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    I got to class and yet the lectures have not started, I opened my crossed bag and brought out my lecture time table to confirm if there was really going to be lectures. Chai! Lecture ought to have started since 8,0 clock and it was almost 8:30am yet nothing is going on, I asked a guy sitting alone at the back, what lecture room I am, to be sure I am actually in the right place. I could see students of different caucus, I looked strange to them because i was just joining them in 200level.Nobody to call a friend and I was feeling aloneThe whole front seats was already filled up, I started scanning everywhere to see if there would be a manageable space at the front seat but no its just a fallacy, so I just managed to seat at the back seat.I sat beside a girl, who was sitting alone looking cool and reserved. I decided to speak with her maybe I could got any info as regards D.E student.
    ME: Excuse me, young lady
    Lady: Hi.
    ME: I’m a direct entry student and just resuming today, what are the necessary things to do? Do you have an idea?
    Lady: (Smiles) I’m also a direct entry student, I don’t really know anything too but I’ve written my name with the h.o.c.
    Me: please can you take me to him?
    Lady: okay no problem.As we were about to stand up to meet the h.o.c, we notice students struggling to get a space to seat in a disorder manner.
    Me: It’s like the lecturer is around.
    Lady: maybe we’ll go after lecture.
    Me: Okay.The lecture started at around 8:50am and it ended at exactly 10:00am. Before the first lecturer left, another lecturer have entered and that one ended at exactly 12:00pm. The lectures were good but so boring that some students have already started sleeping “chai, people can sleep sha”. A lady at my immediate front slept throughout the lectures and she won’t stop farting again. she polluted the air more than 5 times before the lecture ends and The worst part of it was that, a lady sitting down beside her was eating a shewing gum and was really making sounds with but that doesn’t consider waking this girl up. “omo people lacks manner here o” kudos to MAPOLY babes. Dem get packagingeven though dey wan fart e go get package….After the class, the girl took me to the H.O.C and I wrot my name with him in the direct entry list. I was still with the H.O.C discussing other issues relating to directentry students wheDamilola started beeping my phone. I picked the call and asked her to meet me in front of biology 200l lecture hall. I quickly round up my discussions with the h.o.c so that I could catch up with damilola. I left the girl and the H.O.C and went to wait for Damilola in front of the lecture hall.She joined me after 2mins of standing and we went to the H.OD’s office together.She knocked on his door, and all could hear was a voice from
    inside saying “come in” she opened the door and entered while I followed:
    H.O.D: Oluwadamilola Omo mi
    amilola: Smiling and blushing. God Afternoon sir.
    H.O.D: How are you?
    Damilola: I’m fine sir.
    H.O.D: What brought you here? Don’t come and tell me you need money.
    DAMILOLA: (Smiles) I actually bring this friend of mine who wants to sign his documents. He is a direct entry student.
    ME: Good afternoon sir
    H.O.D: Ooh! How are you? But your mates had been coming since, where have you being?
    ME: Just resumed On Monday sir.
    H.O.D: Just yesterday?
    ME: yes sir
    H.O.D: eeyah, so Where are the documents?I brought out the documents and he signed it. After signing his own part of it, he placed a call through to the next signatory telling him one of his sons is coming to meet him now that he should attend to me as a matter of emergency. He faced us after the call
    H.O.D: Do you know his office?
    Damilola: I know there.
    H.O.D: Okay, take him there.As we were about to leave the H.O.D’s office, the H.O.D called damilola back and gave her N2, 000 to manage & she thanked him. We left the H.O.D’s office and damilola took me to the next signatories. She really helped me with all my registrations. It was 2:00pm, I started felling hungry, in fact, I began to lose energy.
    ME: Damilola, I’m hungry
    DAMILOLA: So what will you eat now?ME: Anything, I just have to eat something.
    DAMILOLA: May be we should go home and cook.
    ME: I don’t have soup at home just planning to go to new market and buy some things. But right now I just have to eat something.
    DAMILOLA: sure, you have to eat something before you go. May be we should go to the cafeteria and buy something.
    ME: better!, now you are talking.
    DAMILOLA: (Laughs) you like food sha
    ME: me and food be paddy o. Na my paddy from zero be that.
    DAMILOLA: That’s men’s nature sha.We entered into the cafeteria and I ordered for amala (dudu) and cart fish with vegetable soup while she ordered for fried rice mixed with jollof rice and beef.
    ME: You dey form abi?
    Me I be confirm ibile o
    DAMILOLA: (laughs)
    ***flirty looks****
    Ayoola, You are funny.
    ME: it’s okay, well talk about it later. It’s not good to talk when eating.We finished eating and I asked the woman.
    ME: how much is our Bills?
    WOMAN: Everything is N800
    DAMILOLA: Don’t worry I will pay for the food
    ME: Haba! Why now?
    DAMILOLA: just let me pay, you will pay the next timeI tried to decline but she insisted to pay and since it has started looking embarrassing, I just had to allow her

    Beginning Of The Real Saga

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    I de follow

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    Allow her to pay at least you are 800 richer

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    Hahahahahhaha….she form really, u funny die…bt, why did de HOD gave her de money? Hope its nt wat am tinking?

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