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    hmm .. what is going on exactly

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    Amen… More interesting

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    Still Waitin For An Heading

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    What is happening

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    Chapter 7

    “I don’t suppose you want to tell me what’s going on here?”, pulse racing scarcely able to believe she was deliberately approaching a mad man with a sword “This guy”, she jerked a thumb at Seshem “Is saying all these weird things, and now you show up claiming to be, Ares, and calling him Anubis, and you don’t really expect me to buy this, right?”

    Frowning, Ares, spared her the briefest of glances again, and made a slight shoing gesture with his free hand “Go away, little mortal. I have not the time for you right now”

    Lera slid a step closer, then another keeping her breathing as steady as she could make it. “Yeah, I got that. I just wanted to ask you on thing before you two continue your little spat”

    Irritated, Ares finally looked directly at her “What?” he growled

    Lera smiled and slowly raised her hand “Is this yours?”

    Seshem’s bark of laughter snapped Ares attention away from Lera and back to himself, and Lera promptly took the opportunity to slap the golden pendant against the armored man’s chest
    Although Ares’s head wrenched back down to stare at Lera, the deed was already done. A greyness spread out from the place where Lera’s hand held the pendant, swiftly overtaking the man’s entire body until all that remained was little more than an exquisitely detailed marble statue wearing remarkably authentic Greek armor, a sword in one hand.

    Cautiously, Lera slid her hand away to reveal the golden pendant, now fused to the metal of Ares breastplate. She stared at it for several long moments, then slowly turned around to face Seshem. Who was smiling broadly, those impossible golden eyes all but sparkling woth mirth and something else.

    “I knew you were special”, Seshem stated, far too smug for his own good, but Lera had no chance to call him on it before she found herself kissed once again, and it was all she could do not to melt into a boneless puddle as her mouth was plundered with far too much skill.

    When at last they parted, Lera discovered that it was only the strength in the dark arms wrapped around her that was keeping her up right. She flushed, although she didn’t pull away. “So Anubis, huh?” she managed, looking up at Seshem.

    Seshem scowled. “Anpu. Those fools never could pronounce our names, so they made up their own”.
    Lera hid a snicker. “I see. So what does Seshem mean, then?”

    “Guide”, Seshem replied with a smile. “One of my many roles”.

    “Guess that explains the walking me home”, Lera muttered, looking away so that she didn’t have to deal with those eerie golden eyes. Seshem’s strong fingers gripped Lera’s chin, turning her head back so that their eyes met agin. “You are upset”.

    Lera shook her head, surprised when Seshem’s grip lessened enough that she could do so. “I’ve just seen a man turn to stone before my eyes, and been informed that, by the way, gods are real. And have absolutely no concept of personal space”.

    Laughing again Seshem finally let her go, carefully placing his hands behind his back. “Better, my feisty little priestess?”
    Lera scowled. “Why do you keep calling me that? I’m not a priestess”.

    Seshem smirked. “Of course you are. I chose you, so you are my priestess”. He moved closer again, and Lera merely glared at him rather than back down. “Who else but a priestess would be able to release me from my cage after finding my temple in a sea of endless Forgotten Sands?”

    “That was just luck”, Lera protested. “I was looking for a temple, but not specifically yours. I didn’t even know you were there”.

    “And yet you found me anyway, and freed me. You knew exactly which Amulet to remove and left the rest in peace”.

    The protest died in Lera’s throat, for she truly had nothing to say to that. She’d known that particular pendant didn’t belong, and she’d removed it.

    “Have you any more objections to make?” Seshem inquired, entirely too smug.

    When Lera stayed silent, Seshem took that as a permission to invade personal space again. “You will stay with me, yes, pretty priestess?” Seshem asked lowly, the rich ripples of his voice making Lera shiver despite herself. “Keep me company in this new world that does not know me”.

    Lera shook her head slowly. “Why me?” she asked. “I’m just..human. Shouldn’t you be hanging out with other gods”.

    There was a soft sound, and Lera was startled to see traces of sadness in Seshem’s eyes. “The others abandoned this world long ago. Only I am able to move freely between this world and Amenti”.

    Lera swallowed, trying and failing to imagine what it must be like to be the last of your people in the world.

    Slowly, questioning her sanity with every passing moment, Lera reached up trace the line of Seshem’s jaw “Fine I’ll be your priestess, but on a trial basis. You learn to behave or I’m out of here”

    Seshem’s golden eyes, glowed with a positively devious light, right before his strong arms wrapped firmly around Lera’s waist “Define behave”.

    Lera’s reply was lost in the depths of Seshem’s mouth as the god kissed her.

    The End

    (c) Omaisabella.

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    Ifeoma Isabella okeke
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    Wow an interesting story there

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