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    After the battle ended and Lucifer lost his
    power and throne, we thought it was
    over. But part of my mother’s vision was
    overlooked. The battle might be over but
    the war is only beginning.
    My crazy grandmother has joined forces
    with Lucifer.
    What they haven’t anticipated is me.
    A stronger hydrid with more power than
    they could believe.
    My destiny, is to kill Lucifer and take his
    Even if that means leaving everyone I
    But I won’t be alone …………

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    Waiting like never before

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    I don dey wait sharp sharp

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    qbam!!! ope o one of my beat tori z bk..cnt wait..

    @invincible oya Dab

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    First to comment is a devoted ghost reader.

    oya come call d register, here comes Dark Angel (Battle for d throne)

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    waitin for d story to began

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    Chapter 1
    I stood still taking in every move the werewolf in front of
    me is making, he is watching me curiously, probaly
    wondering why I haven’t got in a fighting position to
    defend myself. I might not look like I’m ready, but trust
    me, he won’t even see me when I make my move, as
    much as my mother has been accepted, me on the other
    hand hasn’t been completely accepted. A mix of two they
    can accept but a mix of three seems to test their limits.
    Every training session, the biggest wolves except for Alex
    and Seb, always go for me, wanting to teach me a
    lesson. Seb and Alex allows it because they know I can
    defend myself, but it took a long time for them to allow
    anyone to fight me. Their overprotective of me, like their
    parents are with my mother. But they are sick of the pack
    not fully accepting me, fear of the unknown make it hard
    for people to accept, even if you have grown up with
    them. When they saw my strength starting to shine
    through it like they all decided their mission is to break
    me, make me feel weak and unwanted. But it will take a
    hell of alot more than those mutts to break me, I never
    flaunted my strength, I never acted like I am better than
    anyone else, I spent years trying to be friends with them,
    show them I am as normal as them, the worst ones are
    the pack members, demons are more accepting, the
    guardians and vampires were cautious, but once they
    saw I wasnt a danger to them, they accepted me for me.
    I have had to keep my mother from killing some of the
    wolves, when she first saw how they treated me she
    snapped, it took Liam, Jake, dad, Seb, Alex and me to
    hold her back. She doesn’t want me treated the way she
    was, she wants to give me the best life possible, but even
    she can’t control peoples reactions to me. The best advice
    she gave me and I stick to it, if people can’t accept and
    love me for who I am without wanting to change me,
    their not worth my time or tears, that I need to be strong
    and never change who I am to fit in. I have stuck to that,
    I won’t show any weakness around them, like now, if
    this over sized p---k thinks he can break me, let him try,
    like the others he can find out the hard way. He is
    snarling and snapping his teeth at me, trying to frighten
    me, Seb and Alex have trained with me, their a hell of alot
    bigger and stronger, I have been able to take them both
    on since I was sixteen and two years on, I’m stronger
    than I have ever been, every time I win a fight their like
    two proud brothers, there all I need to keep a smile on
    my face and get through this shit. The girls all hate me
    even tough I have never done anything to them, its
    because Seb and Alex are always around me, their nearly
    twenty and still haven’t found their mates, the girls
    turning eighteen have their eyes set on them hoping to
    be the next Luna or Beta female. The guys act like they
    hate me around the girls but their eyes have always
    shown lust, to the point that Seb and Alex have given
    them warnings to stay away from me unless they treat
    me properly in front of everyone, that they won’t allow
    any of them to think that I will be one of their dirty little
    Like the wolf in front of me now, he has always been
    nasty to me in front of all the girls, on his own he
    practically tries to jump me. Right now he wants the girls
    attention, if he takes me down, that exactly what he will
    get, all their attention. When I’m done the only attention
    he will need is from the pack doctor. I saw him ready to
    make his move and I smirked. This will be fun. He
    jumped towards me, aiming for my neck, to take me
    down as quickly as possible. I stood still til he got close, I
    spun to the side, grabbing the fur on the back of his neck,
    using his momentum, I swung his around and sent him
    flying into a tree, breaking it. He whimpered after the
    impact, but soon covered it with vicious growl, he is
    pissed now, that will only make his attacks sloppy, he
    won’t think of his training, he will just try take me down
    whatever way he can. He got to his feet, shaking his
    head, he walked towards me, trying to stare me down,
    but I never broke eye contact.
    He started to circle me, snapping his jaws, trying to
    distract me and intimidate me. I rolled my eyes, all the
    snarling and growling does f--k all to scare me. He ran
    and jumped over me trying to make an attack from
    behind. Two can play that game, when I heard his paws
    hit the ground and get close, I jumped and back flipped, I
    brought my knees down on his skull, sending his body
    crashing to the floor hard. I jumped off him and stood in
    front of him. I can see he is getting weaker, it will only
    take one more blow and he will be down. He slowly got
    to his feet and snarled. Time to end this. I pulled my fist
    back and landed a hard punch to the side of his head,
    making my elbow connect after my fist. I was right, that
    last blow finished him, his eyes rolled back in his head
    before his large body fell to the ground with a thump. I
    heard clapping, I smiled knowing it was Seb and Alex,
    know one else would clap for me. I turned around and
    found them standing, clapping with pride in their eyes. I
    gave them a small smile back, I love training and fighting,
    but having to constantly defend myself ever training
    session, is getting tiring, each fight, is like loosing all
    chances of ever been accepted, I hate it and what they all
    think about me, but I will never give them the satification
    of ever showing that.
    “Anyone else what to challenge Faith or have you
    learned, you are all making fools out of your selves,
    showing how petty you all really are, this is not the pack I
    want, I want a pack who works as a team and accepts
    every member wether their vampire, demon, guardian
    or all three, quit acting like spoilt brats and grow up, your
    all dismissed, I can’t stand to look at any of you any
    longer” Seb shouted.
    “Good fight Faith, he deserved every bit of that, any of
    my pack piss me off I sending them to get their ass
    kicked by you, obviously anything I have been saying
    hasn’t sunk in yet, I dont know why, your strong,
    beautiful and would do anything for anyone, I just dont
    understand what the problem is, you never flaunted your
    powers or strength, you only show your strength and
    skill to protect yourself, I swear I’m alpha of the most self
    absorbed pack, dont let them get to you, anyway you
    have Alex and Me, the two hottest wolves around, what
    more could you want” Seb said trying to make me laugh.
    “True I do, I dont know about the hottest wolves around,
    but you two are all I need” I said smiling at Seb.
    “Exactly, if they cant accept you for who you are, f--k
    them, they will need you before you will ever need them,
    you always have us Faith, dont forget that” Alex said
    wrapping his arm around my shoulder as we started to
    walk back to the pack house.
    After the battle my parents built a house near the pack
    house, so they could stay close to one another. It was
    just a ten minutes of a walk from the pack house. I said
    my goodbye to Seb and Alex. I walked towards my
    house, I can’t wait to have a shower. I opened the door
    and headed to my room, my parents are gone to have a
    meeting with the guardian to find out as much as they
    can about the growing group of guardian and vampires,
    what their intentions are. I know my parents know, but
    their not telling any of us yet til they know for definate.
    But I doubt their intentions are anything good, if they
    were they would have joined us by now. I know before
    the battle the guardians and vampires were killing
    demons the minute they enter this world because they
    were manipulated into believing that demons were evil,
    the same way they thought my mom was evil because
    of her black wings, her wings meant something more,
    she is the angel of judgement and soul, as well as a
    warrior, my dad is a warrior too, only he is a mix of
    guardian and demon. I was born with the mark of a
    warrior, I think it was no Brainer that I would have it with
    two warriors parents. Like my parents my wings aren’t
    white, their silver and the edges are black. From the
    minute my parents saw them they told me to always be
    proud of them, their unique and make me who I am. I
    know mom was rejected and asked to leave by her
    family when they saw that her wing were black and
    that’s when Liam and Jake found her and made
    themselves apart of her life til she accepted they loved her
    for who she is, black wings and all. I know she had to kill
    her father, it was her life or his, her mother tried to
    apologise to her when she found out what her wings
    meant and that they had all been manipulated, but my
    mom didnt accept, she had her family and it wasnt her.
    After that I dont know much about her.
    I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror. I’m
    the image of my mother, I have my dads brown eyes
    instead of her blue eyes , their surrounded by long thick
    black eyelashes, I have jet black hair that is wavy and falls
    to the middle of my back, I have her small nose and full
    lips. I’m five ft nine, I have lightly tanned skin, I have a full
    chest a bit bigger than my mom, a toned stomach and
    toned long legs from all my training. I have been training
    since I could walk, once I saw the pack, demons,
    guardians and vampires training, its was all I wanted to
    do, I wanted to be as strong and skilled as my mother,
    she is so strong minded aswell, she lets know one get to
    her, someone does something to seriously piss her off,
    they always find out the hard way not to f--k with her. I
    guess that’s where I get my fiery temper from, as much
    as I hate having to defend myself at every training
    sessions, I won’t back down once I have been challenged
    either. I dont run from a fight, I’m the opposite, I run to
    them. Im too stubborn to back down. I dont start fights
    but I sure as hell finish them.
    I turned the shower on and stripped off, stepping into the
    hot water, I just stand still for a few minutes letting the
    water spray down on me, before I scrub myself and
    wash my hair. I smile to myself, in a couple of days I will
    be eighteen and Seb and Alex are bringing me to the
    hottest club in the city to celebrate. Were meeting a
    couple of Seb and Alex’s cousins. One of their friends is
    turning eighteen aswell so it should be a good night, on
    the plus side they won’t know anything about me. I’m
    heading into town tomorrow for a girly day with my
    mom, to pick out something to wear and maybe find out
    what is happening with the other group. I have a bad
    feeling about them, I dont know why but its feel like
    something life changing is going to happen, but wether
    its a good or bad thing I dont know, only time will tell.

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