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    Who could have captured that scene apart from olivia’s mother cos she was the only one present

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    This is bad. Who could have taken the picture?

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    CHAPTER 10

    Written by Jchrist (African Good Boy)


    Zed POV
    “I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH IT COST, FIND WHOEVER THE F--K TOOK THAT PICTURE!” I stare at Ms. Lora as she screams into her cellphone as I think about how scary the tiny woman actually is. My dad walks out of the foyer of Olivia’s house, on his phone. He hangs up at the same time as Olivia’s mom, then he reaches out and pulls her into an intimate hug. I raise my eyebrows in confusion but don’t question it.
    Olivia stirs in my lap threatening to wake up. I run my hands through her hair to calm her as I continue to look at the interaction between my dad and Ms. Lora. After a few seconds they pull away and whisper something to each other. Clearing my throat, I get both of their attention causing them to pull away.
    My dad walks over and sits across from me on the love seat and sighs.
    “How you holding up son?” He asks me with concern in his eyes. I sigh and rub my hand down my face before looking down at my baby.
    After the pictures came to everyone’s phone, I immediately called my dad and Olivia went home to tell her mom. My dad met me at Olivia’s house and since then he and Ms. Lora have been outside seeing how someone could take a picture like that from the second floor and making phone calls. The police are involved, and the spread of the picture has been stopped for the time being.
    “Fine, I’m just worried about tomorrow. I know most of the seniors got that picture. Personally I could give a shit who sees it. I’m submissive to my girl, so what? It’s Olivia I’m worried about. I don’t want her to be ashamed.”
    “I’m not ashamed.” Olivia croaks as she slowly sits up. I throw my arm over her shoulders and she leans on me yawning from her nap. “It’s MIT I’m worried about. What if someone tries to destroy our chances and sends this picture to them?” I glance at my dad, who leans back in the love seat. Ms. Lora has went to the kitchen, and I can smell food, which means she’s probably cooking.
    “If that does happen Miss. Olivia, do you have a back up plan?” My dad asks surprising me. I narrow my eyes at him in warning, because he is known to push his luck.
    “NO!” Olivia shouts as she jumps up. I grab her hand and pull her down on my lap, but she immediately pulls out of my grasps and begins to pace. “MIT is where my mom always wanted me to go.”
    “Lora, or your real mom?” Dad questions, and I scoff.
    “Dad,” I say through clenched teeth.
    “My real mom.” The room falls silent and I watch as Olivia continues to pace.
    “And what is your dream Olivia. What college would you like to attend?” My dad continues to press.
    There is a long silence before Olivia slowly sits down beside me and plays with her fingers.
    “I never wanted to go to college.” She finally whispers out. Her eyes cut to me and I smile, letting her know that I’m not going to judge. “My mom, even though she’s been on drugs my whole life, always told me that she knew I was excellent and want me to be better than her, and go to college. So I made sure to keep my grades and shit up, but I hate school. I know I’ll hate college.”
    “I’m sure you have a brilliant mind Olivia, but do you know some of the most brilliant creators of our time never went to college?” Dad says with a smile. He leans forward and looks at the both of us. “I don’t know how much you know about my son, be he too has a brilliant mind, but doesn’t want to go to college.”
    Olivia looks over at me, and furrows her eyebrows.
    “I thought you were going to try to get in MIT with me?” She says softly.
    “Not only with you but for you.” I respond before grabbing her hand and intertwining our fingers.
    “See my son already has a job when he graduates, one he genuinely like and enjoys, but he’s going to need a partner. Someone who’s just as smart as he is and knows numbers and computers.”
    Suddenly I realize what my dad is doing and I tense. I don’t want Olivia involved in our business, but from the look in his eyes, I know he’s not going to let up. My dad begins to talk to my girl about his job, and what my job will be. When he finishes, Ms. Lora is standing inside the archway that leads into the living room. She seems to listen intently as well as Olivia.
    “So, in other words, I’ll be a hacker?” Olivia questions.
    “Which is illegal.” Ms. Lora counters. My dad sits back and smirks at Olivia’s mom, and I watch the woman flush. Her bottom lip slips into between her teeth as she crosses her arms over her chest and looks away.
    “Don’t act like that Lora,” Dad says. Olivia makes a playful gagging noise making me chuckle. “The girl would make a million dollars a year almost. What’s so bad about that?”
    “A MILLION DOLLARS!?” Olivia squeaks, her big eyes turning to gawk at me. I shrug my shoulder and smile at her.
    “Yeah, and once I feel that my son is ready he’ll take over the business. If you’re still with him in, lets say five years, you’ll be a billionaire before your twenty-fifth birthday.”
    “I don’t give a shit about what Zed will be making, I’m talking about my own money.” I stare at Olivia when she says that. It’s in this moment that I realize just how lucky I am. She is the first girl to hear about the money I’ll make in the future and not care. Most girls see that my dad is a billionaire and they know the money will be mine one day so they try to hang on to my coat tail.
    Prime example is Janice Elderwood.
    “Well aren’t you a gem.” Dad says with a genuine smile.
    “Come on boys, and sweet daughter, the pasta is ready.” Ms. Lora announces and we all stand and head to the kitchen. I let my dad and Olivia’s mom leave first and then I turn and smash my lips into the girl’s lips who is stealing my heart.
    “What was that for?” Olivia breathes when we pull away.
    “For being you.”
    “Mmmm.” She hums as she pecks my lips softly again, before we go have dinner together.

    It’s Monday and as I walk down the stares, my anxiety peaks. Walking into the kitchen, I’m not surprised to find my mom and Mr. Larson eating each other’s face off. They weren’t exactly discreet about their want for each other. Grabbing an apple, I take a bite and chew it.
    “Alright, I’m leaving!” I shout. They jump away from each other and I roll my eyes before walking outside to find Zed leaning against my mustang. He looks up from his phone with a smile before walking over to me.
    “Hi baby.” Zed hums before bending and kissing my lips. “Remember that I got you. We get through this together.”
    “But what if someone says something ignorant or out the way? I’m confrontational Zed, I’ll f-----g punch their shit in.”
    Zed laughs at my comment and I can’t help but smile.
    “You are something else baby girl. Lets try self control today. Growth.”
    “Okay, but I can’t promise you anything.” We get into my car, and I surprise myself by letting Zed drive. The ride to school is quiet and short. When we pull up to the school, everything looks normal. Stephanie, Bentley and the twins are in a group, and when they see my car, they all rush towards it.
    I get out, and Stephanie immediately hugs me.
    “We got this girl. Chin up.” The beautiful, tall friend of mine says making me smile. Zed walks around the car and intertwines our fingers with a soft smile of his own. I know he’s nervous too, he’s just being strong for me. We all head up to the sidewalk of the school and when we do, all eyes are on us. I immediately get ready for the insults, but they never come, instead people actually start to clap.
    “You looked so hot new girl!”
    Somebody screams.
    “Hell yeah!”
    “Zed is such a daddy!”
    “I would have love to be in the middle of both of them!”
    Different people shout different things and my jaw drops to the floor. It’s true what the say about these private schools, they really do harbor the biggest freaks. As we continue to walk towards the main building, people stop and ask us about the picture. We answer the questions with smiles and continue to class. Its really f-----g odd to be treated this way, and it seems as though Alexis thinks so too.
    As we walk pass her and her group of friends, she steps into our pathway.
    “You two are f-----g disgusting.” Alexis spits and my fist immediately clench. “You’re nothing but a f-----g w---e, and you,” She points to Zed. “are nothing but a piece of shit! Janice f-----g loved you more than anything and you threw her away to be with some sadistic w---e! How bad did she beat you Zed?” Alexis steps really close to Zeds face and snarls. “Did she whip you like the bad boy you are?”
    My temper starts to flare and I have to stop myself from punching her.
    “Actually she did, and once she was done, I ate her sweet c--t, and then f----d her to sleep.” He spits back at her and pushed her to the side before pulling me into the building.
    “Holy shit! That was ice cold.” Bentley says and Josiah scoffs.
    “Ice cold? Who are you, S---t?” He says to Bentley as the rest of us look at them.
    “Nah, but you like my s---t.”
    “W-What….I…Y-You….shut up.” Josiah finally mumbles out as he breaks away from the group and storms off. Bentley groans and jogs to catch up to him. I watch as he throws his arm over his shoulder only to have Josiah shrug it off.
    “They’re cute.” Stephanie says as we all stop in front of trig. She turns and kisses Philip sweetly before he walks away from us and heads to his class.
    The rest of the day is filled with side glances from random people and oddly enough, Zed is getting a lot of attention from girls. They walk up to him like I’m not there and flirt with him in-between classes. He usually acts like they aren’t talking to him, even cursing at a few so that they’d leave him alone. By the time lunch comes I’m seething and ready to fight, but Stephanie has helped me keep my head level.
    “Hi baby.” Zed says as he walks up to me and kisses my temple. He sits his lunch beside me and I immediately steal a fry. I gasp when he leans over and bites my neck.
    “Hey, don’t bite me!” I exclaim with a playful glare.
    “Don’t eat my fries.” My boyfriend says with a cheeky grin.
    It’s still so weird to think of him as my boyfriend, since I swore I’d never have another. I should have known better. My ex was a f-----g piece of shit, but Zed is amazing to me, and for me. I just hope it’s for the long haul.
    When lunch is over, Zed walks me over to my car since I have early release.
    “You know you can always stay and watch me run the field in noting but a pair of shorts.” He jokes once we are at my car. Zed cages me against the car with his arms, and I almost purr like a wanton w---e, knowing I’ll be one for him.
    “I’ve already seen the goods, how about you come over tonight and give me some good d--k baby.” My crass remark makes Zed bite down on his bottom lip and groan. He grips my chin with his hand and leans down like he’s going to kiss me.
    “What are you willing to do to get my c--k Olivia?” Zed says against my lips and I fist his shirt in my hands as I feel my c--t begin to throb. My breathing shallows as I stare down at his beautiful, full, pink lips.
    “Mmmm, whip you bloody.” I purr.
    “Promise?” Comes Zed’s reply and I d--n near jump him in the parking lot.
    “I promise, now go,” I kiss his lips briefly before pulling away. “I’ll be back to pick you up at four.” We part ways and I head home. I’m at a red light when my phone rings. I blindly try to fish it out of my bag, but falls onto the floorboard of the passenger seat and I reach over to grab it. My foot slips off the breaks and immediately stop and sit back up. I blow out a breath as I stop inches away from the car in front of me.
    Something tells me to look through my rearview mirror and when I do, I gasp. There’s a car flying up to my car, and I know there is no way they are stopping in time.

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    So an accident is about to occur?

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    CHAPTER 11

    Written by Jchrist (African Good Boy)

    Zed POV

    “Where the f--k could she be?” I mumble as I call Olivia once again. Practice has been over for thirty minutes and she still hasn’t showed up to the school.
    “Maybe she fell asleep or something?” Bentley says as he eats an apple. “Let me take you home, and you can see what’s going on.” With a sigh of defeat, I agree.
    As Bentley and I walk through the parking lot of the school, we both hear the familiar rumble of my dads jeep. When I look up it’s pulling into the school parking lot like a bat out of hell.
    “What is my dad doing here?” I say more to myself. Bentley and I stop walking and my dad stops the jeep right in front of us. His door swings open and he sticks his head out.
    “Get in the f-----g car Zed, it’s Olivia! There’s been a bad accident.”
    What. The. F--k.

    My dad gets us to the hospital in record time. When we get into the emergency room, we ask the front desk woman where we could find Olivia. She tells us my girl has been put into a room on the second floor. She then gives us the room number and we all rush to the elevator. Once we are on the second floor, I find Olivia’s room and open the door. Standing at the end of her bed is Ms. Lora. She has a smile on her face which is a good sign.
    I step further into the room and when I turn to my left, I see Olivia, asleep. The closer I get, the more my heart breaks. Both her eyes are swollen and her nose is definitely broken.
    “She’s tough. She tried to stay awake until you got here, but the pain meds were too much.” Ms. Lora whispers. I give her a small nod as I move to sit on the edge of the bed. My dad and Ms. Lora share a warm embrace and sweet little kiss that makes me smirk.
    “Gonna go call the gang. Let em know what’s going on.” Bentley whispers out. I give him a nod and turn back to Olivia. My hand soothes down the side of her swollen face, careful not to apply any pressure.
    “What happen?” I ask without looking back at Lora. Instead, my eyes stay fixated on my baby girl and the slowly steady rising and fall of her chest. Proof that she lived through her accident, something I’m grateful for.
    “Someone rear ended her car going eighty miles an hour. Doctor said she was lucky to have only broken her nose, and not her neck. The car is done, but I don’t give a shit about that, just happy my sweet baby is okay.” Ms. Lora says and I can hear the emotion in her voice. When I turn around I see my dad wiping the tears from her cheeks. He has a look in his eyes that I haven’t seen since–since my mom. They share a silent but obviously passionate exchange before my dad leans in and pecks her lips. When he pulls away, he drags her towards the door.
    “We’re going down to the cafeteria.” Dad says to me and I nod with an approving smile. Once I’m alone with Olivia, I bend and kiss her lips as softly as I can. She stirs and groans. Her eyes crack open just enough and when she sees me, a goofy smile graces her lips.
    “Hi, boyfriend…I’m so high.” Olivia giggles before wincing. Her eyes are so swollen and red but I still find them beautiful. Tears stream down her cheeks, but I know she’s not crying, it’s from her forcing her eyes open enough to see me.
    “Hey beautiful. Try not to force your eyes open, you’ll see me in about a day.”
    “Wanna see you all the time.” She slurs making me blush. “Wanna be with you forever. Wanna love you forever.” The last part causes me to stiffen slightly, but I continue to run my hand up and down her arm. Olivia just revealed her love for me, or so I think. I wonder if she’ll remember when she wakes up?
    “Shush babe, go to sleep. The meds are making you talk crazy.”
    “Never, Zed, or should I say…Zaddy.” Olivia giggles with her eyes closed. “I wuv ya s’much.” My heart begins to beat rapidly against my chest at what my girlfriend just said to me. We haven’t been together long enough for that, I’m sure of it, but I can still honestly say that when I saw Olivia for the first time….
    It was love.
    I don’t care what anyone tries to make me believe, I know I experienced love at first sight. The odd feeling only grew more when I found out her dominating lifestyle inside the bedroom. Olivia was my soulmate, and I’d do anything to keep her around.
    Slowly I shift her body, so I can lay down beside her. Olivia hums and snuggles up to my chest before her breathing evens out letting me know she has fallen back asleep. Twenty minutes later, the door to the hospital room slowly creaks open. Ms. Lora and my dad walk in first followed by Stephanie, the twins and Bentley. Stephanie holds a large bear in her hands, while the twins carry balloons.
    “Mmm, how’s she feeling?” Stephanie asks with a sad smile.
    “Don’t really know, she only woke up from a brief second, but she didn’t say much.” I respond in a low voice, while threading my fingers through her hair. Everyone takes a seat and we talk amongst each other about various things. The doctor comes in and lets us know that’ll be keeping her over night, but tomorrow morning Olivia will be free to go home.
    “Okay, it’s getting a little late, how about you kids go home and get some rest, and I’ll let ya’ll know when Livia is out tomorrow.” Ms. Lora says.
    “I want to stay with her.” I immediately say as I watch my dad stand. He looks down to Ms. Lora, who sighs and nods her head.
    “Okay, I’m sure your dad will let the school know that neither of you will be in for the rest of the week, and I’ll go by on Friday to get the assignments you missed.” She says.
    “The week?”
    “Yes, Zed the week. You and I both know you aren’t leaving Olivia’s side until she can go where every you go. The two of you are joined at the d--n hip.” Ms. Lora says as she waves her hands dismissively.
    “Do I have a say in whether or not my genius son goes to school for a week?” My dad asks as he pulls Ms. Lora into his arms. She laughs and slaps his chest making him smile.
    “No, now lets go. I have a itch I need scratched.”
    “Okay, ew. I can hear you.” Olivia says startling all of us. I looks down to see her swollen eyes slightly open again. “I’m so happy my eyes are to blurry to focus, or I’m sure I’d puke at the sight in front of me.”
    “Well, I’m not as lucky.” I chuckle as I kiss the top of her head.
    Ms. Lora and my dad laugh before bidding us goodbye and heading out. When Olivia and I are alone, I can’t help but ask her the question I knew I’d want to ask when she woke up.
    “Do you remember what you said to me a few hours ago?”
    “Yup.” Olivia response immediately. “And before you ask me if I meant it, the answer is yes. I love your ugly ass.”
    “Ugly? I happen to know that I’m the embodiment of Adonis.”
    “Whew, well lucky me, I get to date a god.” We laugh together before silence surrounds us once again. I wrap my arms tighter around my girl and kiss her forehead.
    “I love you too, Olivia. I really do.” I say softly. She squirms until I let her go so she can sit up and attempt to look at me.
    “I know. I think I’ve known since we first laid eyes on each other.” Olivia says as she stretches up and kisses me.
    We pull apart and I smile at her even though she might see it well.
    “Are you hungry?” I ask. Olivia’s stomach growls and I can’t help but laugh.
    Reaching for her little buzzer, I buzz the nurse in and a few minutes later, a young woman comes in. She see’s me and for a brief moment I guess she forgets what her job is. I lift a eyebrow at her and she licks her bottom lip.
    “I can literally feel whoever that it gawking at you.” Olivia finally snaps and I smirk as I turn and lift her chin so that I can peck her lips, my eyes never leave the nurse. She squirms uncomfortably for a second before speaking.
    “What can I get you guys?”
    “My girlfriend, is hungry and so am I. Is there any way we can get someone to bring us something to eat? I don’t want to leave her side, she can’t really see, and don’t need her stumbling around.”
    “Mmm, yes sure I can.” She squeaks out before rushing out of the room. The nurse comes back seconds later to see what we wanted. We both ordered the chicken tenders.
    An hour later we are fed and tired. Olivia and I talk about random things before she gets another dose of her pain meds, and soon after, she’s out like a light.
    I stay up thinking of the future that me and my love have ahead of us. It will be a long one but I really don’t want to go through life with anyone else.
    I am almost asleep when I get a call. Looking down at my phone I see it’s an unknown number, but I answer anyway.
    “The little b---h wasn’t suppose to live.” A masculine voice says over the receiver that I don’t recognize. Before I can say anything, he hands up.
    WHAT. THE. F--K!


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