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    next continue

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    Enjoying this..

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    so strange

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    Oh!wats going on

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    That’s English for u…true to is word he only said I am sesham not my name is sesham

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    Chapter 5

    Making a frustrated sound, Lera only barely resisted the uge to stamp her foot. “Then who are you? What game are you playing? I’m no one; I don’t know what you expect to get from me”.

    All of a sudden Seshem was far too close, though Lera could hardly even remember him moving. Her vision was filled with the sight of dusky skin, and impossibly gold eyes. Somewhere in her mind she knew she should be backing away, should be afraid, but somehow she wasn’t. For all his mysterious motivies, there was nothing in Seshem to instill fear.

    A heart beat passed, then Seshem’s lips curled upward in ever so light a smile as Lera failed to react. “You don’t even realize, do you?” he murmured. “You found me, you set me free, and you don’t even know what it is that you have done”.

    Struggling to pull herself away from that hypnotic gaze, Lera shook her head. “What are you talking about? I didn’t free us, that sand storm did”.

    Seshem’s eyes shimmered. There was no other word for it. “Of course”. He stepped back, putting him not quite so immediately in Lera’s space, and Lera had just started to relax when everything tilted, heart and spice and oh great gods of her mother Seshem was kissing her.

    She barely even noticed when Seshem pulled away, her head still reeling. It wasn’t until that rich voice sounded from somewhere behind her that Lera managed to pull herself together enough to turn. Seshem was standing in the doorway, back lit by the sun, making him appear as an ebony shadow with golden eyes.

    “I will return to you, when the time is right, my unknowing Priestess”.

    Then he was gone.

    When the hand touched her shoulder, Lera jumped and spun. Her mother let out a little squeak, taking several steps back and holding her hand close to her heart. They both stared at one another for a long moment, then Lera let herself relax and moved forward to take her mothers hands in apology.

    “I’m sorry Ummi. I didn’t mean to startle you”.

    Her mother shook her head. “You, that man…”

    Lera felt her cheeks fill with color. “That…I didn’t expect”.

    “He is an ancient soul”.

    Lera blinked. “What?”

    Her eyes were intent. “He knows time, but it does not know him. Step carefully, my daughter”.

    “An ancient soul?” Lera frowned. “What does that mean?”

    Her mother reached up and touched her cheek. “I have told you before that the stories are real. Now you have brought them home, and still you do not believe. If that one cannot teach you, you are truly hopeless”.

    Lera frowned, but she did not let her speak.

    “Go, get washed. You are going to be late to work”.

    Starling, she realized that her mother was right. She’d been so overwhelmed by all the things that had happened, she’d nearly forgotten that she had a job and if she wanted to feed them, she needed to do it. It was real, it was the life that she knew, but for a moment, it had felt as though it belonged to someone else, and there was something much greater out there.

    As she rushed to get cleaned up and off to work, she attempted to force all thoughts of the mysterious Seshem out of her mind. It was just a bit of trickery that had no place in the real world, best to forget all about it and go on with her life.

    But even after she was hard at work, she could never quite put the image of golden eyes out of her mind.

    Three weeks passed, and though golden eyes still haunted her dreams, in the daylight hours Lera had nearly managed to put all thoughts of Seshem from mind. The museum still would not acknowledge her, and the university simply laughed. Everyday she expected to see someone else get credit for her find, but there was nothing, no frantic hiring of digging crews, not a word. Surely someone had to have noticed it, and yet nothing.


    ‘What the sands take, the sands can also give back’.

    What if the sands had again taken away, and buried the temple in a sea of featureless gold once more? Perhaps that was the reason no one had found it. She needed to go see for herself. She had a full day off tomorrow, she would go out to the temple and see-

    Lera stopped dead, staring at the image which had caught her eye. Staring back at her from the pages of the newspaper that hadn’t quite manage to capture the full force of his golden gaze was Seshem, no longer practically naked but dressed to the nines. Tearing her gaze away from that so familiar face, Lera forced herself to read the caption.

    Sufyan Ali Musleh, the reclusive business man who has recently been the heart of a whirlwind restructing of some of the biggest names of Egyptain commerce.

    If anything Lera felt even more confused than before. The rest of the article detailed out some of the things Seshem, Sufyan, whoever, had been doing, but the majority of it went right over her head. One thing, however did not.

    Fury rising up in her chair, Lera crushed the paper in her hand, her feet already moving well before she realized where she was going. By that point, her course was set, and there was no altering it.


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