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    Shaxee is this the season 2 of friday the 13th?

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    Intrestinq………hmmmm Jason miqht kill Lucy 4 diz oooo…….stil watchinq sha..

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    Loving this

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    Sumtin lik dat @MhizzqOxpela…….keep it rollin @shaxee

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    His teeth clenched.

    His eye burned.

    His heart contracted with every breath he took.
    That was it. They NEEDED to die.

    “Make the bad girl suffer, Jason…make her PAY…” his mother’s voice sharpened when she hit the last word and it rang through his ears. “…for EXACTLY what she’s done!”

    Jason slowly pulled away from the cabin window and listened hard. He could hear soft moaning coming from one of the far-off cabins. He wished he could just chop off his ears to get the sinful cries out of his head, but since he had heard it so many times before he knew that the ugly sounds were now tattooed to his brain.

    Jason slowly made his way toward the almost shaking cabin. With every step he took, the cries grew louder and screeched through the calm summer night.

    He knew he had to make the bad girl who had hurt the good girl suffer much longer than the others, so he quietly peered inside to see where she was. To be honest, it was rather hard to tell.

    One couple was rolling around in the bed, the covers hardly shielding their activities from Jason’s eye. The other couple was under the table, slamming their limbs into one of the table legs every two seconds from their rapidly growing actions. Jason was able to tell that the bad girl that hurt the good girl was in the bed. The only reason he could tell was simple; he remembered her high-pitched screams.

    Jason’s plan was quickly formed in his mind. He knew the exact way he was going to make that bad, bad girl suffer and pay for what she had done to that innocent, little girl.

    And boy was he going to enjoy it.
    Destiny wiped her face clean with the blanket she managed to wrap around herself and let out a sharp cry in defeat. She was still curled up in a ball on the floor, her red cheek coated in tears from the puddle of tears she managed to form. She slowly got to her knees and tumbled into the bed, pulling her stuffed dog out of its hiding place. She shoved her face against its belly and breathed shallowly in a poor attempt to keep her heartbeat down. Destiny was sure that reading Matilda wouldn’t help her anymore. She was far too torn up now to let an imaginary British girl who could talk like a thirty year old at the age of one and a half help her now. Her mind was clouded with thoughts of depression and doubt.

    Perhaps Lucy was right…maybe people didn’t like her because she wasn’t as…open as other girls were. Perhaps if she let herself go…just a little…

    Destiny sighed and to herself and shook her head.

    “No…I-I can’t,” her voice shook as she spoke. “It’s just not in me. Acting like someone I’m not would only make things worse.” Destiny took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and suddenly felt her throat scratch.

    She looked around and groaned in defeat when she realized there wasn’t any water in the cabin.
    “Am I really that stupid to not bring any water from the lake to drink?”

    she asked herself bitterly as she glanced outside. She could see the lake literally shimmer from the moonlight It looked utterly gorgeous.

    Destiny couldn’t stop from gazing at it for a few minutes, losing herself in the air of peace around it.

    A loud noise interrupted her peace. Destiny blinked hard, trying to concentrate on the sounds. She started to make out faint moans and cries, and Destiny felt her face flame up instantly. Destiny did know that it was inevitable, but she didn’t expect she would actually hear them do it.

    Destiny groaned and looked outside again. It was way too dark for her to go out there now. Even though her throat was starting to hurt from all the crying she’s done and from lack of water for most of the day, she would rather suffer then go out there. It would be easier if she had someone with her, but since she was alone…

    Destiny sighed and lied down in bed, lying on her stomach. She turned down the oil lamp so that it was hardly glowing and pressed her face against the pillow, praying that sleep would take over so that she wouldn’t have to hear the others having sex. She felt her face go redder when she heard Brianna screaming at Eli.

    She could hear every single word…

    Destiny groaned in frustration and pulled the pillow over her head. It felt like she was listening in on a porno film someone else was watching. It almost didn’t sound real. It actually started to sound more like howler monkeys, and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing at that. Perhaps if she tried to make them sound funny, she would relax more and fall asleep! But before Destiny could use her tactic for long, she heard a sharp scream.

    One sharp enough to almost literally propel her off the bed and onto the floor.

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    “W-WHAT THE FLIPPING CRAP WHAT THAT?” Destiny screamed, gripping her stuffed dog as if she wanted to kill it. She looked out the window sharply, her heart pounding.

    She couldn’t see that well, since the cabin was completely dark, but the screaming didn’t relent. In fact, it seemed to get louder and more desperate. Destiny felt her body shake in fear. Was one of the boys raping Lucy?

    “L-lucy?” Destiny cried weakly, her voice contracted. She hesitantly got to her feet and turned on the oil lamp again. She stared at the door, hesitating. Sure, she hated Lucy, but she couldn’t live with herself knowing that she was possibly dying. She swallowed hard over the lump that was forming in her throat and looked up at the ceiling.

    “G-God, if I don’t make it out of what I’m about to do, please tell my parents I love them…a-and perhaps you can tell Ashton Kutcher that I hate him.” Destiny sighed and forced herself to grin a little. Oh, how she hated Ashton Kutcher…

    With that, she ran out the door. She held the oil lamp in front of her so she could see as clearly as she could, and took in deep breaths, even though she knew it was inevitable; she felt like throwing up either way. Destiny reached the cabin she assumed was the one that Lucy was in; the screaming was piercing now. Her entire body shook as she reached for the doorknob. Was she really doing the right thing? Lucy did just make her feel like the most unloved person on the face of the earth. She bit her lip hard, trying to block out Lucy screams in order to think about what she was about to do, but Lucy sounded like she was being torn to pieces.

    “O-oh, D--N IT ALL!”
    Destiny busted through the door, her face rather wild with determination.

    What Destiny saw instantly changed her expression from bravery, to down-right terror.
    A VERY large man, wearing a hockey mask, was holding Lucy by the hair. His machete was halfway in Lucy’s throat, blood spurting from the wound. Hacked limbs covered the bed and floor around them, and Destiny could tell that the others had died way before this; their bodies were somewhat more intact that Lucy’s was, and there were huge puddles of blood on the floor around them.

    After taking in the whole scope of the situation, Destiny did the one thing she really only knew what to do, and she would have to thank Lucy later in the afterlife for such a wonderful idea.

    Destiny screamed.


    Hooowhee…you guys, I’m sorry this one’s a little late than the others. I started writing down the beginning on a piece of paper and I left it in one of my binders in my locker at school. But don’t worry.
    Update coming up soon…

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    Jason is jex 2 heartless……….

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    enjoying dis

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