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    Arike is there another secrete that u are not telling ur parent…. Bcos why will u take a child from his father

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    Dela Cruise
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    Let’s see where this hiding game of urs would land u

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    Dela Cruise
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    Wow so Daniel had already developed feelings for u. Though he faked a smile as if he is no longer interested, it would take a while for that feeling to die

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    Dela Cruise
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    Your foster dad has said it all when the child is of age she would ask for her father and on the other hand u can’t hide Dayo’s child from Dayo forever

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    Story by: Authoress Ademide
    Arike’s POV


    It was on a Saturday morning,we were all set up to travel back to Nigeria for Busayomi’s wedding which was just in few weeks time. I had made the decision to return to Nigeria even before the date for the wedding was set. I didn’t want to miss Busayomi’s wedding,neither do I want to be the selfish mother who purposely kept her child away from her father.

    This is the time Busayomi needed my help as a sister and I also have to repay her for the good deeds. I actually don’t care if we run into Dayo whenever we return back to Nigeria. I am ready to face him at least for my child who needed to know her father.
    “Grand…pa..” Iteoluwa’s voice jolted me out of thought.
    “Yes..princess..” he glanced at her before focusing back on the road
    “I am gonna miss you and grandma.” She said
    “And we are gonna miss you too princess.” He replied.

    Finally we arrived at the airport and waved goodbyes to uncle Badejo and his wife before heading towards departure section.
    “Mommy…” Iteoluwa called.
    “Yes my love,”
    “Do you think the knight is gonna kidnap the princess from the castle and take her somewhere far away?” She asked.
    “Well -” I paused to give our passports and papers to the lady at the desk.
    “I don’t really know-”
    “You should know mommy!” She jumped. “You always read the story to me at night.”
    “Yes I know..”
    “Answer now… will the knight-”
    I interrupted her. “I think..the king is gonna ask his royal guards to protect the princess and then-”
    “No! That’s not it!” She countered and I rolled my eyes.
    “You are good to go!” The lady announced.
    “Thank you.” I said to her.
    “The knight is gonna love the princess?” I asked.
    “Yes! The king will have no choice..and the knight will become the king and they will both live happily ever after.” She narrated her favorite bed time story which her grandpa always reads to her.
    Believe me when I say she doesn’t get tired of that story. She knows everything line by line.
    Iteoluwa slept on the plane and I have to wake her up at the checkpoint. She grumbled when I dropped her down.
    “Mommmmyyyy…” she cried.
    “Sorry my love,” she continued to cry.
    “I want to sleep…” she was already making a scene.
    “Look big mommy is waiting for us.” I said to make her stop crying and she did.
    Iteoluwa looked around to find Busayomi. “Where is she?”
    “Come on! Stop crying-” I heard her hand and drag our box behind us.
    “I won’t let you play with your teddy when we get home.” I threatened her and she stopped crying immediately.
    “You can’t do that..”
    “Then stop crying now.”
    She sniffed. “I won’t cry anymore.”
    “That’s good my love.”
    “Will you let me play with my toys?” She asked.
    I dialed Busayomi’s number and she picked immediately. “Babe,we’ve arrived at the airport.”
    “I am there too. Where are you?”
    “Close to the exit..” my eyes searched the area.
    “Found you! Just look back!” I did as she instructed and saw her waving at us.
    Then I hang up the call. “See big mommy.”
    “Big mommy!!!!” Iteoluwa screamed as she let go of my hand and ran to meet Busayomi.
    “Oh look at my baby!” Busayomi carried Iteoluwa and swirled her around. She giggled happily.
    “Oh wow! Good to see you!”
    “See I am a big girl now.” Iteoluwa said.
    “Oh yeah! You are a big girl now. But do you still s--k your thumb?” Busayomi asked.
    “I hope she stops it soon.” I answered.
    “Oh no!” Busayomi gasped. “You still s--k your thumb to sleep,” she tickled Iteoluwa.
    “No..not anymore…” she laughed.
    “That means you are still a baby.” Busayomi tweaked her nose.
    “Come let’s go, the driver is waiting for us.”
    “A driver?” I asked.
    “Of course, Paul won’t let me driver anymore.”
    She replied.
    “Wow! That’s great. He’s really taking care of you.” We laughed.

    We got to the car where a man dressed in black suit was waiting to take my box. Busayomi got into backseat with Iteoluwa and I followed.
    “Mommmmyyyy is this our Nigeria?” Iteoluwa asked and we couldn’t help but laugh.
    “Yes this is our Nigeria.” Busayomi answered.
    “She’s so funny!” She added.
    “Wow! I like Nigeria.” She clapped her hands in excitement.
    “Are we gonna watch a movie today?” She asked.
    Busayomi’s phone beeped at the same time so I was left with no choice but to answer Iteoluwa.
    “We are not going to the movies today.”
    “So where are we going?”
    “Home so we can rest.”
    “So when are we gonna see a movie?” She asked again.
    “Very soon my love.” She leaned into me as we listen to Busayomi’s conversation about wedding plans.
    And it didn’t take long for Iteoluwa to fall asleep again.
    “Oh she’s asleep.” Busayomi said after disconnecting the call.
    “Yes she must be really tired.” I replied.
    “That reminds me I bought the slippers you asked.”
    “Oh thanks and have you packed your stuffs?”
    “Yes Paul hired someone to help me pack and move it to his place. I have just few clothes left at my apartment. And don’t worry you will really enjoy your stay in Nigeria.”
    “Well I hope so too.” I heaved a sigh.
    “Come on, I know what you are thinking.” She said as our gaze locked. “It’s about Dayo right?” She added.
    “I don’t even know what to think,” I said sincerely.
    “You don’t need to worry -”
    “I am just worried about Iteoluwa.” I sighed.

    Even though I had decided to face whatever will happen during my stay here,I am still worried about my child. I don’t want her to blame me or see me as a bad mother. I don’t think I will be able to take it if my child decided to hate me for keeping her away from her father.
    “Don’t think too much about it. And even if he finds out about her,I am sure he will understand your reasons.”
    “You think so?”
    “I know so.” She responded.
    “I can thank you enough for everything you have done for us, your support and care for Iteoluwa, I owe you a lot.”
    “You don’t owe me any -”
    “Of course I do,” I interrupted her.
    “Okay you are repaying me by coming to Nigeria to attend my wedding.” She pointed out.
    “Come on! I would regret not attending your wedding.”
    “The bride spirit will hunt you forever.” She joked and I laughed.

    Ever since I decided to come back to Nigeria, the thought of Dayo has been on my mind. Being away from him all these years without talking or seeing or knowing anything about him still bothered me a lot and I don’t know why. I am not sure if Dayo would have the time to keep searching for me but I am sure he would have given up on reaching me. He would have moved on. I don’t want to be indecisive or selfish but a part of me wished we don’t get to meet him during our stay in Nigeria. I was scared of how I would face him if he found out about Iteoluwa.
    Busayomi did a great job at distancing herself from Dayo. First, she changed her apartment and then her numbers and it was a coincidence that she quit her job too. So it would have been really hard for Dayo to ever find me since I also deleted my social media accounts.

    I wondered how his marriage with Shalewa turned out though they are still together but I knew he never loved her.
    But what if things was different now and he had grown to love her and accept her as his wife? A voice questioned in my mind.
    Well I wouldn’t know since I haven’t followed up on Shalewa’s social accounts neither did I followed up on Dayo’s because I wanted to move on and not think about him.
    A small squeeze on my hand jolted me out of thought. I looked down and saw Busayomi holding me.
    “What are you thinking about?” She asked.
    I managed to smile. “Nothing really,”
    “Whatever it is I want you to know that I will always be here for you and Iteoluwa.”

    Tears welled up in my eyes but I fought back the urge to let it drop. I am just pained because my daughter has to be the one to suffer for my selfish deeds. I knew how it felt to live without a father,now my daughter has faced the same fate. The main reason why uncle Badejo still held a grudge against me.
    The tears flowed. “It’s alright.” She whispered.
    I shook my head. “Thank you.” I wiped my tears.
    Iteoluwa stirred in her sleep and I patted her back gently.
    I sniffed. “So what are we doing tomorrow?”
    “We’re meeting all the ladies of my bridal train to try out the dresses.”
    “I hope it wasn’t hard getting our measurements?” I asked.
    “Ah no and I am sure there won’t be a problem.” She answered.

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    Please let her see her dad

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    interesting, just let her see her father that’s all dayo will forgive you too,if u had tell him,he would’ve not leave you alone sef

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    Ubi Kyle
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    You Better Let That Girl Know Of Her Father Befor It’s Too Late

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