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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    arike you have to tell him, dont make your baby hates you later

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    You’ll regret this decision later

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    Arike u have take a good step by telling ur uncle but plz tell dayo on time

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    Arike’s POV


    “Seems like my little princess still needs to get some sleep.” Uncle Badejo carried sleeping Iteoluwa from the couch and swirled her around to keep her awake.
    “Grandpa! Grand…pa!” She giggled.
    “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time for school!” He tickled her.
    She laughed.

    I handed some of the kids backpacks to them as I call the names on each tag.
    “She didn’t sleep early!” Uncle Badejo glared at me.
    I went to him. “Yes dad..she didn’t get enough rest.”
    “She was up talking to her godmother and won’t let me have a chat with her.” I explained.
    “Is that true princess?”
    “Yes Grandpa…big mommy promise buy me a big teddy bear!” She clapped her hands in excitement.
    “Oh! That’s so sweet! But you have lots of teddy bears princess.”
    She nodded. “Zoe wants a sibling too.”

    We laughed. Iteoluwa did a great job at naming all her toys. So a pink teddy named Zoe was the last one her grandpa bought for her.
    “Okay…Zoe is gonna get a sibling…definitely. But it’s now time to go to school.”
    “Don’t you think it’s better for her to stay back and rest?” Aunty Sade asked as she tried to carry Iteoluwa but he refused.
    These old people will never stop fighting over who would carry my child. I have to deal with them each day.
    “You have her now but I am going to feed her today.” He handed her Iteoluwa to have a good bargain with his wife.
    “That’s not a deal.” She winked.
    “Really? I think it’s better for princess to decided who she wants to feed -”
    I laughed. “Please it’s time to go to school.” I don’t want to stand them arguing or neither putting my child in a situation to choose.

    The last Iteoluwa was made to choose who would feed her she ended up crying because none of her grandparents wanted to agree to her terms.
    “Let’s go princess.” Uncle Badejo matched out of the house singing along with other kids to the school bus.
    “Bye..bye grandma.” She waved
    “Such a lovely girl..” Aunty Sade said with a sweet smile.
    I don’t need to tell you how much they both love their grandchild.
    “Arike,are you heading out too?”
    “No,I won’t be going anywhere today.” I replied.
    “Okay..then you can help me with some work in the store.” We started back into the house.
    “Okay,no problem ma.”
    “I need to bring out the Christmas tree and some other decorations,” Aunty Sade said.
    I breathed in and out heavily. “Christmas is here.”
    “And the children wants to see Santa.”
    “Who is going to be our Santa this year?” I asked.
    “Daniel is offers to help. He doesn’t want us to hire someone to do it.”

    I let out a laughter at the imagination of Daniel in a Santa outfit and all I could do was laugh.
    “This year’s Christmas is gonna be hilarious..I guess.” I laughed.
    “Why?” She asked.
    “Daniel is gonna be Santa Claus!” We laughed.
    “I know…it’s sounds funny.” She added.
    “But is he not visiting his family this year?” I asked.
    “I was surprised too when he asked me to let him to be Santa this year. I feel something is wrong with him but he doesn’t want to share with anyone.”
    “Family issues?” I suggested.
    “That must be the issue.” I shrugged. And Aunty Sade nodded in agreement.
    “Daniel never missed thanksgiving and Christmas with his family.”

    We give vacation at December to all workers who are willing to visit their families in other states or countries. Most times, some workers like celebrating Christmas at the Foster Home. So we all spend the seasons with the children whose parents aren’t around to celebrate with them.
    Daniel was one of the workers who never missed celebrating Christmas with his family. He always traveled out of America,all the way to Australia to be with his mother and siblings. So it’s kinda strange to hear him wanting to be Santa this year. Christmas was just some weeks away.
    “Arike?” Her voice jolted me out of thought.
    “Yes Ma,” I said.
    “You need to talk to Daniel.”
    “Huh? Why?”
    “He won’t talk to me. But obviously he will open up to you.”
    I scratched my neck. “I am not sure.”
    “Come on! Remember the last time,he was down about not having enough money to send him for his brother’s treatment? He told you about it.”
    “Okay..I’ll talk to him.”
    “Miss Arike?” A voice called behind us as we made our way to the store.
    We turned to see Miranda. “Your phone?” She said.
    I gazed down at the phone in her hands. “Sorry…I heard it ringing when I passed by you room.” She explained as she handed it to me.
    “Thank you.” I said.
    Five missed calls from Busayomi.
    “It’s Busayomi.” I said. “I’ll talk to her later.”
    “…she might have something important to say. Go ahead and talk to her.”
    “What about the store and -”
    “Miranda will come with me.” Aunty Sade smiled.
    “Go ahead and answer your call. I will help ma’am.” Miranda replied.
    “Okay..thank you.” I said before walking away.

    I dialed Busayomi’s line and she picked almost immediately.
    “Babe! Why didn’t you pick up my calls?!” She shouted.
    Busayomi sounded excited over the phone.
    “Sorry…I wasn’t with my phone.”
    “’ve forgiven. Please how is my goddaughter?”
    “She’s at school.”
    “Oh! Okay!”
    “Calm down…what’s going on?”
    “See,God has finally butter my bread!” She screamed.
    “ In what way?”
    “Please let’s switch to video call! I have something to show you! Guess it!”
    I made my way towards my room. “You got your dream car?”
    “More than a car..try again!”
    “You’re coming to visit us?” I asked.
    “We already-”
    I was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Arike?”
    I looked back to see Daniel. “Oh Daniel -” I mouthed to signify that I was on a phone call.
    “Okay.. we’ll talk later.” He walked away.
    “ was Daniel. Can you come again?”
    “Hmmm Daniel again? That guy seems too -”
    “I will switch to video call now!” I hang up and swiped to WhatsApp.

    I dropped on the bed and settled to make the video call with Busayomi.
    “Please no more guessing game,just show me what it is.” I said when the video call connected.
    “Okay…close your eyes.” She instructed.
    I raised my eyebrows. “Why?”
    “Do as I say o!” She commanded.
    “Ahh!okay o!” I did as she instructed.
    “Now open it…” she said. “Tada!!!”

    Her face wasn’t showing anymore. A shinning object grazed the screen. I gasped out in shock. There was a ring on her finger!
    “I am getting married!” She shouted happily.
    “Wow!wow! This is so beautiful!” She moves her fingers back and forth before revealing her face which had tears in them.
    “Mr workaholic propose not too long!” She sobbed with a smile in her face.
    “I wasn’t expecting it.” She added.
    “I am so happy for you.” I whispered,a tear slide down my cheek.

    Mr workaholic? Guess who the lucky man was! Her Boss! The man that was always asking her to come to work during weekends! Well it turned out that Mr Workaholic was in love with Busayomi. All that bring the files over to my place and office early and late times was just a facade to always see her and be close to her.

    And they stated dating about three years ago, so Busayomi had to resign about a year after they got together since the rumor was flying around the office that she was sleeping with her boss. Mr Workaholic got her a managerial job in one of his friend’s company! So lucky!

    Being happy for Busayomi was an understatement not after what she went through in the hands of her ex boyfriend. That doucheface wasn’t ready to have a forever with her. He just wanted a bedmate even though Busayomi was deeply in love with him.

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    Dela Cruise
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    Wow Busayomi is finally settling down

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    Dela Cruise
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    This one Daniel tends to listen or tell her what’s bothering him hope it won’t lead to what am thinking

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    Dela Cruise
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    Miss Arike

    So your baby didn’t care to ask who her father is……

    shah i won’t blame her when she is getting enough care and attention

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    i congrat her

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