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    Shit! Yetunde eh! But guy, der is no episode 20 here

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    Where is episode 20?

    Always post your story accordingly

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    episode 20
    ME: (cuts in) NO but, do as I say…. Safety first
    DAMILOLA: But let me go home and pick few things
    ME: NO, go now….
    DAMILOLA: And now that you are telling me to go where do you expect me to go
    ME: don’t you have parents? Then go there till I get to the root of the matter. But what I can assure you is that I will get everything solved before exam would start…
    DAMILOLA: Are you sure ayomi?
    ME: Yes, trust meThat was how damilola left Ijagun and travelled back to Lagos without picking a pin.In the evening I was in my room thinking ofthe next step to take, thinking of the strategies to use when I heard a knock on my door “ko ko ko”
    Me: yes,who is it ?(Angrily)
    Knocker: (familiar voice) It’s me yetunde
    Me: shocked! ye ye ye tunde? (Stammer) I brought out my tape recorder from my suit pocket on the hanger,placed it on recording and kept it under the pillow.
    Yetunde: Yes, please open the door.I stood up from the bed to open the door for her. Sheentered with a smiling face and closed the door from the back.
    Yetunde: I heard the idiot have ran away.(dropped her bag on my table) well, good for her. I’m not here to harm you, I just want you to know that I’m doing all this because of the love I have for you.
    Me: (straight face) Love? you sent damilola out of school and yet you are talking about love. You shouldn’t have gone this far.
    Yetunde:(straight face) let me be factual with you, I’m not doing this for love or anything, I want to take revenge of what damilola did to me some years back.
    Me: And what was what?
    Yetunde: and that will be a story for another day, excuse me.She was about to open the door when she looked back and said ***she will pay her back in her coin
    ***(opened the door and went out) I was shocked by this words then I started wondering why best friends could suddenly becomes best enemies. I went for my tape recorder to stop the recording. I listened to it if it was recorded and I found out that it was perfectly recorded At night around 8:000pm ,damilola called to tell me She has gotten to Lagos then I gave her more hopes of getting to the root of the matter soon. I prayed after the call and slept off The following morning I woke up around 6:00am to say the Morning Prayer after which i started doing the house chores.I was set for school around 7:15am. I put my tape recorder in my bag then I left homeI got to class at exactly 7:30am, the lectures have not started so,I sat at the back in deep thoughts when a friend of mine (dolapo) came to me Dolapo: saint, wetyn do you?
    ME: I’m fine (takes breathe).
    Dolapo: Omo you no okay jor, I know you on a good day.
    ME: Dolapo I’m fine
    DOLAPO: If Na cult dey disturb you, tell me o, dem small
    Me: Mtcheeeeeew, Na mouth you get, because you don go join cadet you con dey form army abi
    Dolapo: Omo leave that thing o, Ah be Army o
    Me: Smiles, Army indeed.We were still on conversation when lecturer entered INto the class. we remained at the same seat where we were discussing to receive the lecture for the day. After the lecturer had left, There was no lecture for the day again. We left the class to seat at A sitting park very close to our lecture hall.
    Dolapo: Saint, you no dey feel hungry.
    Me: Not at all.
    Folapo: Wetin happen now?
    Me: dolly I’m not happy
    Dolapo: I know,so wetyn happen?
    ME: They sent damilola out of the school
    Dolapo: wetin she do? She did fake admission?Me: not the school authority
    Dolapo: Then who? Cult?
    Me: Exactly.
    Dolapo: wetin she do dem?
    Me: Na that her friend way I tell you about o.
    Dolapo: yetunde?
    Me: yes
    Dolapo: wey you talk say you bleep
    Me: yes, she sent some guys to come and threaten her
    DOlapo: she be cult?
    Me: I think so
    Dolapo: No,ah no believe wait let me call the number 1 of all the 5 female cult group we get on campus.
    Me: (surprised) How you take know them.
    Dolapo: Chebi you dey look down on me. wait.
    Dolapo: Hello Linda, (Activate loundspeaker)
    Linda: Boyfriend mi How far.
    Dolapo: Abeg ah want ask you a question
    LInda: wetyn be that?
    Dolapo: You know anybody called yetunde?
    Linda: Yetunde? Who she be?
    Dolapo: She dey threaten one of my babes
    Linda; hmmmm, dolapo, you like toto. Anyways,I no know any yetunde but get one yetunde for black bra but I no know if na she you dey talk about.
    Dolapo: for black bra?
    Linda: Okay sha. How tonight go be now?
    Dolapo: Ah go ball in.
    Linda: Na why ah dey gbadun you be that now?Dolapo: Okay later now. (Hanged up).Wait make I call chisom.
    Dolapo: Hello chisom (Activate Loudspeaker)
    Chisom: Dolly p dah F----r
    Dolapo: How far now?
    Chisom: I’m fineDL
    Dolapo: Abeg who be yetunde among your girls?Chisom: Oh! Yetunde, na one yaro babe like that
    Dolapo: Are you aware of any recent movement led by her?
    Chisom: At all, maybe no be she. She travelled and just back yesterday
    Dolapo: Really?
    Chisom: Where you dey?
    Dolapo: I dey school
    Chisom: Come meet me for complex, she dey here with me.
    Dolapo: Which Complex?
    Chisom: adebutu keshinton complex.
    Dolapo: Okay, ah dey come.We stood up from where we sat and made walk to the complex.Getting to the complex, Dolapo hugged and kissed chisom.
    Chisom: How far (Referring to me)
    Me: I’m fine
    Chisom: (Fine boy) *Flirty to me*
    Dolapo: Where the yetunde?
    Chisom: “pointed a girl” Yetunde, come!She got closer to where we stood.
    Chisom: Na she?
    Dolapo: No!
    Chisom: I told you now.
    Dolapo: (sighs) well, thank you I will call you in the evening.
    Dolapo and I left the complex together. It was 2:00pm, dolapo told me he was going to Ijebu ode to settle an issue in his bank. he requested me to join him but I declined, He left me at the bus shed and took a bus going to ijebu ode, I went back to the sitting park and started thinking of the next step to do.Shortly, something came to my mind….

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    that your friend na baddo o…yetunde is a dangerous girl o

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    Hmmm following

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    This episode suppose to be b4 the one u posted yesterday @holarbordah

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    But plz post ur episode accordingly

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