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    Hmm for me o I will say tell the dayo that your pregnant

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    Like Arike, you have to tell him, he loves you and he will do anything to protect you.

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    Carry on,
    I dey enjoy this story gan

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    Arike’s POV

    I sat on my bed with a pillow popped up behind my back to make me comfortable. I have been in this position for about two hours,only getting out of bed whenever I needed to pee.

    I was too tired to even wash my dirty clothes in my laundry basket. I was too engrossed in browsing online about pregnancy symptoms,how to stay healthy,how to be a good mother. I have read so much about being pregnant and motherhood. I already embraced the fact that I would be a mother soon.
    Busayomi had called like five times to check up on me. Her mind was on me and she promised to come with me.

    My phone beeped next to me. Maybe Busayomi was calling again. I thought. I checked the caller’s ID only to see Big Mommy on the phone screen. Uncle Badejo’s wife was calling.
    “Hello Ma.” I greeted when I picked the call.
    “Arike -” her voice trailed off.
    I leaned forward and dropped my laptop next to me. “Ma? Ki lo sele ma?” I asked, knowing something was wrong.
    What happened ma?
    She sounded like she was crying.
    “It’s…your…dad…” She sobbed.
    My heartbeat fastly. She was talking about Uncle Badejo.
    “What happened to him?” I asked in a worried tone.
    She sniffed. “Actually…he was involved in a car.. accident.”
    “What?!” I gasped out. But soon tried to relax when I remembered my condition. I have been advised not to stress myself too much.
    Tears welled up in my eyes.
    “He’s really in a bad shape…unconscious and…laying lifeless…I don’t know what to do. I am so scared right now.” She cried.
    “You have to calm down..when did it happened?” I asked
    “I got a call from the cops yesterday…so I have been at the hospital since last night. And I just called to inform you about it.”
    “Oh my God..” I breathed out heavily.
    “Look..Arike, I know you have a life of your own but you really have to come and see your dad. I am sure he will want to see you once he regains consciousness. Please come…I don’t mind to talk to your boss to give you some time off..and I will pay for your flight too.”
    “There’s no need for that..” she interrupted me.
    “I just..need someone to be with me right now..I can’t bear this alone.” She cried.
    “I understand. And I will call you soon. Please just take care of yourself Ma.”
    “Okay..okay..I will be expecting your call.” She disconnected the call
    Dear God, please protect uncle Dad. Don’t let anything be happen to him. He’s the only family I have left and I don’t want to lose him. Please heal him. I prayed loudly as I paced the room.
    I searched for my passport in the drawer I had dropped it. I have to leave the country to be with him.

    Uncle Badejo and Aunty Sade relocated to America some years back,after I gained admission into University. They don’t have a child of their own but two adopted children. Their love for children made them established a Foster home and also running a Daycare services too which was going well.
    I don’t have much time left. I have to travel out before I regret not leaving. I prayed against every bad thought.
    Dear God I can’t lose Uncle Badejo now.
    After much thinking,I realized that perhaps this could be the answer to my prayer.

    Busayomi came over after I called her up to inform her about Uncle Badejo and my plan to leave the country.
    “So you’re going to leave me?” She repeated for the umpteenth time.
    I sighed. “This is the only way to hide my baby…that way Dayo won’t have to know.”
    “No..there must be another way.” She whispered. A sad look on her face.
    I could see the tears welling up at the corners of her eyes.
    “I don’t want you to leave.” She mumbled.
    “I have to -”

    She held my hands. “ can go to Uncle Badejo for a while and then when you return we will move to another state where Dayo will never find us. I promise to help you raise your child.”
    I shook my head in disagreement. “This is my problem so I have to deal with it. You have your life and…I want you to be happy.”
    “I want to be happy with you by my side.”
    “ pains me too but I have to go.”
    She embraced tightly. I am already missing her.
    “I have to ask you for a favor.” I pulled away from her.
    “What is it? Tell me…I will do anything.”
    “It’s about Dayo.” I replied.
    “I promise to never tell him about the baby. I will keep your baby secret forever.” She said.
    “Thank you but aside that don’t tell him I am leaving the country.”
    She dropped my hands “You’s impossible.”
    “Why?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
    “If he doesn’t see you then he won’t let me rest and I’m afraid that I might spill the whole truth.”
    “No, you can’t tell him about the baby.”
    “Sure..but you have to inform him you are leaving the country.”
    “Okay.” I nodded in agreement.
    “And you need to talk to Bamidele too.”
    “Sure..I will talk to him.”
    “When?” She asked
    “Tonight.” I answered.
    “That’s good. I will go ahead and prepare dinner for us while you talk to the traveling agent.”
    “Thank you.”

    I carried her bag to the room and settled to talk to the agent who booked my ticket the last time I travelled to America. I made it a compulsory vacation to visit them during December. That’s the only time I get to see them.
    I spoke to my agent and some minutes later he called to inform me that I should be ready to travel in a week time. I texted Aunty Sade, uncle Badejo’s wife the way my mom used to call her. I told her when I would be coming over to America and she in turn promised to take care of Uncle Badejo,that I shouldn’t worry too much.
    A whatsapp message notification from Dayo popped up on my screen. I decided to open all the messages he had sent over the past few days.
    I know you are busy that’s why you haven’t replied my messages. I am back to Nigeria now.
    That was the last messages he sent about two days ago.

    How have you been? I just wanted to tell you that I resumed work today as the CEO. Daddy stepped down so I am running things at the office now. I hope to see you soon.
    He sent this one on Monday.
    I miss you.
    The message that just came in now. I closed the message and scroll down to look for the chat with Bamidele.
    Hi,we need to talk. I sent it to him.
    I went back to Dayo’s message to reply him.
    Hi, sorry for the late replies, I haven’t been online lately. I texted him.
    I understand. How are you? he replied me immediately.
    I wasn’t expecting one from him soon.
    I am fine. But isn’t the CEO supposed to be working?

    I am a bit free now. I am Just waiting for my secretary to bring some files I can sign and then close from work.
    He responded.
    Okay..I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon?
    not really but it would have been better if it was with you.
    I heaved a sigh after reading the message,not knowing what to believe after everything I saw on Shalewa’s Instagram. I read all the captions under each photos she posted until I got tired. I thought they’ve settled their differences and decided to be happy together. Dayo looked really happy in those pictures,making hard for me to believe him. No one would ever detect that he doesn’t want the marriage.

    A beeping sound from my phone jolted me out of thought. It was an incoming video call from Dayo. I declined it. I can’t let him see my puffy face. I was afraid he would see through me and I would end up talking about my baby..our baby.
    I can’t pick up right now,still at the office.
    I sent a message to him. It was lie.
    I just want to see your face
    Maybe some other time.
    My schedules are tight but I will always make out time for you whenever you want to see me.
    We won’t be seeing each other anytime soon. I wanted to type back but I stopped myself.
    Okay. I replied instead.

    I have to go. Talk to you later. He texted back.
    I didn’t know a tear had dropped while I was chatting with Dayo. And I found myself crying that I had gotten myself into a situation no one can save me from. Though at the same time I was happy for Dayo. He got what he wanted – to be the CEO of Awosika Empire.
    I wiped my face and headed out of the room.
    “Are you okay?” Busayomi asked when I entered the kitchen.
    “Yes..I am fine.”
    “Rice or swallow?” She asked.
    “Rice…no..I’d prefer swallow.” I answered.
    “Okay..I will prepare Eba.”
    “That’s cool. Thank you.”
    I brief her about the agent response and all she did was heave out a huge sigh. She wasn’t happy.
    I grabbed an apple from the refrigerator.
    “Have you thought about the gender of your baby?” She asked.
    “No, I haven’t given it a thought.” I replied.
    “A boy would definitely look like Adedayo.” She said.
    “I don’t want a boy.” I resorted Immediately.
    She laughed. “So no one would know the truth.”
    “I want a baby girl.” I whispered.
    “Any gender is fine by me as long as I get to be called big mommy.” She said.
    We laughed.
    I would definitely devote my life to raising my child.
    “Will you be needing a new box?” She asked
    “Oh Yes! The zip of the old one has worn out.”
    “Okay..we’ll go probably on Friday or Saturday to get a new one.”
    I nodded. “I will text my boss tomorrow to let him know I want to resign.”
    “He won’t be happy.”
    “I have to go anyways.” I shrugged.
    The doorbell sounded. “Are you expecting someone?” She asked.
    “No, I am not expecting anyone. But -” I paused.
    “I had a chat with Dayo and texted Bamidele too.”
    “Maybe it’s Bamidele.” She said.
    “What if it’s Dayo?” I panicked. “Is it obvious that I am pregnant?” I touched my face. “Do I look different?”
    She eyed me. “See if you don’t stop acting like this everyone will know that you’re pregnant.” She hissed.
    I relax a bit. “It can be Bamidele.”
    “I will get the door while you pull yourself together. Relax okay?” I nodded and Busayomi walked out of the kitchen.
    “I am coming!” She shouted to calm whoever was at the door.

    Dayo won’t be stupid enough to leave work and come here. I just hope he is not the one at the door. I am not ready to face him.
    “Arike, Bamidele is here!”
    I heaved a sigh of relief. Oh thank Goodness! Now I have to deal with Bamidele.

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    for me ooo u should have tell dayo the truth

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    say the truth

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    u can’t hide forever, tell the truth

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