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    you can never run away from your past

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    Theme: The Singing Doll
    Story by: Authoress Ademide

    Arike’s POV
    •••••SOME DAYS LATER•••••

    It was a Saturday morning, Iteoluwa had looked forward to this day ever since we got to Nigeria. Our plans was to either watch a movie or buy few things from Shoprite mall, and Iteoluwa had picked going to shoprite so she could buy a singing doll after Busayomi told her about the special pink singing doll that most of the children came to buy the day she went to the mall.
    Iteoluwa was anxious about the singing doll, she has never had a singing doll except for teddy bears. And it seemed like my baby was obsessed about teddy bears if the word ‘obsessed’ is not too much for her age.

    “Mom, can we go now?” She asked with excitement clear in her tone.
    Iteoluwa woke up before anyone else, she had even picked out her outfit and shoes from the box and laid it on the bed.
    “Why are you in such an hurry?” I asked.
    Her eyes filled with obvious happiness and excitement glistened as she peered up at me. “I don’t want-“ she paused.
    “What if the children pick all the singing dolls and there is none left for me?” She completed her sentence.
    “We will buy another beautiful doll.” I answered.
    Her happy expression faded and was filled with disappointment. “But..I want a singing doll.” She folded her arms and went ahead to sit on the bed.

    I focused on applying my make up and after it was done perfectly, I stood up before the full length mirror and checked myself. I was dressed in a blue jeans that showed off my curves, a red off shouldered top and I paired it with a silver block heels.
    “Baby, how do I look?” I asked my daughter who had a sad look on her face.
    I knew she wasn’t happy for the fact that my make up had taken longer than expected plus my response to her about the doll was way out of her expectations.
    “You look fine.” She commented without even looking at me. Iteoluwa toyed with the hippopotamus teddy in her hands.
    I sighed and went to her. “Iteoluwa,” I called out her name but she didn’t look at me.
    “Ma,” She continued to toss her toy around on her laps like she was punishing it.
    Iteoluwa was never the type of child to throw tantrums or cry whenever she was angry or if she wanted something instead she would rather become quiet and choose not to talk to anyone. And if she was close to her toys, she would pick one out and punish it on her laps.

    Over the years I have watched her raise the unlucky toy hands up or poke at the eyes or press the belly till she started to feel pity for the toy. That was her way of expressing her anger or display whatever mood she was in at that moment.
    I crouched down before her. “I am sorry.” I apologized.
    She shook her head. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” Iteoluwa mumbled as she lowered her head.
    “My make up took longer than expected.” I held her clenched fist and collected the hippopotamus from the other hand.
    “Perhaps..are we meeting someone?” she glanced up at me.
    “No my love, I just want to look good. Listen we have the whole day to ourselves so let’s enjoy it okay?”
    She nodded in agreement. “You are pretty.” She complimented.
    I smiled and stood up and helped her up from the bed. “What do you say to the hippo?” I gave the toy to her.
    “I am sorry happy baby hippo.” She kissed it.
    “That’s my girl.” I kissed her forehead.
    Iteoluwa went ahead to keep the hippopotamus toy in her toy bag. She looked up at me with a bright smile on her face. “I love you mommy.”
    My daughter has the most beautiful eyes and whenever she smiled it shined. “I love you too. Let’s go and get the singing doll.”
    “Yes! Can I get ice cream too?” We motioned out of the bedroom.
    “You can have anything provided you stick to my side at the mall.” I answered.
    “Yes, I will hold your hand like this-“ she wrapped her little fingers around mine. “I am with you.” We walked out of the room.
    “Ready to go?” Busayomi walked out of the kitchen with a tray in her hands.
    “Yes we are ready to go to the mall!” She answered happily.
    “Okay my dear.”
    “But are you expecting someone?” Iteoluwa asked as her eyes was focused on the tray.
    “Yes, the event planner and caterer are coming around.” Busayomi responder.
    “We have to go now the uber is here.” I said.
    “Say me hi to Jeffrey.” Iteoluwa waved.
    “Sure enjoy your day too.” Busayomi replied.

    Finally we arrived at shoprite and I was beginning to regret my decision to bring iteoluwa to the mall because it was a bit packed with people in the compound. A fun fair was ongoing, and oh my God! I should have listened to Busayomi’s advise of taking my child to a cinema or a nice restaurant where she could have mince pie and ice cream like she had asked two days ago.
    “Mommy..why are there too many people here? Is today children’s day in Nigeria?” Iteoluwa asked as she held on to my hand tightly.
    “A fun fair is going on.” I assumed it was to advertise a brand or something.
    “Oh! Like Charlie’s funfair!” She screamed.
    I nodded in agreement. The children at the home always visited the children park for Charlie’s funfair every children’s day.
    “Can I get a face painting?” She jumped in excitement.
    “I don’t think that’s a good idea. There are way too many people waiting to paint there faces.” I pointed to a long queue.
    “Oh that’s right.” She said.
    “Let’s just go inside to get the singing doll.” I held her close to myself. I would have loved to carry her but I was wearing a heels, I can’t risk spraining my ankles.
    “Mommy..let’s have a nice treat too.” She said at the top of her voice.
    Geez! The music was loud. We pushed our way through and managed to get to the entrance leading into the mall. We saw a young teenager handing out fancy balloons to some cheerful children.
    “Look mom! The balloons are pretty!” Iteoluwa pointed.

    People weren’t too much in the hallway, just few walking in and out of several stores in the mall.
    “Excuse me..” an unfamiliar voice said behind us.
    We looked back to see the teenager holding balloons. “The balloons are free gifts from our store to the children.” She gave iteoluwa a yellow balloon with ‘pretty girl and lots of stars’ imprinted on it.
    “Thank you.” Iteoluwa swirled around and the balloon went flying in the air but she held on to the tiny thread attached to it.
    “Wow! This is so pretty!”
    “You can visit our saloon.” The girl handed me a flier.
    “Okay..and thanks for the balloon.” I said.
    “You are welcome.” She replied and walked back to her spot.
    We walked into shoprite and went straight to the children session. Thank God it wasn’t too packed.
    “Oh mommmy! That’s the doll!” Iteoluwa let go of my hand and ran to the toy aisle.
    “Careful my -“ I was interrupted by my phone ringtone.
    “Look mom! It is so pretty!” Her New York accent echoed in the section. Her face brimmed with happiness.
    Why is she so loud in a public place. I reached out for the phone in my bag.
    “Pick whatever you want while I answer this call.” I said.
    “Okay mommy.”
    The caller was Uncle Badejo and I picked up. “Hello Sir.”
    “Arike, how are you doing?” he asked.
    “I am fine sir and what about you?”
    “ I am okay too. Is everything alright over there? How is Iteoluwa doing?” He asked.
    “She is fine. We are at the mall, Iteoluwa wants to buy a singing doll.” I answered.
    “That’s good, please make sure she visits many fun-filled places so she can be familiar with Lagos.” He said.
    “You can visit the beach or go on a boat cruise.” I heard Aunty Sade’s voice over the phone.
    “Okay ma.”
    “And how is the wedding preparation?” She asked.
    “It is going well too.” I responded.
    “Thank God, please let me talk to Iteoluwa.” Uncle Badejo said.
    “Iteoluwa,” I mumbled, turned to the doll area but she wasn’t there anymore. My heart skipped beat when I didn’t see her.
    “What’s wrong?” Uncle Badejo asked.
    “I can’t find her…I will call you back when I see her.” I disconnected the call in a rush.

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    Iteoluwa pls dnt give your mama high blood pressure o.


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    You should have been more cautious with Iteoluwa knowing that you are in a crowded environment

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    She’ll be fine

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    I just hope u don’t encounter difficulties finding her or coincindentally get in touch with who u were avoiding or not expecting to see

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    Is a good thing your friend is always there to help you escape from unnecessary questions that would have exposed u

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