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    Written by Jchrist (AFRICAN GOOD BOY)

    Olivia POV

    I gawk as the word flows from my lips. My head swims for a moment, but that stops when I see Zed walking around my room lazily. His fingers dance across my dresser, and he eyes my paintings on the wall. He stops at my floor to ceiling windows that look over the lake, and then he turns back and gives me a heated gaze.
    “I think we should talk.” Zed says as he turns and looks back out the window.
    I’ve never been a nervous person, and I was about to start. When Zed takes too long to answer, I walk up to him and spin him around by his shoulder. We glare at each other, neither of us backing down from the other’s pointed gaze.
    “What the f--k do you want to talk about? Why are you here?”
    “Today, when we saw each other for the first time; what did you feel?” His question catches me off-guard. It’s like the air is s----d form the room and I can’t breathe. My heart beats against my chest frantically and I can feel my face heating up.
    “I-I..” Shit! I hate stuttering. Growing aggravated with myself, I turn away from Zed and try to storm away but his hand grabs my elbow and stops me. The action triggers me immediately and without thinking I lift my free hand and smack Zed across the face. Ripping my arm from his grasp, I watch as he rubs his cheek, and then he’s looking at me. His eyes are intense, deadly.
    Oh yeah….he’s f-----g crazy.
    “You felt the same f-----g thing I felt Olivia.” Zed says as he begins to stalk towards me. I slowly back up as he talks, my hands up trying to keep him as far away from me as possible.
    “Felt what?”
    “The lust. I wanted to bend you over the railing and take your sexy ass to the moon with my d--k. But we couldn’t do that now could we?” My back hits one of the walls of my room and Zed places his hands on either side of my head as I look up at him, and he glares down at me.
    “So? Why does it matter Zed?” I say, my voice sultry. Everything in me wants to lean forward and take his lips, but it’s one thing to f--k him, another thing to kiss him.
    “Because, it’s going to happen right here, right now and then we can move on with our f-----g lives. We’ll be out of each other’s system and we won’t have any reason to communicate or deal with each other anymore.” Most girl would have said no to him. Told him they wanted to get to know him better, maybe even be his girlfriend, but I’m not most girls. I knew how to keep my emotions out of things. One heartbreak was enough for me.
    “I don’t have any condoms.” I finally whisper as I bite my lip and my hands move from my side and towards the belt of his damp pants. Zed smirks and digs into his back pocket. He pulls out a condom causing me to smile up at him. “Well what are you wanting for pretty boy… f--k me .”
    Pulling him into the bathroom, I close the door knowing my mom is probably outside my door listening, and I prefer not to let her and Marcus hear me get my rocks off.
    Once we are inside, I turn on the light and Zeds begins to tear at what little clothes I have on. I’m naked in record time, and I watch as he pauses to look at me. His eyes wide, his mouth open. Those big pretty eyes shift from my breast down the waxed m---d of my sex.
    “What?” I pant feeling myself grow hornier by the second. It’s like my voice snaps him out of his stupor and then Zed’s spinning me around to face my large mirror. Our eyes connect through the glass and I groan when I see how dark and lust filled Zed’s eyes are. He grabs his shirt and pulls it off quickly followed by his pants. Everything is happening so fast, almost frantic, but I don’t care. I want to f--k Zed. He wants to f--k me, and then we’ll be good.
    But is it ever that easy?
    “Ready,” He groans in my ears and I gasp when I feel his thick girth slide in between my slick lips. “Oh yes, more than ready.” Zed moans as his hands snakes up my sides to cup my breast. Our eyes stay connected in the mirror as he kneads my t--s and pulls at my nipples.
    “Tell me Olivia, did you think about me diggin’ in your guts today? Hmm?” I moan at his dirty words. Zed doesn’t have the first tattoo, he doesn’t smoke as far as I know and he has an innocent look to him so his potty mouth surprises me. He rocks himself faster in-between my legs, the head of his d--k nudging my c--t repeatedly. He pinches my nipples hard and I let out a moan so loud I’m sure my mom heard it wherever she is.
    “So f-----g responsive. I love it.” Zed says as he pulls back and begins to push into me slow. His girth stretches me painfully and I groan at the sensation. When I think no more of him can fit, Zed slams into me and I yell out at the pain that shoots through me. The pain gives way to pleasure and I mewl.
    “Oh yes.” I gasp as he begins to move in and our of me slowly. Zed places his hands on either side of me on the counter and looks in my eyes through the mirror. His pace is slowly and steady, and I quickly grow aggravated. My hands slide over his and I immediately dig my nails into the tops of them. He hisses at the pain and bites down on his bottom lip. I start to push back on him hard and fast causing Zed to have to widen his stance.
    “You wanna f--k me Zed? Then f--k me.” I moan as I push back even harder as I dig my nails deeper into the skin on the back of his hand.
    “D--n.” Zed groans. I notice that his eyes are closed and his face is morphed in undeniable pleasure.
    “You like this Zed?” His eyes snap open and he gives me a intense stare as his breathing quickens. “Tell me you like it and I’ll let you come.” My ass is now smacking against his hips fast and hard, while he girps the counter for dear life. I’ve broken the skin on the top of his hands causing small amounts of blood to flow from the wounds. The feeling of his huge c--k inside me has me gasping and moaning, as his manhood nudges my cervix with each movement.
    “Fuccckkkk.” Zed groans as he leans forward and latches on to my shoulder with his teeth. He bites down harshly and I moan as I throw my head back. I push back faster, our skin smacking loudly against each other as we both express our pleasure with groans and curses.
    “Tell me you like it and I’ll make you c-m.” I demand again and one of Zed’s hands come up to wrap around my throat.
    “F--k I love it,” He moans out into my ear. His hips are no longer moving, he just stands still letting me f--k myself on him. I’m on my tiptoes pushing myself to the limit while Zed chokes me. “Make me c-m you crazy b---h.” That is all I need to hear to double my efforts. I use the counter for leverage and push back as hard as I can. Zed begins to jerk behind me and I know he’s close.
    “So d--n fine.” He praises before he smacks my ass with his free hand and my o----m hits me out of nowhere causing my legs to buckle, but Zed does let me fall. He moans loud, and it’s the most erotic sound I have ever heard in my f-----g life as he let’s go into the condom. His legs give out and we both crumble to the ground.
    We lay there for a moment. My eyes are closed but I can feel Zed’s fingers dancing up and down my stomach. His manhood softening inside of me.
    “I should go.” He finally says and I crack my eyes open to see him staring at me. His normally pale skin flushed and his hands still bleeding.
    “Sorry about your hands.” I croak, knowing that I’m not really sorry.
    “Sorry about your shoulder.” Zed says as he stand to his feet and disposes of his used condom. My eyes look over at my right shoulder and sure enough it’s a large bruise with teeth marks. I stand and grab my robe off the back of the door and wrap it around myself while Zed fixes his clothes. Honestly this was the most amazing f--k of my short life. The exchange of dominance is exactly what I crave and it seems that Zed doesn’t mind giving it to me. When he’s dressed, he pulls out his phone and hands it to me. “Put your number in there. Just in case.”
    “Thought you said we were just getting it out of our system,” I challenge as I grab his phone.
    “Yeah, that was before we f----d.” He retorts under his breath but I still hear him. Choosing to just let it go, I put my number in his phone.
    “You’re mom is super chill.”
    “She’s my mom by law not birth. She’s actually my Aunt.”
    “Cool.” There’s an awkward silence between us, and I shift on my feet not knowing what to say. I’m usually a pro at kicking people out, but deep down, I kinda want to stare at Zed for the rest of the afternoon. Or my life.
    Pump the brakes Olivia….
    “Well, see you at school tomorrow.” I finally choke out and Zed nods as he walks over to my room door and opens it. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
    Zed stops and turns to look at me with a quizzical expression.
    “Use your manors, I allowed you to c-m. What do you say?” I smirk when Zed blushes the color of a tomato. He rubs the back of his neck and bites his plump bottom lip.
    “Thank you.”
    “Thank you what?”
    “Thank you, Olivia?” A smile spreads across my lips and I nod at him.
    “You’re welcome Zed. Now get the f--k out of my house.”


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    Livia the rider….

    Ride on

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    Olivia POV
    I stood in front of my full body mirror and groaned as yet another shirt failed at hiding the bruise that decorated the area where my neck slopped to my shoulder. Make-up made it worse, and now I have no choice but to wear a turtle-neck in ninety degree weather.
    F--k that.
    Deciding that I have no choice but to showcase my bruise for all the school to see, I try to think of a lie. I walk away from the mirror, grabbing my backpack and keys before heading down for breakfast.
    “D--n!” I heard my mom say as I grab it an apple from the fruit bowl. She sits at the island with a bowl of cereal in-front of her and a shirt that no doubt belonged to yet another one night stand who is probably asleep in her room. “Is he a vampire or some shit because it looks like he tried to s--k your blood.”
    “Ha, ha. Very funny.” Mom laughs and shakes her head at me.
    “What’s the lie going to be?”
    “Haven’t came up with one yet.” I mumble as I bite into my apple and blow air out through my nose.
    “Well, he must have f----d you good because you didn’t come down for dinner last night.” She’s right. After Zed and I had our little fun, I passed out. I woke up once to go to the bathroom, and check my phone but within an hour I was out again.
    “Can you at least try to act like my mom and not my best friend?” My glare is met with a amused smile as Mom stands and places her bowl in the sink.
    “Not everyone thrives on structure and you should know that better than anyone. When I had rules for you, that’s when you rebelled the most. So I took away the structure and now you’re headed to MIT.” I roll my eyes before biting into my apple again. “Olivia, you know I love you, and you know I will only let you take it so far. You may be eighteen come Friday, but you were forced into adulthood at a young age so you are much more mature than those around you. I don’t stay on your back because you are smart. You make sensible decisions, and you’ve proven that time and time again.”
    My mom’s words make me smile and I kiss her cheek before heading towards the door.
    “See you later, and tell your one night stand to get out!” I scream. The last thing I hear before I close the front door is the sound of my mom laughing her ass off.

    My car isn’t even in park before Stephanie appears at the window bouncing with joy. When I open the door, stand and get out, she engulfs me with a hug that catches me slightly off-guard.
    “O! My! Gawd! You’re party has been the talk of the senior class all morning.” I groan as I remember what Marcus said yesterday. Stephanie holds up a piece of sparkling paper and waves it in my face. Snatching it from her grasp I groan even louder when I see it’s the details of my party. The only thing that made this surprise slightly better is the fact that they only invited the senior class.
    Thank God! I didn’t want to deal with more immaturity than necessary.
    “I’m so excited. DJ Tink is like the hottest DJ in Florida. Like, I have to find something to wear! There’s going to be so many people there, and I just don’t know if I want to stand out or blend in! Will there be alcohol? What kind of food will there be? Is white an appropriate color! Maybe I should-” Stephanie’s rambling ceases all of a sudden and her eyes widen when she looks down at my neck.
    “What happen to your neck!?” The frantic girl screams and I slap my hand over her mouth.
    “Hush!” I whisper-shout as I look around the parking lot for wondering eyes. Everyone seems to be heading toward the main building, while all the groups huddle with their friends waiting for the bell to ring. I start to walk and Stephanie follows me like a lost puppy.
    “Seriously Olivia, what happened?”
    “I can’t tell you, but I’m fine and no-one is beating me before you ask.” We step onto the sidewalk together and head towards the main building. My eyes scan the area and I immediately notice Zed hanging around his group of friends. The brunette from yesterday is holding his hand up and I feel my face grow hot. Just as we are about to pass them, the brunette starts to talk.
    “What happened to your hands Zed? Are you okay?” I can’t help but glance at Zed and I almost stumble over my own feet when I see him already looking at me. I’ve always been good at ignoring people that I’ve been intimate with but I could tell by my reaction to Zed that it would be hard this go around. Adverting my gaze, I continue into the building with Stephanie rambling about what she wanted to wear to my party. I answer her in nods before we finally get to Trig.
    “I didn’t see you after lunch yesterday, did you get early release?” Stephanie asks me as we take a seat in the front of class.
    “Yup, I’m released at eleven thirty everyday.”
    “Lucky, I could do early release if I didn’t have track or basketball. Do you play any sports?”
    “I played basketball and I ran track, but I’m done with that now. Focusing on my mathematics and other things so I can get into MIT.” I say at the same time Zed walks into class. He glances at me with a stoic look on his face. My eyes look to his hand and I can’t help but smirk. I furrow my eyebrows when I see Zed walking towards me. He glances down at the empty desk beside me before taking a seat.
    Stephanie is frantically tapping my shoulder and I turn to look at her.
    “Whoa, Zed Larson is sitting beside you.” She whispers causing me to tilt my head in confusion.
    “Ohhhkaaayyy, and,” I drawl as I lift a single eyebrow.
    What I wanted to say was;
    “Yeah I know him and I know what his d--k looks and feels like.” But that would have been inappropriate.
    “And? His father is like a f-----g billionaire. He’s always really quiet, and between you and probably the whole senior class,” Stephanie leans in close to whisper in my ear. “We all thought he was gay, until he started walking around with Janice Elderwood.”
    Okay, now that’s a bomb shell. I sit back in my sit and stare at the empty board ahead of me as I think about what I was just told.
    Yeah, Zed has very soft big features, but why would people think he’s gay? It can’t be based off his looks, because “gay” does not have a look. I turn to ask Stephanie why people thought that, but the teacher walks in and immediately begins teaching the lesson for the day. The question dies in my throat and I decide to leave it dead. It didn’t matter what people think or thought of him. I’m sure I’ll be able to form my own opinion of him soon enough.

    Classes went by in a blur and the bell for lunch rang, making me sigh in relief. The stares from people were starting to get on my nerves, but no one said a word to me. Except one teacher, who asked me if everything was alright at home. I scoffed at his question before telling him I was fine and storming out of the classroom.
    Stephanie and I sit down at the same table we sat at yesterday, and she immediately starts to ramble on about the party. I can’t help but engage with her. Soon I find myself enjoying the conversations we are having.
    “Hey ladies.” I look up to find a cute mix boy, with long hair and gray eyes staring down at us. Standing behind him are two boys, who seemed to be engrossed in their phones.
    “Um….hi.” Stephanie murmurs and I scrunch my face up at her in confusion. Who is this cocky dickhead?
    “Can we help you with something?” I say as I give the boy a bored look. He’s not ugly, and his arms are muscular, but he isn’t my type. Plus the smug expression on his face makes him even less of my type.
    “Yeah sweetheart, you can give me you’re number and let me bruise that neck of yours like the last guy did.” My eyes snap up to the table that Zed sat on top of yesterday. I almost gasp when I met his intense glare. His nostrils flare, and I can see how tight his jaw is clenched from here.
    “F--k off.” I say as I look back at the cocky f----r. His eyes narrow at me as he leans forward. This will be my second f-----g altercation in the cafeteria if I punch the shit out of him right now, so I opt for just glare at him.
    “You know who I am?” He spits and I draw back in disgust.
    “You know who I am” is not a sentence. It’s do you know who I am.” I say with a smirk and I watch his face turn a bright red. “And to answer you question, I don’t know and I don’t care, so back off.”
    The cafeteria is quiet and I know everyone is looking at us, including Zed. Seconds tick by before the cocky boy pulls back while glaring at me. Without another word, he turns around and walks off, pushing one of the twins boys that I had seen yesterday out of his way. The boy falls to the ground, the contents of his tray falling to the floor. I jump to my feet and rush over to help him pick up the mess.
    “Thanks, I’m Philip.” I look up to see he has braces and I smile at him.
    “Olivia. Sorry about this, I think I might have pissed Mr. A-----e off.” Philip looks back at the douche as he storms out the cafeteria and shakes his head.
    “That’s the mayor’s son, and he’s an absolutely d--k to everyone. He thinks that the world revolves around him, but I heard he has a small thing. So maybe he’s pissed off about that.” I burst into laughter and Phillip does with me. As we stand, I can feel a set of eyes boring into my skull. I don’t have to look and see whose eyes they are as I walk Philip to the table where Stephanie waits for me.
    When Philips sits down in front of Stephanie, they look at each other and blush. Clearing my throat, they both look at me their blushes growing redder.
    “So, Philip, what’s your twins name?” I ask in an attempt to help them both with the awkwardness.
    “Those names don’t rhythm.” Stephanie says as she looks at Philip. Her eyebrows are furrowed and Philip shifts nervously beside me.
    “My mom wanted us to be our own individuals. That’s why we don’t play the same sports, and we try to avoid being in the same classes.”
    “That’s actually pretty cool.” She says back and I stand, ready to head home for the day.
    “You guys get to know each other better. I’m going to go home, roll a joint, and eat all the snacks. See you tomorrow Stephanie.” Stephanie gave me a timid wave goodbye as I turned to leave the cafeteria. The halls are empty and I whistle as I stroll through my phone. Suddenly a hand is covering my mouth scaring the shit out of me. I go to bite down on whoever hand it is but Zed’s voice stops me.
    “You’ve been at this school two f-----g days and you have every d--k chasing behind your tale.” I pull away and turn to glare at him.
    “What the f--k is wrong with you?”
    “Nothing.” Zed says as he backs away from me and runs his hand through his hair. He stares at me for a moment and I just stare back. “How many people have asked?” His voice is softer and I subconsciously rub my hand over my bruise. A sultry smile creeps onto my lips and I watch as Zed stares at me, gaze darkening by the second. He looks like he wants to do something but he doesn’t.
    “One teacher asked. Other’s just stared. What about you? Heard your girlfriend drilling you about it this morning.”
    “She’s not my girlfriend.” I raise my eyebrows but don’t say anything. The bell that ends lunch rings through the hall and Zed sighs heavily. “Stay away from me.” Zed whispers out but I hear him loud and clear. I scoff and shake my head before looking at him again. He looks seriously conflicted about something. Personally I don’t want to dig too deep into it, instead I walk away and go home like I planned to in the first place.


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    ? CHAPTER 5

    Written by Jchrist (AFRICAN GOOD BOY)

    ? Olivia POV
    The rest of the week was uneventful. Zed didn’t sit beside me in AP Trig anymore, Philip and Josiah started to walk and sit with me and Stephanie everyday, and I had managed to stay out of conflict with other students. Now, I’m getting dressed to head downstairs for my party that has already began.
    “Whoa, you look hot.” Josiah says to me with a wink. If he wasn’t gay, I would have flirt back, but pointless flirting isn’t in my taste. Stephanie’s tall ass sits in Philips lap at my desk as I run my fingers through my hair for the hundredth time.
    It took me three hours to flat iron it and it almost took me out, I swear. The red dress my mom bought me pops against my skin tone, and it’s so short I can’t bend over.
    “Can you please hurry up! We are going to miss the whole party.” Stephanie whined and I roll my eyes. Looking at her through the mirror, I flip her off and she returns the gesture.
    “The party started thirty minutes ago. You didn’t have to wait on me.” I mumble as I walk over to my bed and sit down. Slipping on my shoes, I stand and rub my hands down my dress in a nervous gesture. “Okay, lets go.” I check my lipstick one more time before opening my bed room door and walking down the hall as my friends follow behind me. As we walk down the steps, Josiah tells us a corny joke and I burst into laughter. We descend the steps and my mom is there waiting on me with a cake. Suddenly everyone around me starts to sing happy birthday, and I can’t help but blush. It looks like the whole senior class came out. Sadly I don’t know a single f-----g person. My eyes scan the crowd, looking for the
    one person I’m anxious to see. When I don’t see him, my perky mood falters but I push through and put on a fake smile.
    When everyone is done singing, I walk down the rest of the steps and blow out the candles. The DJ immediately cranks the music back up and the party is in full swing. Random people wish me happy birthday as I make my way through the crowd. I finally make it to the kitchen praying that my mom got me some alcohol. Marcus spots me and gives me a devilish smile.
    “Hello party girl, you look divine.” He beams as he hugs me. “The stash is in the bottom draw of the fridge, condoms are in your bedside drawer if that sexy neighbor shows up.”
    “Thanks Marcus, you’re the best.” I beam as I hug him and go grab my stash.
    Stephanie and the twins are out by the pool, when I find them. My water bottle is full of vodka and I leisurely drink it as I head over. Sitting down, we begin talking about random things as I proceed to get myself drunk.
    “Hi Olivia.” A high pitch whiney voice threatens to ruin my slight buzz as I look up from my pool chair and find Alexis grinning down at me. Beside her stood her not so little jock of a boyfriend, the Elderwood chick, and standing behind her is Zed. They must have just arrived because they weren’t here to sing happy birthday.
    “Sup.” I mumble before turning away from the group.
    “You didn’t tell me you were rich.” Alexis says as she moves to stand in front of me. I groan in annoyance as I stand, towering over her due to my four inch heels. She couldn’t be any more than 5’4 herself. I’m 5’7 so the extra four inches, gives me seven inches on her.
    “I go to a private school that cost eight grand a semester. Pretty sure you have to have money to do that.”
    “Hmph, I guess so. Well, I really think you should reconsider being a part of
    my group. It has to be way better than hanging with,” She pauses and looks back at the twins and Stephanie. I smirk knowing that I can beat the shit out of her if she says anything to piss me off, so I cross my hand over my chest and wait. “Those losers.”
    Taking a long drag of vodka from my water bottle, I cap it and sit it on the ground. Stepping closer to Alexis I smirk and glance at the pool. With a the tiniest push, she tilts backwards and of course her boyfriend tries to save her, so I push him too.
    Alexis screams right before she hits the water, her boyfriend following behind her. Everyone comes rushing from all areas of my back yard and they gasp when they see Alexis in her boyfriend resurfacing in the water.
    “You b---h!” Alexis cries and I roll my eyes.
    “It’s my party, I can be a b---h if I want to.” I undo the cap of my water bottle and finish the vodka, effectively heightening my buzz. Turning around I smile at the three people I consider my friends and they gawk at me. “Come on, let dance guys.” They all jump to their feet, and follow me to the open space reserved for dancing.
    Two hours later, bodies are grinding against each other, weed is being passed around, and I’m so f----d up. Stephanie and Philip escaped to one of the guest rooms, Josiah is being grinded on by a cute little redhead making me question his gayness, and I’m hiding behind a big oak tree smoking a joint and watching everyone. I think I got too f----d up because I couldn’t be sober and watch the brunette be all over Zed. It’s annoying and I hate it. And I hate that I hate it. We f----d and got it out of our system, so why do I still want him so bad?
    “Looking for some company?” Zed calm and alluring voice seems to make my body come alive as he sneaks up behind me. Looking up at him, I hold out the joint which he gladly takes. He then takes a seat on the ground beside me, and rest his elbows on his knees while taking a drag from the joint. “Nice party. Lots alcohol and weed.”
    I snort, and shake my head.
    “My mom and Marcus are horrible influences, but we live on private property, so the cops can’t just roll up, and there is enough room in this house and the guest house for everyone to stay the night.” I glance over at Zed to find him already staring at me. “What?”
    “Nothin’.” He says as he continues to stare. His eyes flicker to my lips and I quickly turn away. Zed leans over and his full lips make contact with my neck making me shudder.
    “W-What happen to Miss. Elderwood?” I moan.
    Zed doesn’t answer, he just pulls away and takes another drag of the joint. He lets out a large puff of smoke before chuckling. It’s the purest of sounds, and the way his face lights up makes him even more attractive.
    “I only walk around with that w---e so people will stop saying I’m gay.”
    It’s my turn to chuckle as I look over at Zed and he’s smiling at me. The weed must be getting to him.
    “It’s because you have such feminine features. Big eyes, straight nose, large lips….. Stunning.” I whisper out the last word as I stare at Zeds lips while licking mine. When he moves in to kiss me, I snap back into reality and move away.
    “I can’t kiss you.” My words come out rushed as I stand to my feet.
    “Why not?” Zed asks as he finishes the joint and stands to his feet. He pulls me to him by my arm and his arms wrap around my waist.
    “Because, if I don’t kiss you, it’ll be easier to walk away when all of this is over. Kissing is more intimate than sex for me.”
    “Mmm.” He hums as he licks his lips and stares down at mine. “Well let me kiss something else babe.” My breathing deepens as I clench my thighs. I’ve been wondering what his lips would feel like against the flesh of my….
    “Meet me in my room in ten minutes.” I say as I pull away from him and head towards the house. The alcohol buzzing through my body mixed with the high of the weed, has me hypersensitive and crossfaded as hell. When I get up the stairs and pass the guest room, the sound of Stephanie moaning and skin connecting makes me giggle and I rush into my room. As soon as the door is closed I begin to strip out of my party dress. The door to my room opens suddenly and I jump and spin around frantically.
    It’s Zed.
    “I couldn’t wait.” He says while closing my door and locking it. His voice is husky, primal.
    He pushes me back onto my bed, and pulls my dress from my body. I didn’t wear anything underneath, because I knew that my neighbor would be here. “You’re so f-----g fine baby girl.” Zed praises and I giggle. He smiles at me making me mewl at the beauty of it.
    How can one boy be so d--n gorgeous?
    Zed doesn’t waste time. He pushes me up the bed, and lays on his stomach between my legs. He kisses each of my thighs making me arch upward begging him to take me in his mouth.
    “Please.” I beg shocking myself.
    I. Do. Not. Beg.
    The smug bastard smirks before blowing his warm breath onto my wet folds. I gasp needing him to touch me.
    “Zed, please.” He groans. His head dipping down to taste me.
    “F--k!” I shout as my hips immediately begin to move, wanting to ride Zed’s face. He sucks my c--t into his mouth before letting his tongue flicks against it rapidly. My back bows dangerously and my hands grip the strands of his hair, while my other hand roams all over my sensitive body.
    “Ohhhhh Zed, yes!”
    “Shit you taste good.” Zed mumbles against my c--t, sending a wave of arousal through me. He then pulls away and stands causing me to sit up in frustration. I immediately calm down when I see him pulling at his belt. He strips down to nothing and then climbs over me on the bed.
    “Condom.” I say immediately. Zed curses but reaches back down and grabs a condom from his pants. Once he is properly protected, he climbs back on top of me with a smirk on is beautiful face. I grip the base of his d--k and guide him to my wet lips. Zed slowly glides into me making me moan loudly from the slow stretch of his girth. “I don’t need you to go slow, just f--k me.”
    “As you wish baby girl.” Zed responds with a smirk before he place his hands on either side of my head and snaps his hips forward. My legs wrap around his waist and my hands grip the sheets as the sexy boy above me, begins to pound into me at an alarming rate.
    “Yes!” My voice is airy and full of lust as I watch Zed’s c--k piston in and out of me. It’s slick with my juices and with each snap of his hips, he stretches me.
    Ruining me.
    I move my hands from the bed sheets, slowly guiding them to his neck. Once they are wrapped around his throat my thumbs press into the hollow of the flesh making Zed stop. “Did I say stop Zed?” I pant as I apply pressure, affectively restricting his airway.
    “No.” He says in a strain voice making me moan loudly. Zed immediately begins pounding into me. His hips threatening to push me up the bed but his arms keeping me in place. I watch as his face turns a different shade of red but his hips don’t stop moving, if anything his more frantic. Skin connecting with skin fills the room along with my loud moaning.
    “Oh Zed,” I groan. “Such a good boy.” Something flashes over Zed’s face and his eyes widen. His mouth slacks as his hips speed up. I giggle like the crazy b---h I am as the pretty boy above me fucks me like I’ve never been f----d before. His head beating my cervix like it owes him something. His girth destroying me. I won’t be able to have any one else after him and I’m only eighteen years old.
    Deciding to see how fair I can push Zed, I completely cut off his airway. His bottom lip slides in-between his teeth and his eyes roll to the back of his head. I didn’t know it was even humanely possible, but Zed speeds up, loud grunting sounds coming from him. His long fingers grip my sheets in desperation.
    My jaw slacks and I scream out as an unexpected o----m hits me. I tremble beneath Zed as I squirt all over his c--k. But the beast of a boy doesn’t stop. Finally I release his neck and he draws in a long breath. A long groan flows from his lips as he jerks violently above me.
    “Oh F--K OLIVIA!” Zed groans as he lets go into the condom. When he’s done, he collapses against me, his sweaty, yet sexy body, laying on top of mine. I groan as Zed pulls himself out of my thoroughly used core and lays down beside me. He’s till gasping for air making me worry until he begins to chuckle lightly.
    “What’s so funny?” I ask as I turn to look at him. When I find him smiling, I can’t help but smile back at him.
    “You are one crazy b---h, you know that?”
    “Yeah, I know, but it seems like you like it.” Zed smirks as he sits up while still looking down at me. I don’t know why but I don’t say a word as we stare at each other.
    “Yeah, I guess I do.” When that single sentence slips from his mouth, I immediately know I’m in trouble because of the way it makes me feel. Then I say someting that I thought I’d never say to the boy in front of me.
    “You want to stay over?”

    T B C

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    Ayotunde AyodaboAyotunde Ayodabo
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    This story is getting more interesting now, continue please….

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    Ayotunde AyodaboAyotunde Ayodabo
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    Please continue….

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    Ayotunde AyodaboAyotunde Ayodabo
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    Alex is a big fool…

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