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    Carry on

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    And u did it all night long? Woow!!! Dats really awesome!!!
    Congratulations Dayo,u r now a father,in fact de results of ur all nyt long escapades!!!

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    Arike’s POV

    “That was how it happened.” I whispered.
    “Geez! I know it was your first! But how can you be so dumb to the extent of having sex without protection! You’re 24! I expect you to act up to that age! And as for Dayo.. he’s the one with more experience,he should have known better.”
    “There was no condom.” I mumbled.
    “And so? He should have used the withdrawal method! You both are so dumb!” She spat angrily.
    “He was careful…but we got carried away in the shower and he didn’t remember to…pull out. And it wasn’t his fault…I had forgotten to use the pills he asked me to buy.”
    “Did you buy it?! Obviously No! You didn’t use it.”
    “I forgot..I totally got busy with work.”
    “Oh my God! What do I do with,Arike?”
    “I am sorry.”
    “Sorry for yourself! So what happened after that?” She asked.


    I woke up to meet empty space beside me. The time was 6:05am. Dayo had left because he promised to leave before anyone wakes up. I felt sad that he didn’t even say goodbye.

    But relief rushed through me when I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I felt the soreness between my thighs as I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen.

    I drank a whole glass of water – I was on the third glass when I heard Dayo calling my name.
    “I am in the kitchen.” I shouted.
    Soon he appeared in the doorway, fully dressed to leave.
    “Good morning.” He greeted with a smile. No shyness.
    I was a bit shy to look at him but I tried to act normal.
    “You’re leaving already?” I asked.
    “Yes….” His forehead creased as he studied my expression. “You want me to stay?” He asked with a smile.
    “…you can go..I have to prepare for work too.” I stuttered.
    “Alright.” He replied.
    I cleared my throat. “So..what are you going to do?” I asked.
    Now is the time to deal with our leftover problems.
    “Call off my wedding just to be with you?”
    “ wasn’t thinking like that. I..I..mean…hey..I know what we did last night nothing. And –” I paused.

    So I can think about everything now. Last night,I didn’t care about anything other than having Dayo.
    I didn’t know he was close to me until I felt his touch on my face.
    “Look at me.” He said but I didn’t look up at him.
    “Arike,look at me.” I did as he instructed. “Everything we did last night means a whole lot to me.”
    I could see the sincerity in his eyes as I looked into them.
    “Dayo?” I moved away from him.
    “Listen I have been hiding this feeling for a long time now. I tried to let go by dating other women but I felt drawn to you all the time. And I didn’t want to ruin our friendship that’s why I didn’t take a step to tell you about how I feel.” He said.
    I hope we haven’t ruin this long term friendship because of what happened last night.
    “And last night…felt so real. Now that we have admitted our feelings,I feel like I should call off my wedding just to be with you.”

    I admitted that I love him while in bed and all he did was kiss me without saying a word.
    “I am not expecting anything from you.” Was all I could utter at the moment.
    I tried to put up a facade that what happened last night was just for fun.
    “Last night we just got carried away and let our hormones..or emotions rule us.” I faked a smile.
    “Seriously? How can you say that after admitting that you love me?” He snorted.
    I avoided his gaze and went over to the sink. “Look…I am not expecting you to call off your wedding and be with me.”
    I started washing the plates in the sink.
    “Fine..I know it’s easier said than done but that’s my wish.”
    “Wishes don’t come true at times.” I said.

    A wish that can never come true. It’s too late to call off the wedding. His father would definitely disown him if he does anything stupid. And that means his inheritance will be gone too. Though I feel bad for Dayo,the fact that he’s getting married to someone he doesn’t love but I can’t let him lose everything because of me.
    “The Awosika Empire is my sole responsibility now. And –”
    I interrupted him. “That’s you can’t call off the wedding.” I completed his intended statement.
    “I am sorry.” He apologized.

    I shook my head. “it’s alright. I don’t have to apologize. I understand.” I faked a smile.
    We can never be together because he has to save his family business. And I am definitely out of his family league of women. I am not from a rich background.
    I bit my lower lip as I tried to control my tears but I failed. And I just let them flow freely while my back was against him. I don’t want him to see my tears.
    “Hey..” he touched me and tried to swirl me around but I didn’t bulge.
    “I am really sorry.” He whispered.

    I nodded. He shouldn’t be apologizing. I was the one who wanted it. He clearly asked if it was fine to get intimate sexually and I said Yes. I was in the position to say no but I chose the other way – Yes. Knowing that I will never get what I want which was to be with HIM.

    And I wished he had left without saying goodbye maybe I wouldn’t be having this kind of thought. But remembering how I felt when I didn’t see him next to me, I knew I was only decieving myself.
    “Arike…” I wiped my face and turned to face him but without looking up at him.
    “I promise to make things right.”
    Then I looked up at him,trying to understand his words.
    “Just..give me a little time. And I promise everything will be fine between us. I promise.” We stared intently at each other.

    Dayo rested his forehead on mine before he kissed lips gently. I didn’t open up to him.
    He didn’t give up so I kissed him back,more tears streaming down my cheeks. I know this would be the last time I would ever be close to him. And I will only get to see him on his wedding day.
    We expressed everything we needed to say in the kiss before he pulled away from me.
    “I love you..and I seriously do.” He whispered before he turned and I stopped him.
    “Dayo?” I sobbed. “I love you too.”
    He nodded. “I know…please take care of yourself.” He walked out of the kitchen.
    I stood there for several minutes just crying. And it took me about an hour before I could pull myself together. And I ended up getting to work late.


    Busayomi let out a loud sigh. “So your baby father is out there on a honeymoon sponsored by his father in-law while you are here crying about finding out that you are pregnant. I am speechless.”

    If I had bought the pills Dayo googled for me then maybe all this wouldn’t be happening now. I blamed myself.
    “What’s the next thing you want to do?” She asked.
    I shut my eyes trying to think but nothing occurred to me.
    “You’re definitely not aborting this baby.” She said and I nodded in agreement.
    “You should tell him about the baby.” She added.
    What?! I opened my eyes Immediately.
    “No! No! No! I am not telling him about the baby!” I panicked
    “What?! Why?” She asked with a confused look.
    “He doesn’t have to know.” I answered.
    She frowned. “He deserves to know you’re carrying his child!”
    “What are you scared of? His father? Shalewa? Huh! Tell me.”
    “He’s going to lose everything.”
    She hissed. “You’re still thinking about him? Think about yourself for once..for the sake of the baby.”
    I placed my hands on my belly.

    “No..if they find out then I would be the bad egg for sleeping with him knowing that he already has a wife.”
    “Oh well madam,you should have thought about this before giving yourself to him!” She blurted out
    Her words hit me badly. “I know..I know… it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have slept with him.” I cried.
    Her expression soften. “Come on…I didn’t mean it that way. I am sorry.”
    “I’m just trying to protect him. He’s already been through a lot because of his marriage to someone he doesn’t love. And I don’t want to be a burden to him.”
    “It’s okay…stop crying.” She wiped my tears.
    Deep down in my heart, I was scared of what his father would do to him and to me. I have nobody,I am not rich enough to stand against Mr Awosika if he decided to take my child away when I give birth. Then I would end up losing on both sides – the man I ever loved and my child too.
    “We can’t tell him.” I said.
    “Arike…your child needs a father.”
    “No..please we have to keep it a secret. I beg you.” I pleaded.
    If I can’t have Dayo, at least I can raise his child.
    “I don’t want them to take my baby away from me.”
    “Okay..okay…but what about the bump when the baby starts growing?”
    “I..I..will think of something when the time comes. Moreover I won’t be seeing HIM.”
    She sighed. “What about Bamidele?”
    Can’t things just get easier for me? Now I have to deal with Bamidele.
    “I will talk to him.”
    “And what will you say to him?”
    “I am just going end the relationship.”

    Busayomi shook her head. I agreed to date Bamidele not because I like him but to distract myself from thinking about Dayo. If I had known I was pregnant I wouldn’t have said yes to Bamidele. Now I feel bad for using him.
    “Will you tell him about the baby?”
    “ will remain a secret between us. I will just tell him the truth that I don’t love him.”
    “Ah!! No! That’s harsh for someone like him! And why agree to date him when you don’t love him?”
    If Bamidele asked the same question what would be my response? I thought deeply.
    “This is all my fault.” Bamidele said.
    “I pushed you to get to know him and date him.”
    “It’s not your fault. Please let’s not talk about it now.”
    “Okay. I am sorry.” She came closer and hugged me.

    It has been two days since I found out I was pregnant. And today being Tuesday, I decided to visit the hospital for a proper test and check up. I turned in sick at the office on Monday and my boss gave me one week off to rest since I have no case to handle.

    I have refused to pick up Dayo’s call neither did I reply his text messages plus I have been avoiding Bamidele too. I was feeling guilty and I need to figure out what I would say to him.

    The doctor confirmed that I was pregnant and gave me advice on what to eat and what to do away from. He handed me a pamphlet titled “Tips for awaiting mothers” and he recommended a book to read as a first timer mother –
    “Motherhood” he said that I could get it online.
    On the very day I found out I was pregnant,I knew I was going to keep it. Abortion never crossed my mind because I didn’t want an innocent soul to pay for my mistake. Moreover sleeping with Dayo wasn’t a mistake,it was what I wanted.
    I sat in the Uber I had ordered, with the pamphlet and scan result in my hand,I knew my life was going to change. Though it hurts to know that I have to deal with everything alone.
    You might say I have Busayomi but I wasn’t planning on being a burden to her. She has her life to live.

    Everything’s going to change from now on. And I just need to figure out a way to keep the baby a secret from Dayo and everyone associated with him.

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    Hmn! I think this is a good decision.

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    well speechless

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    Baby u can’t hide forever afterall when you guys engaged in that very stuff it seems good , besides Dayo can’t deny you so why keeping it to yourself ?

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    Dayo will be happy bcos that is what he want so tell him Only bamidele will be dissapointed

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    Pregnancy is not something that can be hidden forever

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