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    In Which A Bad Boy Meets A New Student And She Makes Him Behave.


    ? Olivia POV
    Okay, so maybe driving up in my new candy apple red mustang convertible on the first day at a new school was not a good idea. I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself, but as I step out of my car and flip my hair over my shoulder, it feels like a hundred eyes are on me. Oh well, it was either my car or my motorcycle, and I think my motorcycle would have been way more distracting.
    Ignoring the odd stares, I close my door and sling my backpack over my shoulder. This school is much larger than my last, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable in crowds.
    That’s a lie.
    I can have severe anxiety when I’m surrounded by too many people, but I’ve become so good at hiding it.
    All the wondering eyes look away when I begin to walk up to the sidewalk. The mindless chatter among students is obsolete as I chew on the inside of my lip and strolling on my phone.
    “Twenty buck says you can’t recite pi.” I look at the group of people in front of me and stop walking. A nerdy young boy with thick glasses holds out a twenty towards a boy who looks like his twin, only with braces. They both look to be around 5’7 and have buzz cuts. Oddly enough they look fit, like they work out often. I’ve never seen buff nerds.
    “No fair Conner, I’m still learning it. Ask me something else,” The brace faced twin says as he glares at his brother I assume. Without thinking, I walk up and snatch the twenty out of his hand.
    “3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679.” I ramble out taking a few breaths. “That’s only the first little bit, I’m pretty sure I know up to six hundred numbers, but we don’t have time for that do we?” With a smile I stuff the twenty in my pocket and continue to walk towards the main building, ignoring the shock faces and whispers around me.
    “Hey wait up!” Two voices say in unison and I turn to see the two boys I just recited pi to running up to me. I stop and stare at them, watching as they both blush.
    “That uh…that was amazing,” One of them says and I give him a small smile.
    “Are you new here?” The other one asks and I give him a bored expression.
    “Have you ever seen me here before?” I ask as I stare at him with a straight face.
    “No?” He answers as he shifts from one foot to the other, while chewing on his lip.
    “Welp, there’s you answer sweetheart. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go met my tour guide in the office.” Both boys nod their head silently and I turn to continue walking. As I near the door to the main building, I immediately notice the type of group that I want to stay far away from. I don’t know if it was the six-inch heels and high ponytails, or the too small shirts with thick muscular arms coming out of them, but I would bet my twenty bucks that these are the popular kids.
    Keep your head down Olivia, and maybe they won’t notice you.
    “Hey, new girl.”
    I stop right beside the group of people, and of course the blonde with too much make up, and I’m sure a body count that would rival my whorish mother steps forward.
    “Name isn’t new girl, and what do you want?”
    “I just noticed your car when you pulled up. Is that this year’s model?” She asks and I stare in her face, waiting to see the challenge there. Sadly, there is none, which means one thing…. Barbie wants me to be a part of her in crowd.
    Nope, not going to happen.
    “It’s actually next years model. My adoptive mother got it for my birthday that’s coming up.” I respond as I slide my fingers through my hair.
    “That neat! Well, would you like to come sit with us at lunch today? My best friend Lucy moved this year because,” Ms. Barbie leans in and looks around like someone is watching. I scrunch my face up in confusion and lean back a little. “She got pregnant by Scotty and he won’t claim the baby. Honestly, I don’t think it’s his either.” She pulls back and giggles before slapping my shoulder. Looking down at where her hand touched me, I sigh and shake my head.
    “Didn’t you say she was you best friend?” I ask, and Barbie gives me a weird look.
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Nothing. And to answer your question, I’d like to sit by myself at lunch. It’s kind of how I like to do things.” Barbie’s mouth drops and the girls behind her scoff like I just slapped her in the face.
    “Guess the world does revolve around you Alexis,” A voice says from behind me. I whip my head around and step back when I see the student who is standing behind me. He’s tall, lean but muscular. His hair is a chestnut brown, his eyes golden, and he has the fullest pink lips I have ever seen in my life.
    Full and so f-----g kissable.
    But if he’s hanging with these assholes, he’s surely a d--k.
    I scan his ivory skinned body, that I am sure would burn in the sun, and groan. The sound is light and airy but I can tell my the way he licks his bottom lip, he heard it.
    “Shut up Zed,” Barbie says with a scoff and I look at her as she walks into the arms of a boy who looks like he eats steroids for breakfast. I mean seriously, he’s jacked, and ugly.
    “Preston, the new girl was mean to me,” I let a laugh slip as I watch her complain to her boyfriend.
    “Well, I got to go. Nice meeting you
    Barbie .”
    “It’s Alexis you b---h and it would be in your best interest to stay out of my way.” My legs stop moving just as I’m about to open the door to the main building.
    Deep breaths Olivia. Deep f-----g breaths.
    Choosing to be a bigger person, I roll my shoulders and walk into the main building without saying a word. This is my third school in four years. I’ve been expelled from all the previous ones because of my temperament. It’s my senior year and I just need to make it to the end so I can walk the stage and head to MIT.
    I walk into the main office and a sweet elderly woman looks up at me.
    “Oh, heavens you must be Olivia Bryant. Student X.” She beams with a smile.
    “Student X?” I question.
    “Yes ma’am. Calvary High School has never had a new student, well student transfer in. So, you are student X sweetheart, which doesn’t mean anything bad, it’s just how we label you.” It doesn’t surprise me that I’m the first new student at this high school. Calvary High is tuition based. Only those who can afford it send their kids here, and my mom was one of those who could afford it.
    “Alright Ms. Olivia, this is Stephanie,” A girl walks up to me with a small afro, and large square glasses. She has a big goofy smile that is contagious. “She will be your tour guide for the day since you two have the first five classes together.” Before I can say anything, Stephanie is squealing.
    “Oh my god, hi!”
    “Hi.” I say with a small smile. The elderly woman then hands us both a piece of paper and I look down to see that it’s my schedule.
    “You two have fun, and make sure to get to class on time. Welcome to Calvary Ms. Olivia, enjoy your senior year.”
    “Alright, let get to first period, which isssss,” Stephanie who stands at least six feet looks down at the schedule and smiles. “Mr. Thompson AP Trig.” She says as she grabs my hand and begins to pull me down the hall and in-between student. A short walk later we in a small classroom with ten desks in it. I’m accustomed to having almost thirty students in each class, so to see ten desk throws me off for a second.
    “No worries, this class is small because Mr. Thompson is a old a-----e, and a tough teacher. Everyone changes their schedule before the first day if they have him. He quite monotoned, but other than that, I think he’s fine,” Stephanie says as if she read my thoughts. We both sit in the first two desk and she turns to stare at me with a creepy smile.
    “So, what brings you to Calvary your senior year?” She asks and I sigh.
    “Fighting,” I chuckle. “I’m quiet. I like to stay out the way, but girls seem to take that as a weakness and test me. Then my fist ends up breaking their jaw, and I’m expelled from yet another school.” Stephanie’s eyes widen for a moment before she giggles.
    “That’s bad ass.”
    “Yeah, I guess so.” We continue to chat mindless for a few more minutes. Stephanie’s cook and we can relate to each other.
    Slowly the desks fill and I look up when the bell rings to see Zed walking into the class. His eyes find mine and he gives me a hard look before turning his gaze away and going to sit in the last available seat. The teacher follows in behind him, and I stare at the old man who looks days away from dying, wondering how the hell he plans to stand the whole school year?
    “Hi, I’m Mr. Thompson. Welcome to AP Trigonometry, please pull out you textbook and let’s get started.” He says in a tone that could put anyone to sleep, but I like that he’s all work and no play. I hate doing those, “What did you do this summer?” ice breakers.
    Soon the bell is ringing and Stephanie is guiding me to our AP English Class. As we walk down the hall, we walk past Alexis and her group of friends. A ping of something foreign hits me when I the tall, slender, big lip Zed leaning against a locker with a small brunette s-----g his tongue. He’d left class to go to the bathroom and never came back, now I see why.
    “What the rules on PDA here?” I whisper to Stephanie and she follows my eyes to see what I’m talking about. She scoffs and shakes her head.
    “There are no rules. It’s almost eight f-----g grand a year to go here. No one follows the f-----g rules, and none of the teachers care because they’re getting paid a shit tone to make, she we “learn.” Stephanie does air quotations and I laugh as we walk pass the group. When I pass by the sexy boy, my gaze flickers up and I bite my lip when I see his eyes open slightly looking at me, while he’s being kissed by the girl in his arms. My ear burns and so do my cheeks as I quickly look away and stare ahead of me.
    AP English and my next two periods breeze by, and now I’m standing in the lunch line with Stephanie rambling about something beside me. We get out food and sit down at an empty table. I would have preferred to eat alone but Stephanie has been very nice, and pleasant to be around.
    “So where are you from?” Stephanie asks as I throw a fry into my mouth.
    “Mississippi.” I mumble as I pull my phone from my back pocket.
    “Woah, I heard it’s super boring there.”
    “It is.”
    “Well you should love South Florida. It’s so much to do here and the beach parties are the best.”
    “You speak like you’ve been to one Steph,” I groan in annoyance when I hear Barbie’s voice speaking form behind me. “Don’t pretend like you are somebody b---h, when you are nothing here.”
    “Shut up Alexis,” Stephanie mumbles as she looks down at her pizza and fries.
    “I’m sorry s--t, I didn’t quite hear that.” Barbie snarls as she slams her manicured nails on the table
    Why does there have to be a blonde idiot with too much of her daddy’s money, and mommy’s make-up in every school? Not only that, why did she always have to be a f-----g mean girl, knowing that she can’t f-----g fight?
    “She said shut up Alexis,” I say through my teeth as my jaw tightens and my fist clench. It’s my first day and I’m already about to knock a b---h out. Bullying is not okay, and I’m confused as to why the six-foot-tall girl in front of me won’t defend herself against a tiny Alexis who doesn’t look like she weighs a hundred pounds wet.
    “I don’t think I was talking to your fat ass.” Alexis spit as she slams her hand down on the table again catching everyone’s attention. I close my eyes and open them slowly. When I do, I can see a pair of golden eyes staring at me from across the cafeteria. He’s biting into an apple and when he sees me looking at him, he raises a single eyebrow. My gaze flickers down to watch his perfect mouth chew and I lick my bottom lip.
    “You’re right Alexis,” I say as I stand. If she wants the attention, I’ll f-----g give it to her. “I do have quite a fat ass.” Turning, I wiggle my ass suggestively earning a fair share of hollers from the boys and some girls. I know I’m not skinny, but I’ve always taken good care of myself, so I know I’m not fat. “Now do yourself a f-----g favor and stay the f--k away from me and Stephanie. You’re trying your luck with me Barbie.”
    “Is that a threat?” Alexis spits back at me and I smile at her.
    “No, I don’t threaten anyone, I make promises. And I can promise you this; if you decide to be a thorn in my f-----g side this year, it won’t end good for you or your average ass face.” I then flick her nose causing her to gasp in mortification. Alexis stomps her heel and whips her head around so hard and fast that her ponytail slaps me in the face. Sitting back down, I watch as she storms over to her group of friends that have accumulated two tables down with Mr. Sexy. We when make eye contact again, he juts his head up towards me and I smirk at him before looking back down at my food.
    Shit, he is so fine and it’s going to be a long f-----g year.


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    Boss bring it on i can see u get many story to serve us with..

    Links To Available Chapters.
    Scroll Down For Episode 2.

    Episode 3-5

    Episode 6-9

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    carry on

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    @thecomely e many

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    ? CHAPTER 2

    ? Olivia P.O.V
    “Olivia Bryant,” I look up at the cheer coach as she says my name and I raise my hand. “As you know sweetie, we already have our cheer squad for the year. Football season starts in four weeks. I don’t think it would be possible for you to learn everything in that short amount of time.”
    “Wonderful.” Taking my backpack, I sling it over my shoulder and head to the office, and away from Alexis. Of course she was the cheer captain, as if I cared. My mom did my schedule and it didn’t surprise me that she tried to make me cheer again.
    “Hi Ms. Bryant. What can I do for you?” The sweet elderly woman says to me and I smile warmly at her.
    “I need to take cheer off my schedule.”
    “Oh dear why is that?” I explain to her what the cheer coach said and she quickly gives me a list of options. Immediately I choose early release, so I can do something productive with the extra two hours of free time. “Well, I’m sure you will be happy to know that you will only have four classes a day and after lunch you will be released.” A grin so wide spreads onto my face and I thank her before leaving the office. I pull my keys out of my backpack and look up to see someone leaning against my car. Not just anyone. It’s Zed.
    The closer I get, the more his intense stare makes my body heat up. I’m no stranger to arousal, or sex for that matter, but he makes me feel something different. More primal.
    “Why the f--k are you on my car?” I say as I unlock the drivers side door and open it. Zed doesn’t speak, he just pushes off my hood and begins to walk away. I watch him as I get in and close the door. Pressing the push start, I listen to my baby come to life while still staring at Zed’s retreating back.
    “F-----g psycho.” I mumble to myself before backing out of my spot and heading home from my first day of school knowing that if Zed is psycho, I’d be into it.

    When I pull up to the gates of moms new house, I type the code into the keypad and watch as the large gates open. Driving up the circle driveway, I look out at the gardeners who are planting my favorite flowers. I park the car in my garage and get out. Walking into the house I smell different baked goods and hum in appreciation.
    “Ma!” I call out knowing that she isn’t going to answer back. When I get into the kitchen, I see my favorite party planner in the world and I stop. “Oh no.”
    “Oh yes,” Marcus says to me as I watch him swipe away on his iPad. His chocolate skin smells of cocoa butter, and his cute shirt and top make me jealous in a friendly way. Marcus is my favorite person but if he’s here then that means one thing.
    “Marcus please tell me my mother did not plan my eighteenth birthday party without my consent.”
    “Lory did more than that sweet girl. She called the school, and it’s being announced on the school bulletin board tomorrow. The party is Saturday and she’s already hired the music.”
    “Leave it to mama to do too d--n much.” I mumble as I go grab my small box on top of the fridge that harbors my weed. Not sparing Marcus another glance, I head to the patio and spark up.
    “Rough day?” Marcus asks as he takes a seat beside me. I’ve been smoking Mary Jane since I was fifteen. My mom knows but doesn’t care. She doesn’t consider it a drug, and she enjoys when I’m quiet and hungry, rather than loud and hungry.
    “It wasn’t rough. Typical blonde popular girl tried to get me into her crowd and when I refused she called me a b---h. Um, my tour guide Stephanie is super sweet and bubbly, oh and there’s a 6’2 god of a teenage boy who makes me wet.” I say honestly and Marcus’s mouth drops at the last comment.
    “Lord hunny, you are something wild.” He crosses one leg over the other and leans towards me as I sit down. “Now tell me about this hunk of a man.” I laugh when he wiggles his eyebrows at me.
    “Man is a stretch. He’s a boy, until he proves otherwise.”
    “So dominant, just like your mama.” I roll my eyes and continue to talk.
    “He’s tall, like 6’2 as I previously said. Lean with muscles, and big ass lips for a white boy. Like seriously they’re huge. And he has a killer smile that I saw by accident at lunch today.”
    “What did you feel when you saw him for the first time?” Marcus asks and I know exactly where he is going with this. He’s a huge believer in love, and that it can been found at any age.
    “Marcus.” I groan but he doesn’t let up. With I sigh, I think back to when I saw him and I bite my bottom lip. It felt like everything around us disappeared and it was only him and I. The way he licked his lips when he heard me groan made me want to grip him in my hands and knead his delicate-
    “Alright, stop clenching your thighs, you little w---e.” Marcus says snapping out of my thought. I burst out laughing and so does he.
    “Looks like little miss Olivia just experienced lust at first sight or loooove. Now the question is, what is she going to do about it?” I shake my head and scoff at Marcus before taking another drag from my joint.
    “You know you’re a horrible influence right?” The gay man just smirks and winks at me.
    “I’m not here to be your mentor. I’m here to make sure you live your best life, and get in as much trouble as possible. Without going to jail.”
    “Who’s going to jail?” I smile up at my mom, who steps from inside the house, plucking the joint from my hand. She takes a long drag as she sits in the chair beside me and looks at Marcus and I expectantly.
    “No one,” Marcus says with a sly smile. “But your daughter needs condoms.”
    “MARCUS!” I scream as I bury my face in my hands.
    “I don’t know what you’re so embarrassed about. How many times did I find Tony on top of you in Mississippi?” My mom questions and I feel the bile rise in my throat.
    “Don’t mom me. I’m your mother by
    law , not birth, so I don’t care as much as I should about your sexual life. Just be safe and wrap it up.” I glare at her and roll my eyes but she’s right. She’s really my Aunt Lory, but she took me in when the state was about to take. “Sex at your age is normal nowadays.”
    “I know but it’s still weird to talk about,” I mumble as my mom hands me back the joint.
    “What ever happen to Tony? He stopped coming around well before we moved.”
    “Cheated,” Is all I say as I think back to Tony and Kendra, the b---h that almost had me charged with attempted murder. I thought Tony was the love of my life. He was tall, chocolate, rippling abs, and he was two years older than me so he did things to my body that I knew no one else could do. Oddly enough, I always felt unsatisfied but I kept going back for more.
    “Oh yeah, with that little Kendra b---h. You fractured her skull remember?”
    “Yeah, I remember, and I remember being handcuffed and taken to juvey, too. God, MIT isn’t going to take me because of my f-----g permanent record.” I groan and Marcus bursts into laughter.
    “Sweetie. MIT doesn’t give a f--k that you’re a little feisty. You are one of the few people who aced the ACT’s and you can build a computer out of a paperclip and a piece of wire. They’d be stupid not to bring you onboard.” Marcus’s praise mixed with the weed gives me a giggle fit and I have to bit down on my bottom lip to stop it.
    “Tell me about this guy though.” Mom says as she nudges my shoulder.
    “Please don’t get her started Lory, she was already clenching her little thick thighs.”
    “That an oxymoron.” I say to Marcus and he furrows his eyebrows.
    “Who doing oxy?!” He screeches. I double over in laughter and so does my mom.
    “No you f-----g idiot. An oxymoron is two contradicting words paired together.” My answer comes out in a more serious tone. My mom calls it my professional voice. The voiceI’m going to use in my MIT interviews.
    “Well I know from experience that things can be little and thick.” Marcus counters and I shoot to my feet immediately.
    “Alright, I’m hungry, and I personally don’t want to talk about each others sex lives anymore.” Walking into the house, I get my phone out of my backpack, grab a bag of chips and a drink before heading up to my room to do nothing in particular.
    Two hours later my mom is banging on my room door and I jolt out of the nap I didn’t know I took.
    “What!” I scream as I throw my legs over the side of the bed. My mom opens the door at the same time that I stand up. When she steps in she not alone and when I see who stands beside her my jaw drops to the ground.
    It’s f-----g Zed.
    “This young man came to see you.” My mom blinks innocently and I glare at her.
    “Thanks for showing me up Lory.” Zed says and I scrunch my nose up at him. I look at my Mom who swoons like a h---y teenager before smiling sweetly at me and leaving the room. It’s then that I realize…one, I just heard Zed talk and his voice was the sexiest thing I have ever heard, and two, the motherfucker is standing in my house.
    How did he even know where I lived?
    “You know the big house across the street on the hill?” My eyes snap up to meet Zeds and I fold my arms over my chest. I can’t help but admire how pretty he is. His hair is damp and I can hear the faint sound of rain from outside. Zed’s face and lips seem to shine from the moisture and my bottom lip slips in-between my teeth.
    Is it possible for a boy to be beautiful? Gorgeous even?
    Zed’s large lips are turned up in a smirk and I mentally slap myself back into reality.
    “Yeah, what of it?”
    “Well Ms. Bryant, it looks like we are neighbors.”

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    Olivia guess you are stuck with Zed for life

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