accounts , all in a bid to woo my friends.
    I don’t know why guys seemed to think it’s plenty talks that woo a beautiful lady. It’s not about It’s about a guy’s impression on a lady. Probably, first impressions are lasting impressions.
    I realized one of the three boys was not talking. He stood unique and was quieter than the other two boys. He seemed unperturbed by the chats and smiles going on between my friends and his friends. He was in a world of his own. I switched sides to get closer to him. Suddenly, my handkerchief fell on the ground. Before I could bend down to pick It, he had already picked it for me. I said, “thank you, dear.”
    He stared at me and said, “Welcome Miss………”
    “Oh, God!! tell me I’m dreaming. “This can’t be true. There he stood,
    very simple and easy with a calm gentle smile. My heart missed a bit. I couldn’t believe I was staring at my crush and number one fan, my role model and my source of inspiration, the aficionado of Academic prowess and a global Celebrity. The “hot cake” every lady and perhaps some female lecturers were dying to date or at least have a one-night- stand with on campus,one of the world’s geniuses….I’m talking about….
    I smiled seductively at him but he seemed disenchanted.
    The other boys in Fafa’s company intensified their loquaciousity in their bid to impress either Afua or Ama but still Fafa didn’t utter a single word. I kept looking at him, my incessant looks betraying my hidden admiration and affection for him. Fafa was very modest. How could a celebrity be walking with commoners?
    I got closer to his side and said ,
    ” uhm, excuse me Fafa, “can we move a little bit away from my friends?”
    My friend Afua stared at me with a knowing smile.
    “Okay, ” Fafa said and move a little bit away from the group.
    I began talking, “Fafa, I’m one of your favourite fans in the university. You are such a genius. Congrats for wining such an enviable award. He couldn’t look me in the eyes directly but he said,” thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it.”
    “Welcome dear, “I said, rather involuntarily. Suddenly, he looked at me curiously without saying anything. I decided to take the initiative once again and started a much longer conversation with him.
    I knew every accomplishment
    began with a decision to try. I surely needed to accomplish my mission with Fafa.
    “Fafa, can we be friends ?” I asked him, without mincing words.
    “Which type of friends?” he asked curiously.
    That was the question I have anticipated he would ask me. I said, “Normal Friends, Errr, ummm. I mean …Boy…I mean Platonic friends ,” I mumbled over the words.
    You might be wondering why I couldn’t simply tell Fafa that I loved him and would like him to be my boyfriend. The fact is, culturally, a lady is not supposed to propose love to a boy. Off Course, this was an obnoxious culture in this rapidly evolving century of globalisation. Sadly, cultural versatility was a luxury we don’t have in abundance in our part of the world, a world stemmed in the thick waters of a fixed, antiquated culture.
    I decided to break that culture and made my feelings known to the guy that had unknowingly stolen my heart since I came to the university but had decided not to involve myself in the issues of love.
    I asked him, “Can I have your contact number?”
    “I am afraid that is not possible,” he said.
    I felt a little bit embarrassed by his response but decided to hide it. At first, I decided to excuse him and leave but the pull of love made my feet unmovable.
    I pressed on with the conversation.
    “Why can’t you give your phone number to me?” I asked.
    “Sorry, Abena, I don’t use a mobile phone. I believe mobile phone is a distraction to my studies for now,” he justified himself.
    I was dumbfounded. How could a 21st-Century University undergra
    duate, who have risen to the status of a global Celebrity, not have a mobile phone which was even ubiquitous in primary schools, not to talk about Senior High Schools?
    I didn’t believe it but decided not to prop it further but I have other ideas in my game plan.
    “Can I pay you a visit ?” I asked him.
    He looked into my eyes for the first time and smiled,saying, “No, I’m always busy.”
    Is Fafa flexing on me? I doubted it. He didn’t look like that type of guy.
    As I was contemplating on what to do next, “Fafa’s deep voice broke through my thoughts like a sharp knife through a bread, “Okay, Abena, you can pay me a visit this weekend if that will be okay by you . I’m happy chatting and with you tonight. The truth is , I have never had a female friend before.”
    “Like seriously?” I asked, visibly stunned.
    “Yes, it’s the gospel truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Gynophobic but I don’t want to be gynephilic either. It’s a personal decision. My study is my priority, “ Fafa explained.
    He looked at his watch and said, ”Gosh, it’s getting late, I have to go home. Have a good night.
    “Ok, Fafa, Good Night,see you soon ”I said.
    I am sure by now you could see that Fafa was a strict and princi
    pled guy. I loved him nevertheless.
    Guys of his kind were very scarce.
    I told him, I will be visiting you this Saturday.“
    He responded, “Ok, Abena, I will be looking forward to seeing you.
    “Which time will you be coming, please?” he asked.
    “9.30 a.m.,” I responded, “If it’s OK by you.”
    “It’s OK with me, Fafa Responded.
    We rejoined our friends, returned and ultimately parted ways at a junction and moved to our various hostels. Unfortunately, Fafa’s friends could not niche their presence in the hearts of my two Friends Afua and Ama who saw them more of a bunch of talkative boys than serious guys. I felt lucky to be the only one who met the “golden fish.”
    On my bed , I felt like a happy queen. I dreamt about fafa that night…
    It wasn`t a common dream. It was a kind of dream that I had never had before or if I did, it was a long time ago and I didn’t remember anymore… 
    It was a good dream. So good that I woke up in a hurry, with this mad desire of turning it into reality as quickly possible; I must say I felt a bit uneasy about confessing my dream to you… 
    Here it goes… In my dream Fafa wasn’t exactly wearing those nice outfits he normally wore when he came to lectures. There was no coat over Fafa’s shoulders, no shoes squeezing his toes and no tie around his immaculate white collar. 
    I could sense his great, strong and masculine odor. In fact Fafa was not wearing any clothes .Just a tiny little towel threatening to fall down his legs. I was excited and moved towards him. The moment I moved towards Him,I woke up! 
    I didn’t know what he was going to do to me, but one thing I was sure of is : this dream really happened! 

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    Thats his calling, academics.. Guess he wil fal for Abena Yeboah… Ride on.. Thanks for the call @timson

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    Thats his calling, academics.. Guess he wil fal for Abena Yeboah… Ride on.. Thanks for the call, i am a bit late @timson7373

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    Who wont fall in love with a genuis? And you @fran6 is an aficionado of literature, the fafa of coolval.. Ride on

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