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    As usual, horror premise around.

    Abeg don’t call me to cuddle you when you got scared.

    Not even oga Khola will help, Tenniebenson don’t call for help cause Nobody will help.

    Scary ever, but you gonna love it.

    Destiny stared out the window, holding onto the duffel bag that was packed to the brim with everything she would ever need for a week alone. Of course, she wasn’t exactly alone, but she kind of wished to be in this situation instead of being stuck with these four people.

    The other four teenagers were talking animatedly to one another, even though they had never once met before.

    However, she knew the minute they were together, they would get along pretty quickly.

    And she was right.

    There were two girls and two boys.

    Made more sense than anything at this point.

    Nothing made sense anymore anyway.

    Destiny had just won a trip to Camp Crystal Lake that she didn’t even enter.

    She didn’t even know what Camp Crystal Lake was, but she was hoping that this would be an opportunity to meet some new people and actually build some friendships.

    Destiny had no friends where she came from, but that didn’t mean she pushed everyone away.

    No one took the time to get to know her.

    Destiny may have been shy, but she loved to talk to people, especially when she was given the chance to make a friend.

    But no matter how many times she tried to make friends, they all failed one way or another.

    Nevertheless, Destiny never found a reason to give in, and always managed to stay positive.

    Anyway, both of the girls were definitely hitting an eleven on the s--t scale of one to ten.

    One was named Lucy, and was wearing a spaghetti-strap shirt that easily showed her colorful, lacey bra, and a pair of incredibly short jean shorts.

    The other girl was named Brianna and was wearing a V-neck top that showed the fake cleavage her parents gave her as a birthday present this year, and a miniskirt that barely covered her legs and backside.

    One of the boys was driving, and his name was Derek.

    He wasn’t wearing a shirt, which exposed his toned body.

    Lucy and Brianna didn’t seem to mind.

    The other boy was named Eli, and he was wearing a muscle shirt, which hardly covered his muscles either.

    All in all, Destiny was disgusted.

    Sure, it was pretty hot out, but did they have to dress like they were getting ready to air a nude scene in a p--n movie?

    Destiny sighed and shut her eyes.

    She just wanted to shut out their annoying voices from her head.

    If only she had her MP3 player.

    She almost brought it along with her, but decided against it.

    She didn’t want to bring any electronics with her when she was out camping, except her cellphone, which she only brought just in case of an emergency.

    There really wasn’t any other reason for it; she had no one in her contacts anyway.

    “Hey, you,” Destiny suddenly felt a nudge on her shoulder.

    She looked up to see Brianna looking at her, with a rather smug look on her face.

    “What’s with you, huh? Don’t you talk?” the girl asked, tossing her silky brown hair to the side.

    Destiny then noticed that both Eli and Lucy were watching her as well.

    Destiny fought back a blush that threatened to hit her face, and took a deep breath.

    “Of course I talk, don’t be silly,” she said rather cheerfully, smiling at Brianna.

    “I just haven’t thought of anything to say is all.

    I’m kinda quiet, you see.”

    Brianna gave Destiny a weird look as Eli and Lucy looked at each other and fought back laughter.

    “Uh huh, right,” Brianna said, sounding uninterested.

    “Well, I got something to ask you.”

    Destiny’s eyes lit up slightly.

    Finally, this might be the opportunity to make a friend!

    “What’s your favorite kind of Tequila?”

    Destiny quickly froze and let the blush take her face over.

    This was one of the things she couldn’t talk about.

    And for one simple reason; she didn’t drink.

    “I-I…w-well, I…”

    “Oh, my God, don’t tell me you don’t drink!” Eli cried, slapping his hand on his forehead in amazement.

    “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

    Brianna’s perfect face broke into a smile and she broke into laughter, Lucy following suit.I-I…w-well, I…

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    “Are you serious?” Lucy screamed, slinging an arm around Brianna, who was wiping skin-colored tears off her face.

    “What a fuckin’ prude! Now you’re gonna tell us you’ve never been laid!”

    Destiny felt her face go redder.

    She knew this was something she could NEVER talk about.

    Destiny didn’t believe in sex before marriage.

    She was also not even close to having sex with someone; she had never had a boyfriend before.

    Brianna, Eli and Lucy all waited for her response, but when they saw Destiny’s face just turn darker, they broke out into harder levels of howling laughter, clutching onto each other for support.

    Derek, who was now listening in on the conversation, was now laughing his butt off as well, smacking his fist on the horn.

    “You ARE a prude! Holy shit, I never knew they existed until now!” Eli roared, gripping the car seat for support.

    “That is SO pathetic!” Lucy cried.

    “And here I thought you were, like, carsick or something!

    You’re just a freak! A f-----g NERD!”

    This caused the foursome to roar with laughter, and for tears to sting Destiny’s eyes.

    Destiny turned away from them and stared out the window as they laughed at her, knowing she wouldn’t get anywhere with them.

    They wouldn’t understand.

    They know what it’s like to get drunk.

    They know what it’s like to have sex.

    Destiny hated them.

    She didn’t understand how doing those things made their lives any better.

    All it did was turn them into impure, pompous jerks who felt drunk with power.

    Destiny felt more humiliated then she ever had in her entire life.

    She had never taken this kind of abuse before.

    Usually people just ignored her, but this was taking it too far.

    Actually making fun of her for not liking the things they liked was utterly revolting.

    Just because she was a helpless romantic who wanted to hold off on giving away her virginity until she KNEW she was utterly in love with someone didn’t mean what she was a prude.

    If only other people actually gave her a chance.

    If only they tried to get to know her, to know that things are hard at home and the only thing keeping her alive were the countless books she bought at the bookstore.

    If only they knew that she was too shy to approach men.

    Then they’d understand.

    Then they would treat her like an actual person.

    Then they would learn to love her for who she was.

    But instead, they looked at her as a quiet, prudish bookworm who was untouched and nerdy.

    And she didn’t want it any other way for now.

    She would rather be called these names for now then to try and become someone she didn’t want to be.

    Destiny wiped a tear from her eye and gripped her bag tightly.

    She prayed they were almost there.


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    Wonder’s shall neva end……..xo beinq a virqin is the biqqest sin one hav ever committed nowaday’z??…….. Ah don siddon wella and there’s nofink datz qana make me scared while viz last…….

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    Go on am here@Shaxee

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    Nice Start….

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    Jason watched as the foursome almost literally crawled toward the strong scent of cooking meat floating through the air. Jason caught the scent as well, making his own stomach grumble. When was the last time he had something that smelled so good? Perhaps if he took good care of the good girl, she would cook things like that for him all the time!

    When the good girl noticed that they had arrived, Jason saw her roll her eyes at the fact they were drunk. She didn’t seem to approve of drinking either, which made Jason’s mother only squeal with delight. He then saw her shake off her annoyance and asked them if they were hungry.

    “Hell yeah, I am!” one of the boys screamed, his hand still groping one of the girls’ breast. This alone made the good girl’s face go red. Jason watched her, slightly interested. So she would blush whenever she saw anything in reference to sex? He never saw anything so…innocent before. He watched as she squirmed slightly; her hand slightly trembled as she held out a hotdog to him. The boy snatched it from her, without thanking her, and shoved it in his mouth. This caused the others to howl, pointing at him.

    “H-he’s giving the hotdog a b-----b!” one of the girls hollered, gaining support from the other boy, who took the chance to stare down her shirt. If you could call it that.

    While this was all happening, Jason was trembling with rage. How could they treat the good girl so badly? She wasn’t doing anything wrong! Jason felt his nails pierce his calloused skin as the foursome snatched the rest of the cooked hotdogs, and the package of the uncooked ones and almost pushing the good girl into the fire in the process before leaving. He watched the good girl tremble out of fear and wrap her arms around her small body, and catching a few clear tears streak over her fair complexion pissed him off to the very edge. He HAD to kill them. NOW.

    “Jason, no, not yet!”
    Jason froze as he heard his Mother hold him back.
    ‘Why? They deserve to get ripped apart!”
    “Patience, Sweetheart…patience. You don’t want to scare the good girl away, now do you?”Jason glanced at the good girl again. She seemed to have calmed down a bit, but wasn’t sitting as close to the fire as she was before. She must still be scared after almost falling in.

    ‘She will be scared of me no matter how I approach her…’
    “Not if you are gentle with her, Darling. If you show that she is a good girl and you promise to protect her, she won’t be scared of you. Be patient with her.”Jason watched the girl start to clean up and put out the fire, and for a second, she froze. It had gotten considerably darker while she was out there. Jason was confused as to why she was so still. Why wasn’t she moving? The girl suddenly sprinted toward the farthest cabin. The one closest to his home.

    Jason frowned and tilted his head to the side. This girl was so confusing, but he knew he didn’t like seeing this side of her. He preferred to see her soft, little smile and hear her light laugh. Good girls shouldn’t be scared or treated badly. They should be happy.

    Those thoughts were blown out of his mind when he saw one of the girls dragging herself toward the good girl’s cabin. It looked like she managed to tear herself away from one of the buys, since her shirt was torn. Jason followed the bad girl silently until he was watching her enter the good girl’s cabin through the window.
    Destiny slowly changed into her pajamas as she wiped the last tear from her eye. So much for getting any brownie points…she almost burned in a fire because of those drunken jerks! And they stole her dinner! Destiny growled to herself as she pulled her large T-shirt over her head. That was the last straw. If they wanted to waste their mini-vacation by destroying their brain cells and getting pregnant, she wasn’t going to stop them. Let them ruin their lives. It meant nothing to her and apparently not to themselves either.

    Destiny shivered as she wrapped the blanket from the bed around her body. She wasn’t tired yet, but it was definitely a cold night. She watched the oil lamp burn gently in the middle of the room. That was the first thing she did. The last thing she wanted to be in right now was the dark. Running to her cabin ensconced in it was enough. Destiny slowly hugged her stuffed dog and felt her eyes burn again. She was starting to get a bit homesick. She wasn’t used to be half in the dark, cold and left to be taunted. Part of her wanted to drive back home and leave the others to fend for themselves, but she knew better than that. She may have hated them, but she could never do something that harsh. But she felt weak.

    She felt like she had no power over what was happening right now. She couldn’t make it brighter. She couldn’t make it warmer. She couldn’t make it friendlier.

    She could just sit there, curled in a blanket on her bed, hugging the only thing she actually called family and feeling her stomach clench in nerves.

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    Destiny looked around her room for inspiration to stay positive. She suddenly spotted her favorite children’s book, Matilda by Roald Dahl. Destiny slowly picked it up and brought the oil lamp to her side. She curled back up on the bed and, opening to the first page, started to read. The warmth from the oil lamp rid the goose bumps from her skin and gave her the impression that the room was lighter. Destiny’s stomach started to relax as she read through the story of Matilda Wormwood for what felt like the hundredth time. But apparently good times can’t last in Camp Crystal Lake, because the minute Destiny felt relaxed and content, Lucy stumbled into her cabin, drunk as a skunk and her shirt almost torn in two.

    “H-hey, chiiiickaaa!” She hiccupped and almost fell over, gripping onto the wall for some kind of support. Destiny looked up at Lucy, shocked, and quickly hid her stuffed dog behind her pillow.

    “L-lucy? What in the hell are you doing here?” Destiny got to her feet, holding the oil lamp to see Lucy more clearly. Lucy pointed at her and almost fell over.

    “Y…y-you know what, chicka-boom? Y-yo’all gotta relax sumtime! Y-you should coma back wid me and let one of dem boys f--k ya!” Lucy grinned and tore off her high heel before it caused her to break her ankle. Destiny’s face went red and she backed away from Lucy, trembling lightly. She knew she shouldn’t have yelled at her, since that wouldn’t get her to leave any faster. She thought that if she was nicer to Lucy, she would leave her alone.

    “I-I’m sorry, Lucy, but I can’t,” she spoke softly. “I-I want to wait until I’m married to have sex. I-I don’t feel like I would be ready yet. I-I hope you understand…now,” Destiny gently took Lucy’s hand. “L-let me bring you back to the other cabin, okay? I-I wanna make sure you get back safely.” Destiny thought that Lucy had calmed down from her drunkenness enough to actually let her take her back to the other cabin, but boy was she wrong.
    Lucy ripped her hand out of Destiny’s and shoved her back with a strength that Destny didn’t know she could possess.

    “You know what, you fuckin’ loser? If you keep thinking shit like that, you’re NEVER gonna get laid! If you get some implants like these-” Lucy pressed her hands against her two large, fake breasts. “-and if you show off more of your body, then you’ll get all the attention you’ll ever need! Hell, you’ll get f----d without even knowing it! But I doubt you’ll ever be as hot as me.

    Hell, a SNOWMAN is hotter than you! You couldn’t look hot even if you tried!” This caused Lucy to laugh loudly, leaning to the side of the wall.

    Destiny’s eyes went wide and tears streamed down her face. Her face had gone bright red the minute Lucy’s hands went to her breasts, and her body started to tremble at Lucy’s harsh words.

    This was the worst kind of abuse she had ever taken in her life. But surely, she wasn’t going down without a fight this time. She had had enough with these guys talking down to her and belittling her just because of her opinions.

    This time, she was going to fight back with some words of her own.
    Destiny slammed the oil lamp down on the table and glared at Lucy coldly.

    “You know what? I have had enough with you guys making fun of me just because I’m a virgin and I don’t happen to drink any alcohol! Just because I don’t do the same things you do doesn’t give you the right to make fun of me! And you know I could belittle you guys too, if you like to play that kind of mind game! I can start with you right now!”

    Destiny’s body was shaking with anger. She knew better than to make fun of somebody, but her rage was clouding over her better judgment. “I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any STD’s, you-you…y-you W---E!” The next thing she knew, she was slammed against the table, her arm throbbing. She looked up to see Lucy standing over her, her manicured hand balled into a fist.

    She was shaking and she kicked Destiny with her high heel, making Destiny yelp in pain.

    “I DARE you to say that shit again, you f-----g b---h,” she whispered bitterly, sending chills down Destiny’s spine. With that, Lucy snatched her other heel and stomped out the door, still stumbling around. Destiny was left there, curled on the floor, crying and shaking uncontrollably, her right arm and leg tensing in pain. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a kick, punch and bitter words woke her up from the world of Matilda Wormwood.

    But fortunately for Destiny, Jason Voorhees had been watching the whole thing, and he was NOT pleased.


    Am I on a roll or what?
    Goodness gracious, I just can’t stop writing this. I know I’m gonna have less time to work on it though, because I don’t have that many open periods anymore because I’ve been really busy this month….

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    Just be brave nd calm@desting..

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