Grandmother’s box

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    @coolval222-2 post this story na

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    📦Episode 2📦
    My Grandfather’s rolling head stopped right in front of me and it started staring at me with a blo,odshot eyes while blo,od was dripping out of it. I was able to see through my Grandfather’s eyes and I could see the underlying pain he experienced before his dea,th. This was so easy for me to detect because the head was still very fresh and there was no sign of decaying flesh.
    I tried hard to suppress my screams and instead of screaming, I started fidgeting in fear. Different questions started rolling in my head and the only thing I could conclude was that Grandma is e,vil because I couldn’t fathom what my Grandfather’s head was doing in my grandmother’s box.
    “Is Grandma a w,itch or is she a ritu alist. Was she able to build this mansion because of this or was she possessed. Did someone place these boxes in here or?”, I started asking myself different questions.
    I was still thinking of what to do next when a voice interrupted my thought.
    “Julius”, The giggling voice called my name.
    Thinking that it was the head that called me, I was about to scream out a even more louder when I realised that it was Justin, my elder brother and he was looking for me.
    I stood up frantically and ran swiftly to5 the door in order to lock the it. I knew how fragile my siblings are and I knew that if any of them see the head, they are probably going to scream and cry till they make everyone aware of what they saw.
    I went back to where the head was and I put it back into the box. After returning the head, I scrubbed the bl,ood that was on the floor and I placed the boxes carefully back into the wardrobe. Now, I have every reason to be afraid of my Grandmother.
    I opened the door silently and I was at the verge of running back to our room when I bumped into my grandmother.
    “What are you doing inside my room”, she roared with so much vibrancy that made me doubt whether she was old at all.
    ” I wa…..I…I was…I was looking for our video game”, I stammered in reply.
    “Did I tell you to go in there. I told your father not to bring you here during this period, it’s my…….”, she stopped abruptly as if she just realised that I was the one she was talking to. “Just go into your room now and don’t come out until I tell you to come out”, she continued.
    She went into her room and banged the door. I followed suit and I ran with full speed towards our room. I couldn’t tell any of my brothers or sister about what I saw. I went into the room and hid under my blanket.
    I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. The thought of what I saw earlier in the room has already clouded my mind and I started thinking of how to contact our parent in order for them to come and get us. I was already lost in thought that I didn’t realise when the door got opened.
    “It’s time for dinner. Come and get your food”, Judith said while taking the blanket off me.
    I looked at her face and all I could see on her face was Grandma trying to kill her. That got me furious and more determined to uncover Grandma’s secret.
    I got down from the bed and I reluctantly walked towards the living room to have my dinner.
    I went back to bed almost immediately and I slept off as soon as my body touched the bed.
    I woke up few minutes later after having a very disturbing dream and I was surprised to find myself alone in the room. The beds that were beside mine was no longer there, nor was any of my siblings there.
    I was at the verge of running to the door when I got interrupted by a voice.
    “The heads told me that they saw you”.
    I froze as soon as I heard the voice. It was Grandma’s voice.
    I became more afraid after analysing what she said. She mentioned “heads” and not “head” which means that there are more than Grandpa’s head in her room.
    “I’m done for”, I whispered to myself.

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    am here o

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    woah…you have my full attention

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    This is so creepy

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    Nawa o this is so so scary biko Kwanu.

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