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    Theme: Welcome to Nigeria
    Story by: Authoress Ademide
    Arike’s POV

    When we finally reached Busayomi’s house, her mom and husband to be were present at the place. I had to carry Iteoluwa inside because she was still asleep.

    “Welcome back to Nigeria!” Mr Paul exclaimed as I exchanged pleasantries with him.
    “My baby must be really stressed out from the flight.” He added.
    “Yes she tends to sleep after a flight.” I smiled.
    “Awwnnn…she’s so cute whenever she sleeps too.” He complimented.
    “Good afternoon ma.” I greeted Busayomi’s mom, kneeling a bit.
    “Arike, how are your parents?” Busayomi’s mom asked.
    “They are fine ma, how is daddy too?” I asked
    “He’s doing well.” She stood up from the couch, redoing her wrapper tightly to her waist. “It’s really good to see you again, Arike.”
    “You are leaving?” Busayomi asked.
    I rocked Iteoluwa when she stirred in her sleep.
    “Yes Busayomi, your dad called not too long.” She said.
    “Oh tell him I will transfer the money to him soon.” She replied.
    “It’s not about the money, your Aunt Tito is on her way to our home.” She explained.
    “And so? Is that why you want to leave early?” Busayomi snorted.
    “Yes,” she replied, picking up her bag.
    “I didn’t invite her to my wedding o.” Busayomi said.

    Her mom shot her a glare. “She’s your Aunty so she has every right to attend your wedding.”
    “Is it her wedding? During her own time did she send invitation to you to attend her wedding?” Busayomi hissed as she gestured to me to lay Iteoluwa on the couch.
    “She didn’t invite me because she was told not to have a loud party.” Her mom resorted.
    “Nonsense talk, see you better stay till the time you planned to play with Iteoluwa.” Busayomi pointed out.

    She was so used to talking to her mom like they were mates. No doubt Busayomi was really close to her mom, and sometimes I envy their bond and wondered if I would have been like that with my mom if she was alive.
    “Look I have all the time to play with her. I must get home before your aunt arrives at our place.”
    “Is she the only one coming or it is full house?” Busayomi asked with a raised eyebrow.
    “She’s coming with her four kids.” Her mom answered.
    “They want to comman finish our party jollof rice and drinks abi?”
    I couldn’t help but laugh at Busayomi’s word. It was obvious that she didn’t like this her Aunt Tito.
    “Ahh Busayomi what’s wrong about your aunt attending our wedding?” Mr Paul asked.
    “I don’t like her, period.” She answered.
    “See don’t mind her, she has always been like that towards her aunt because she once asked her to pocket money in school and her aunt didn’t send it to her.” Her mom explained in full details.
    “It is not the money she didn’t send to me. I don’t like her because naturally she’s stingy but like to take things from people.” Busayomi countered almost immediately.
    I and Mr Paul couldn’t help but laugh at Busayomi.
    “Why are you laughing? You think it’s funny?” Busayomi shot is a glare.
    “It’s funny. My love, I think you are really mad at her for not sending you pocket money in school.” Mr Paul teased her.
    “I said I am not angry because of that!” Busayomi defended.
    “Don’t mind her, I will extend your greetings to your aunt.” Her mom said.
    “I didn’t send you such message o. If she sees me on my wedding day she should not even think of talking to me.” She handed her mom some money from her wallet.
    “For what?” Her mom asked.
    “It is not for you o, help me give to Demilade.” Busayomi responded.
    My eyes followed the notes as her mom counted it. It was a sum of ten thousand naira.
    “For what?” Her mom asked.
    “She wants to buy a new heels.” Busayomi replied.
    “Heels ten thousand?!” Her mom gasped out.
    “Why? is it too much?” Busayomi asked.
    “This is way too much.” She nodded.
    A phone beeped and it turned out to be Mr Paul’s. “Please excuse me,” he said, walking off to a side of the room.
    “Woh! See mommy things are expensive these days, just give her the money and tell her that I will send the money for clutch purse later provided she comes early to the fashion home tomorrow.”
    “Ahh okay o, money that she is supposed to save in her account for school. She will go and spend it on ordinary heels..a whole ten thousand naira.” She complained.
    Busayomi and I laughed. Africa mothers will never change, Busayomi’s mom was a typical one.
    “I will give her money if she’s going back to school…ah Ijebu woman.”
    “I’m just thinking-”

    She interrupted her mom. “Don’t be thinking, please come and be going now. Your husband is waiting for you at home.”
    Mr Paul came back. “Babe are you okay?” Busayomi asked.
    “Yes, I need to get to the office to sort some things out.”
    “Is everything fine?” She asked again.
    “Yes, you don’t need to worry too much.” He answered.
    “Okay if you say so. But call me if you need anything.” She said.
    “I will drive mommy home before heading to the office.” He offered.
    “Won’t that be stressful for you? I can order Uber to take her home.” Busayomi said.
    “I will take her home.”
    “Okay.” Busayomi went to him and placed a kiss on his cheek.
    “Arike, call me if you need anything.” He said.
    “Thank you very much.”
    “Ese jeje o.” Her mom said.
    (Be of good manners)

    Busayomi accompanied them out while I crouched down next to the couch to take a look at my child. My little angel was soundly asleep. I began to sing her one of the lullabies the nannies at the home sings to the babies all the time to put them to sleep.
    You Are My Sunshine
    My only sunshine
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey
    You’ll never know, dear
    How much I love you
    Please don’t take my sunshine away.”
    My gaze fell on a black mark on her nose and remembered where I had always seen it.
    Dayo has the same mark on the same spot. One of the things to prove that she was his child but I didn’t want to think about it right now.
    “Arike-” Busayomi stopped halfway when she saw my position.
    I stood up and faced her. “I was just singing to her.” I said.
    “Oh! It’s alright.” She shook her head.
    “Why didn’t you tell me your mom and Mr Paul were at your place?” I asked.
    “It was meant to be surprise.” She crashes down on the couch with a sigh.
    “They both insisted on coming because she wanted to see Iteoluwa.”
    “I feel bad that they didn’t get to play with her because she is sleeping.” I said.
    “Mom had planned to spend the night here but Aunt Tito ruined everything. Oh! I even forgot to give her the small bag she brought along.” She sighed.
    “We can go and say hi to her tomorrow.”
    “No, not with aunty Tito at our place.” Busayomi objected.
    “She will start marriage lectures like a pastor that is about to join couples together In holy matrimony..”
    “Is it that bad?” I asked.
    “It is very bad. The last time we talked on phone she spent close to one hour lecturing about marital life.”
    “At least it was her airtime.” I laughed.
    “Which stupid airtime? She flashed me at first asking if I had enough airtime and I said no. She pestered me that she had something important to say. Las las, I recharge her one thousand naira airtime.”
    I couldn’t stop laughing. “At least you have an aunt.”
    “Aunt Tito is a very bad aunt. If all aunties are to be like her, I would rather not have any.”
    I laughed again. “Pray to have a Jehovah Witness as an aunt in your next life.” I said.
    “Ahhh! Aunt Tito is a Jehoval witness.” She laughed.
    “No wonder -”
    “She talks like a parrot and she’s never tired.” Busayomi shook her head. “Just keep an eye on her at the wedding, you’ll see that she will want to be in charge of food.” She added.
    “I think I know enough of Aunt Tito, I can’t wait to meet her in person.”
    “Abeg comman freshen up.” She walked over to carry Iteoluwa to the bedroom while I followed closely with our box.
    “I’m so happy you guys are here with me.” Busayomi said.
    “Missing your wedding would haunt me forever.”
    “Definitely!” She laughed.

    Busayomi lay Iteoluwa on the bed gently but opened her eyes slightly. “Mo….mmy-”
    Busayomi paved way for me to pet her back to sleep. “Shhhssshhh..sleep now my love.” I whispered.
    “Oh’ let me switch on the fav.” Busayomi whispered.
    “Thank you.” I said when the fan came on and started its movement in full speed.
    “Is she asleep?” She asked in a low tone.
    I shook my head yes. “You should rest too, I will prepare dinner for us.”
    “No, I am alright let me join you in the kitchen.”
    “Arike I can-”
    “I have gist o.” I cut her off knowing that Busayomi never rejected gists.
    “You want to use that get me, abeg rest.”
    “I’m coming with you.” I pushed her gently out of the room.
    “I told you to rest, tomorrow is gonna be a long day.”
    “I will sleep after dinner.”
    “Okay, just gimme the full gist of whatever you want to tell me.” She said.
    I laughed. I said it! She will never say no!

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    I love this two friend… And what a stingy aunty

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    What a stingy ✊✊ aunt

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    @fb-estheradeyemi accept request

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    this your aunt and gist

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    Dela Cruise
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    You can’t separate women and gist not in this life

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    Dela Cruise
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    This kind of hatred for ur aunty means more than not just sending u pocket money when u needed it

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    I trust african mothers, why would u buy just heels 10k

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