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      Akana locked herself in her room, crying all day and night, wetting her pillow, with no one to ease the pain. She was heartbroken and really hoped she could talked to someone about it, but was scared to do so.

      Darkness grew on a certain morn, and a torrent of blood fell from the sky, with the clapping of thunder, and the striking of lightning ruling the day at the tremendous howling of the wind. 

      The next day came serpents and creeping things, slithering and crawling into every home, causing death and bringing agony to whoever it saw.

      The land was in chaos and Arianus knew this was all his father’s wrath!

      Akana laid in her room with a gloom lingering on her face and hands clasped together, as she hummed a sad tune.

      Suddenly, a windy blast came, and a shadow stood silhouetted on the window panes, making her scream.

      She cried in terror, jumping out of bed as she made for the door, trying to open it as it stood shut. 

      She panicked and banged continuously, as the outline of a huge shadow stood carved on the door.

      She turned around, panting heavily as her eyes met with two fiery eyeballs, her pleas filling the air.

      The hairy beast laughed and said, “Tu autem mea consummare!”

      >>> You are mine to finish!

      Akana yelled, “I’m with a child. Please have mercy!” She cried, shaken with fear.

      “Ha-ha. I will not let you escape this time.” He rose his hand as sharp claws emerged from it.

      He gripped her neck, raising her up as she struggled and gagged, trying to free herself.

      Sound of shattering windows came, and another figure emerged in the dark 


      “Help -” She breathed and her eye lids slid closed.

      He let go of her, snorting wildly as swooshing of swords enclosed the air. “You are just like your mother. So weak! So miserable!”

      “Rah! I will not let you harm her.” He grunted and struck. “I will not let you!” 

      “This is not the last, Arianus. Mark my words!!” Thunder struck and a cloud of smoke appeared – And was no more.


      The c--k crowed and sounds of forest birds hovered in the air. The soft clattering of pans rang harmoniously as the air swayed them back and forth making rhythms.

      Arianus looked to where the young maiden laid, and with a worried look on his face, got up and walked towards her.

      He took her hand in his and rubbed it, not taking his gaze off. “Please wake up. Everything will be all right soon.”

      He sighed and got up, making to leave.

      “Mm -”


      “Lorenz -” She muttered weakly. Where am I?”

      “Oh, Akana.”

      “He… he tried to kill me. He tried to kill me!” She shivered intensely, gripping the sheet.

      “Shh. It’s just a bad dream.” Arianus clung to her. “It’s all my fault, Akana. I never should have left you.”

      “OH. I was so worried. Where are my parents? I… I need to see them.” 

      “You should get some rest. You’re not yet strong.”

      “I… I’ve been wanting to tell you something -” She paused, contemplating on whether she should tell him about the child she was carrying.

      “What’s that?”


      “All right. Here you go.” He smiled and got up.

      He left to make her breakfast, and at a point, she got bored not having him with her. She got up slowly, making towards where he was, as she leaned and watched him peel the yam. 

      He waved to her, and she waved back, walking in again. She glimpsed an object shimmering at the corner and she made for it.

      Bending forward, she realized it was a blade. Why is this here? She gave a thought, examining the symbols on it.


      She rubbed her face and made to drop it, as her eyes glimpsed the stain on the hilt.

      Her breathing became unsteady and she threw it away, stepping backwards.

      “You know,”


      “Since when have you known?”

      “Who are you? And what is this?” She questioned, frightened.

      He moved closer, and she moved backwards, breathing heavily.

       “You don’t remember, do you?”

      “Re… remember what?” 

      He looked into her eyes, placing a hand on the side of her face as memories of the past came rushing in.

      She remembered how a man on a black horse had captured her and brought her to a certain place she didn’t know.

      She remembered the horrible place they had thrown her in – The smelly dungeon with scary green fumes oozing out from the floor, and the skeletons scattered on all corners.

      She remembered her blood being taken countless times and how she had managed to escape that, with a white unicorn appearing from nowhere.

      She remembered it all. “You’re that man!” Akana shouted and pulled away from him. “You-you’re him.”


      “No, don’t come any closer. Don’t touch me!”

      “Akana, I’m not him. It’s me… Lorenz.”

      “Then why do you look like him? Why does he want me?” She sobbed, shivering.

      Arian looked at her, a tear rolling down his face as he pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” He said, and with the knife in his hand, drove it through her.


      Until now, Arianus still walks the earth, with the ghost of his lover haunting him… for all lifetime.

        Quae est immortalitatis!







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    @Daniel wire
    Here. I’ve continued 😂😂

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    @duru_jessica u valid…plz are u a girl

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