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    Hope the gist is not about Daniel bah

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    Am ?% Sure that you meet Adedayo

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    Ubi Kyle
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    you and gist enn,u make me laugh about your aunty u are very funny

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    Theme: The wedding dresses
    Story by: Authoress Ademide
    Arike’s POV

    We woke up as early as six to prepare ourselves for the planned visit to the fashion home to try out the wedding outfits. Busayomi as the bride, Iteoluwa as the little bride and I, the best lady with some other ladies that belonged to the bridal train. After that we would all head down to the dance center to rehearse for the couple entrance show. Everything was planned out by the event planner.

    “Mommy…” Iteoluwa called.
    “Come on, it is bad to talk while eating.” I cautioned her.
    “I am sorry, mommy.” She mumbled before getting back to eat her food.
    “It’s alright…open your mouth.” She did as instructed and I scooped golden morn into her mouth.
    “Are we ready?” Busayomi walked in.
    “Almost ready…”
    “Wait will that cereal be enough for her? We will be out for too long o and might not return until night time.” Busayomi said.
    “Don’t worry, I already packed food into a bag for her.” I showed her the bag on the table.
    “Oh! That’s good.” She said.
    I spooned the last portion of cereal into Iteoluwa’s mouth before letting her slide off my laps.
    “Yes! We are ready!” She said in excitement.
    “Wow! You are so” Busayomi pinches her cheeks gently.
    “Thank you.” She pouted.

    I went ahead to the kitchen to wash the cup in the sink before coming back to the living room where I didn’t see Iteoluwa again.
    “Iteoluwa…” I called out to her.
    “She went to get her teddy bear.” Busayomi replied.
    “No..not again.” I went after her.
    I bumped into her coming out of the room and she quickly hid the teddy Busayomi bought for her behind her back.
    “I said you should not take any teddy out today.”
    “Why? I just -”
    I interrupted her. “We have a lot to do today and you won’t have the time to play with your teddy.
    “But I promised to let her see my dress.” She said in a low tone.
    Teddies don’t talk so why does she think they can hear her and see what she wanted them to see. She treated her toys like humans and they are like her best friends.
    “Mommy please….” Her eyes pleaded.
    Oh no don’t give me that face, I won’t be able to resist her.
    “Please…” She pleaded at the verge of crying.
    “The driver is here!” Busayomi screamed from the living room.
    “Let’s go.” I carried Iteoluwa in my arms to meet Busayomi.
    “Thank you mommy..for letting me take my teddy.” She flashed me a smile.
    “The event planner just called now, she is at the fashion home.” Busayomi informed me as we all moved out of the house.

    We arrived at the fashion home owned by Mr Paul’s elder sister. She had offered to take on the expenses of the bridal dresses as well as being the designer for the little bride and bridesmaids. Busayomi has given me the full gist about Mrs Chidinma, how she had been cold towards her at first meeting. Mr Paul had his own history too. He had been married once but his wife cheating on him took a big tow on his health. He was depressed for a few months before he could move on and be his normal self again.
    Long story short, Mrs Chidinma thought Busayomi would turn out like Mr Paul’s ex wife but after spending some time with Busayomi she realized that she was totally different from the other woman. She was impressed by Busayomi true love for Mr Paul which made her promise to take on the expenses for the dresses.
    “Omolade!” Busayomi called out at a lady who was holding a boy of about Iteoluwa’s age.
    “Oh Good Morning, we have been expecting you now.” Omolade said.
    “There was traffic…please meet my sister, Arike and her daughter Iteoluwa.” Busayomi introduced her to me.
    “Oh..I am Mrs Omolade Kokomo and this is my son, Jeffrey. I shouldn’t have brought him but his nanny is not well.” She explained to Busayomi.
    “Nice to meet you.” I said.
    “Your daughter is pretty..” she complimented.
    “Thank you Ma.” Iteoluwa answered.
    “Please Omolade, are the ladies ready?” Busayomi asked.
    “Yes..they have all tried their dresses and it fits them perfectly.” Omolade replied.
    “I can’t see…Temitope now..” Busayomi said.
    The ladies around greeted her while I paid attention to Iteoluwa who whispered into my eyes.
    “Is this boy four years old like me?” She whispered.
    “I think so..” I mouthed.
    “Why doesn’t he have like Martins hair?” She asked again.
    “Because..he is a Nigerian, Martins is a white child.” I answered.
    “Oh….” she shook her head. “But why is he trying to hide his face?”
    “I guess..Jeffrey is a shy boy.” I whispered.
    “Oh! Just like…Roberto.” She said.
    I shook my head. “Roberto doesn’t like being friends with anyone.” Iteoluwa said without whispering.
    “That’s because he is a shy boy.”
    “You are right..mommy..I really miss the children at our home.” She sighed.
    “Why? Do you want to go back already?” I asked.
    “No..I want to stay..and -” she was interrupted by Omolade who announced that it was time for us to try out our clothes.
    Two attendants helped me and Busayomi into the changing room and handed us our dresses. One of them offered to help Iteoluwa with her dress and I thanked her.
    “How is it?” Busayomi asked when I came out of the cubicle.
    She was so beautiful in her wedding dress and it almost brought tears to my eyes. She was finally getting married, it was a dream come true for Busayomi.
    “It’s beautiful.” I smiled.
    “Don’t you think it is too revealing?” She pointed to her cleavage.
    “I think it is fine..come on you are the bride! You have to look….what’s the word?” Omolade thought.
    “Stunning!” Iteoluwa screamed.
    “Oh that’s right! You are such a bright child!” Omolade gave Iteoluwa a high five.
    “Elena looked bright and stunning on her wedding day.” Iteoluwa talked about one of her story books, Princess Elena.

    That was where she got the word stunning from, she never ceased to amaze me.
    “Okay..if you say it is fine like..but do you think Paul will like the dress? Doesn’t it make me look too big? Or too tight? Won’t they say the paparazzi on the dress is too much?” Busayomi blabbed.
    “You worry too much about just a dress!” Omolade exclaimed.
    “Yes she is right, to be honest the dress fits you perfectly.” I said.
    “Yes godmother! You’re so pretty!” Iteoluwa stood beside Busayomi in her own white dress.
    “So what do you think?” Busayomi asked her.
    “I think…we..make a perfect brides! Just like the Simpson sisters!” She giggled.
    Busayomi gave me a who-are-the-Simpson-sisters look. I couldn’t help but smile at her.
    “Oh what can I do with this child? She knows too much.” Busayomi pinched her cheeks.
    “ should stand with us too.” She dragged me to her side.
    “Wow!!! A bride, little bride and best lady!” She clapped. “But….what about the grooms?” She asked.
    Busayomi rolled her eyes. “Temitope ought to be here by now to check out her son’s suit.” She hissed.
    “Relax, maybe she is stuck in traffic…” I said.
    “ your dress okay?” She asked.
    “I think it is too tight..” I tried to raise my arms up but failed at it.
    “I am sorry about that, we will make adjustments.” One of the attendants said.
    “Our wife! Our wife!” A lady in her fourties walked into the room.
    It wasn’t hard to tell that she was Mrs Chidinma, the one Busayomi had given me a full gist on.
    “Good afternoon ma.” Busayomi greeted.
    A phone beeped. “Sorry it is mine…oh It is Temitope.” Omolade said.
    “I hope nothing is wrong.” Busayomi huffed.
    “I will just go out and talk to her.” Omolade moved out of the room.
    “Wow! Your dress is beautiful. I hope you like it?” Mrs Chidinma asked.
    “Oh yes ma and I really appreciate your help.” Busayomi answered.
    Mrs Chidinma looked at me. “Oh,she is my sister.” Busayomi said.
    “I am Arike, and this is my daughter, Iteoluwa.” I did a brief introduction.
    “Oh..I must say you have a beautiful daughter.” She complimented Iteoluwa.
    “Thank you ma.” I said.

    Iteoluwa was too carried away with her dress that she didn’t even pay attention to us. She was doing several poses in front of the mirror.
    “So funny and cute.” Mrs Chidinma laughed. “I think your dress is tight.” She said.
    “Oh yes..but they promised to amend it.”
    “ should have all the dresses by next week. I will have them delivered to your apartment.” She said.
    “Thank you very much ma.” Busayomi gestured to me to help her unzip the dress.
    “I am sorry I have to go now. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to call me.” Mrs Chidinma said.
    “Okay Ma.” We said in unison before she walked away.
    “She is nice?” Busayomi asked as my eyes trailed on Mrs Chidinma as she finally left the room.
    “I don’t even know what to think.”
    “Let’s wrap things up here and then head to the dance center.” She said.
    “Ite, come here let me help you take off the dress.”
    “Okay.” She came to me and while I was busy helping her out Omolade voice echoed in the room.
    “Finally she is here o.” Omolade announced.
    I peered up to look at the person, it was Temitope an old friend to Busayomi back in school days. She was holding an albino boy. I wasn’t surprised because she was an albino herself.
    “Ore mi!” She screamed and ran towards Busayomi.
    (My friend)

    She embraced Busayomi. “I know you must be really angry at me for turning up late.” She said.
    “Yes I am angry, you should keep to time now. You kept us waiting for too long.” Busayomi said.
    “I am sorry.” Temitope apologized.
    “Just don’t come late on wedding day or else we will fight.” Busayomi warmed her.
    “I won’t come late.” She laughed
    “You did not see Arike..” Busayomi said.
    “Arike,” she called.
    I straightened and face her. “Wow!” She gasped out.
    “Wow! Long time Arike! America must have been really good to you!” She exclaimed as her eyes did a slow crawl on me then to Iteoluwa.
    “It is nice to see you again.” I smiled.
    “Your child?” She asked.
    “Yes..” the resemblance was very clear.
    “Oh my God, I didn’t know you had a child. Busayomi didn’t tell me that you even got married!” She turned to Busayomi.
    Busayomi and I exchanged glances. Was it necessary for me to let her know that I wasn’t married?
    “But I don’t see a ring on your finger..Perhaps you didn’t come with it.” Temitope examines my fingers closely.
    “What do you mean?” Busayomi came back from the cubicle where one of the attendants helped her pull off the dress.
    “I am just surprised, what’s your name? And how old are you baby girl?” She asked.
    “My name is Iteoluwa and I am four years old.” She answered.
    Somehow I was happy and relieved that Iteoluwa didn’t say her surname together with her name this time around.
    “Oh that’s son’s name is Richard but you can call him Richie and he is five.” She said to no one in particular.
    “Please can you bring his suit?” Busayomi requested from one of the attendants.
    “Yes ma.”
    “Let me go and prepare the ladies, so we can all move after Richard has tried his suit.” Omolade said before leaving us again.
    “Hi Richie.” Iteoluwa waved at the boy.
    He waved back with a boyish smile. “Wow! I really love her accent.”
    “What do you expect from a child that grew up abroad?” Busayomi replied her.
    “Anyways..that’s true.” Temitope nodded.
    “So tell me why did you relocate to America?” She asked.
    Busayomi and I exchanged glances again. “Temitope, can you please tell Omolade to find out if the caterer will meet us today?” Busayomi said just to dismiss her and so I wouldn’t have to answer the question.
    “Oh..oh sure.” She walked away.

    I heaved a sigh of relief. That was close to revealing the truth. I don’t even know what I would have said if Busayomi had not helped.
    Iteoluwa was busy chatting with Richard while Busayomi dragged me away from them.
    “She is still nosy! Always poking nose in others business! I am beginning to regret asking her son to be a little groom.” She said furiously.
    “Calm down..”
    “Well I can’t..I would have smacked her head if she asked about your husband! How can somebody be so -”
    “Our bride..can you please relax?”
    She rolled her eyes. “Okay. Just avoid answering her will find a way to make her leave, she doesn’t have to come with us to the rehearsal.”

    How long will I have to keep avoiding such questions from people? Everyone has always been curious as to why I have a child without a ring on my finger.
    It was really uncomfortable for me. I love my child but being a single mom was never what I planned for myself. My past was beginning to catch up with me.
    Shall we continue to the big issue?

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    Ubi Kyle
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    To De Writer

    You Have Abandon So Many Suspens And Action You Started From De Beginning, For Example You Haven’t Written Abou Dayo For More Than Two To Three Episodes, It Has Been Only Arike, Pls Its Making De Story Somehow Boring. Pls Try And Bring Back Those Suspens And Action, It Will Make De Story More Interesting. Thanks

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    Go and look for Dayo. You need to be at peace with yourself

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    So what if the little girl had revealed the truth

    I’m sure shr would go as far as calling ? dayo to the wedding ?

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