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    Episode 2
    I missed class for days as I was at home hoping to get better. I prayed and hoped it was just ordinary fever but when it showed no sign of stopping, I finally made up my mind to go to the hospital for HIV test. It was better I knew what was happening to me so I can know what to do.
    I was really scared.No doubt about that but I managed to put myself together as I prepared for the hospital.
    I was so weak and tired that morning but I managed to walk my way down the road until I boarded a bus heading down the road. I decided to go to a very far hospital where no one knew me and I had my reasons for that.
    At the hospital, I saw other people who had come for the same test. I got to know this because the hospital had different sections for different tests.
    I was amazed at the large number of people who had come for the test because people feared getting tested for HIV and always run away whenever the test is being conducted for free in schools and churches. I looked around clearly to make sure there was no familiar face there.

    Those who came first were attended before the others. We got a number as we got in and were attended to according to the numbers taken. I Sat and observed quietly. At some time, a nurse would come out with a test report enclosed in a file and hand over to whoever had his or her name written on it and the person would leave but again I noticed that she would come out sometimes and ask for the person whose name was written on it. When the person identifies him or herself she Will tell the person to see the doctor inside.
    I have been here for about 3 hours an of the four people she had called inside to see the doctor, no one came out happy. The first girl was shedding tears as she walked her way out of the hospital and so were the others. Only one of them being a man refused to cry or shed tears but a good look at him showed that all was not well. I couldn’t help but wonder why some people was called inside to see the doctor while some were only given their test result and told to go.

    When it got to my turn, my blood sample was taken with a syringe and put in a very little bottle cylindrical in shape. That was the bottle used in taken liquid test samples in hospitals. Looking at the color of my blood in that bottle, I became very afraid but I had to calm myself dow,hoping for the best.
    I can’t imagine what my life would turn into if the result turned out to be positive.I was forced to believe that those who were called inside to see the doctor had tested positive and that was the reason why they were crying. They shouldn’t cry.crying was not the best thing to do. I stopped thinking about whether they should have cried or not when the memories of that Tuesday morning came back to me again. I tried to eliminate it but it was too strong. I produced my handkerchief and dried the tears that had gathered in my eyes. I now realized why they had to cry after confirming that they tested positive. Some of them could be victims of rape just like me and some coul have gotten if from their parttest Life is wicked. Men are wicked.
    The test result normally came out in about 30-40 minutes because they called it a rapid test.
    I lifted up my teary face as I heard another nurse call my name. She called the name I gave;Angela Okonkwo. The worst part was that you can’t tell if they had called to tell you to go and see the doctor or to give you your test result.I looked around and noticed that some people who were waiting for their own result too,were sleeping You must answer and come foreword. I was a bit surprised because It wasn’t long they took my sample. Some people were in line before me whose results should come out first but some of them were sleeping. It was the name I gave and so I had to answer. I walked up to her and she told me quietly that the doctor wanted to see me.
    “What was the result?” I asked her.
    “See the doctor please. He is waiting for you” She replied.
    “Have I tested positive? Tell me. I can handle it”
    I wasn’t sure if I could truly handle it as I said. I wished I was wrong about my conclusion concerning those who went inside to see the doctor.
    For the first 30 seconds, he kept looking at me as if he was trying to store my image in his memory.
    “How are you,young lady” Those were his first words.
    “I’m sick. I am not fine as you can see” I told him.
    “I know. That is why I asked them to call you” He continued to stare at me.
    “Angela,where do you live and what do you do” He asked.
    “Doctor please what is the result of the test? I need to know”
    “I am sorry. You have tested positive to HIV…..”
    For a moment, I felt like my world had come to an end.My world is ending right before my eyes. The doctor kept talking and my eyes was fixed on him but I wasn’t there. My body was there but I was far away. I didn’t hear anything from what he was saying after I heard him say I tested positive.
    I was jolted back to reality when he shook my shoulders.
    “Are you okay? You scared me” He said.
    I only nodded to say that I was fine. He asked me various questions which included my address and my other contact details. I was very sure I supplied him with wrong details.
    He brought out some anti-retrovirals and gave to me.He made it clear that this one was free of charge but i will have to pay for subsequent ones.
    He said I would be fine if I continue to take the medications I was given.
    Those things he said meant nothing to me.

    I walked out of the hospital without crying like the others.Instead I smiled to suppress the pains. I have the virus and my days are numbered.
    Men did this to me and I must take vengeance. I must distribute this virus to them too. They love sex and I Will give them free sex. I have a mission now and I must not fail. Every man who comes my way must take his share.
    Oh men,I am ready for you, my p---y Will bring you pain and death.

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    Next oo

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    Hmmmmmm like seriously this is serious girl.

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    Dãñîél wírêDãñîél wírê
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    you not suppose to do that

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    I think it’s wrong for you to take revenge

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    U should have listen to the doctor first b4 taking law into ur hands

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Nawa for any man DAT comes ur way oo,chaii…
    Hell dey say cannot even stand de fury of a woman!!!

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    No be small matter oooo but not all men are wicked

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