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    Story by: Authoress Ademide
    Arike’s POV

    I rushed out of the kitchen at the jingling sound of the bell attached to my door. I was surprised to see who was at the door.
    “Shalewa.” I said.
    “Good day Arike.” She greeted with her shoulder high up in the air.
    “Yeah…good afternoon.” I managed to smile still wondering why she was here without Adedayo.
    “Won’t you invite me in? It’s not polite to keep me waiting out here.” She said.

    “Oh! I am sorry…please come in.” I stepped aside and opened the door wide for her to come in.
    “Are you expecting someone?” She asked.
    She interrupted my statement. “Dayo is coming over?”
    “No, I am not expecting Dayo.”
    “So who are you expecting?’
    “My big sister is coming over to spend some time with me.”
    “Big sister?” She raised her eyebrows. “But Dayo told me that you are the only child of your mother.”
    “Yes, he’s right.”
    “So who is this big sister?”
    “A friend turned sister.” I responded.
    “What should I get for you?”
    “I didn’t come here for merriment.” She replied.
    “So why are you here?” I asked.
    “Did Dayo tell you anything about me?” She asked.
    I raised my eyebrows in confusion. “I don’t understand.”
    “Did Dayo say anything bad about me to you?” She repeated.
    “I am not sure but Dayo loves you.” I said not knowing what exactly to say to her.
    “I am beginning to doubt our love and relationship.” She said with a sad face.
    “Why? What’s going on Shalewa?”

    She stood up from the couch picking her bag along the way. “I still can’t figure out why Dayo got so mad after seeing you with that guy at dinner.” She stared into my eyes.
    “What are you talking about?” I asked.

    When I went to dinner with Bamidele during the week, we bumped into Dayo and Shalewa at the same restaurant. With the look on Dayo’s face I knew he wasn’t happy to see me with Bamidele because he already warned me to stay away from him. Shalewa suggested that we all have dinner together but Dayo said no,grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and left with pure anger in his expression. I didn’t like his annoying attitude at dinner because this is my life. And Shalewa showing up here unexpectedly and her strange questions really baffles me.

    “I find it hard to believe that you’re just friends with Dayo.”
    “You need to stop making assumptions. There’s nothing going on between Dayo and I. We’re just friends,that’s all.”
    “I don’t believe you.” She said with a serious face.
    “What do I need to do to make you believe me?”
    How do you expect me to believe you when Dayo never stops talking about how awesome is female bestie is!”
    “You should deal with that with Dayo and not me.”

    “How do you expect me to believe you when your eyes says entirely different things. I have watched you, I can tell you feel something for Dayo but you don’t want to admit it.”
    I moved away from her. “I don’t know what you are talking about, Shalewa.”
    “Stop pretending,
    This girl is really crazy! How dare she come into my house and talk nonsense to me. I am just keeping calm for Dayo’s sake.
    I sighed,trying to hide the anger stirring within me. “Listen, if you are here to find out if I am in love with your man then I’ll tell you that you’ve got the wrong notion. Dayo loves you and that’s why he has made the decision to marry you.”
    I felt her relaxing at my words. “Are you sure Arike?”
    “Yes I am very sure. Moreover I have Bamidele so I don’t need to go after another man.”
    “Well I just wanted to be sure if there’s nothing going on between the both of you.”
    “You need to stop feeling insecure. Dayo is your husband and no one is going to come in between both of you.” I added calmly.
    “I hope so too.” She mumbled.
    I shook my head. “I should get going now.” She said.
    “I’m sorry for yelling at you.” She apologized.
    “It’s alright.” I managed to smile.
    I understand Shalewa was just trying to protect her territory.
    “Take care.”

    I heaved a sigh of relief after her departure.
    I haven’t seen Dayo since we met at the restaurant. I sent him series of texts, explaining that Bamidele and I aren’t really a thing like he had claimed over the phone when I called him the same night. Dayo didn’t believe that there was nothing going on between Bamidele and I.
    I face palmed myself for lying to Shalewa and making it seem like there was something serious between Bamidele and I. No doubt, she would tell it to Dayo except if she doesn’t want him to know that she visited me. Shalewa showing up at my doorstep just to find out if I love Dayo still sound strange to me.

    Did she expect me to admit my feelings? At least she has Dayo and they would get married soon so why bother about a d--n feelings?!

    “Hey why the long face?” Sister Busayomi asked as she settled on the couch.
    “What took you so long?” I frowned. I have been really expecting her.
    “Don’t blame me o, you know Lagos traffic na. Wait is that why you are frowning as if someone fart in your mouth?” She joked but I didn’t laugh.
    “It took you forever to get here. Ahn ahn since 9 that you’ve called that you’re on your way, but look at the time now 3:15pm.”
    “Chai! Arike! Aren’t you a Lagosian?”
    “Sister Mi that duration is too long, 9am to 3:15pm. So you spent six hours on the road, are you coming from ilorin?”
    “Wait o miss judge,abeg before you pass on your judgement, I hope all is well with you?”
    “Don’t I look fine to you?”
    “I am asking a question too na.”
    “I am fine o”
    “But why take things personal?”
    “What? I am just surprised you spent six hours in traffic on this same highland.”

    Lemme be honest, it is not traffic matter that is doing me but Shalewa’s unexpected visit plus I received a text from Dayo earlier saying that we need to have a serious talk. I already a bit nervous about meeting him, I don’t know if Shalewa told him what I said about Bamidele or maybe something different.
    “Oya let me say the truth, I dropped by at a friend’s place. Today is her daughter’s birthday so I just went to say Hi to the little girl.”
    “I said it! I know you can’t really spend six hours for that short journey!”

    “Madam please I am starving!”
    “You didn’t eat at your friend’s place?”
    “No I didn’t eat o, I just drank Chivita active.”
    “There’s no food.” I lied.
    Her smile faded Immediately. “Play play abi you’re joking?”
    “I’m serious o. I was waiting for you to come around so we can cook together.”
    “Ah! Arike! What sort of nonsense waiting is that now?!” She eyed me.
    “But you -” I interrupted her before she kills me with words. I know Busayomi doesn’t joke with food. But this is my own way of getting back at her for keeping me waiting.
    “Arike we’ll fight o!”
    “There’s food o!”
    “Ehn ehn so you were teasing me abi?” She hissed.
    “I prepared your favorite.”
    “For playing me I am no longer interested.” She folded her arms.
    “Ah no vex…”
    “I am serious.” She frowned.
    “ cannot play with you?”
    “You can play with me with anything but not food.”
    “I am sorry.” I laughed.
    “I am going back to my home.”
    “I have semo and efo elegusi.”
    She looked at me. “And what?”
    “I garnished it with assorted meat, pomo, dry smoked fish -”

    Sister Busayomi was already on her way to the kitchen before I could even finish my statement.
    “Make sure you have a good gist so I can hear it while eating.” She shouted from the kitchen.
    I already made up my mind to tell her about the dinner, Shalewa’s visit and Dayo’s text. I am pretty sure she would have something to say and also give me good advice.
    “Oya oya the gist o!” She chanted as she sat down.
    “Wait, I hope there’s no bad news?”
    “Oh news ” I settled in the chair facing her direct with a glass of orange juice on the table.
    “So..I am listening.” She swallowed the food in her mouth.
    “I..erm…I had dinner with Bamidele during the week.” I said.
    She looked up at me. “For real?”
    I shook my head in response. “I thought you said -”
    “I don’t wanna have anything serious with him.” I completed her intended sentence.
    “Exactly! So have you changed your mind about him?” She asked.
    “I don’t know yet. We just had dinner as friends, nothing more.”
    “Well I still don’t know why you won’t give bamidele chance. See grade one husband material! But no o! It’s uncle -”
    I cut her off. “Please sister mi, let’s not go down that lane.”
    “I have said you my own, sheybi now he’s off market. You better wise up.”
    “Do you still want to hear the gist or not?”
    “This one I am saying doesn’t make sense right?” She frowned.
    “I didn’t say that o.”
    “I should shut up abi?”
    “No…I didn’t say that -”
    “You don’t have to open your big mouth to say it before I know!”
    “Stop misinterpreting my words.” I pleaded.
    “Please continue before I will vex and say you should keep your gist.” We laughed.
    “We bumped into Dayo and Shalewa at the restaurant.” I explained what you already know to her.
    “But what does Dayo have against Bamidele?”
    “Seriously,I don’t know.”
    “You should have asked him.”
    “I did asked him but he wouldn’t open up to me.”
    “Well…maybe Bamidele once snatched his babe in school.” Busayomi pondered.
    “I don’t think that’s the case. I have this feeling it’s more deeper than what you just said.”
    “Dayo shouldn’t think of making you stay away from Bamidele for his selfish reasons.” She mumbled to herself.
    “What selfish reasons?” I asked with a confused look.
    “You’re so clueless, Arike.”
    “Tell me what selfish reasons are you talking about?”
    “Think about it. And what I will say is that Dayo is having fun with Shalewa plus they’ll be getting married soon so you shouldn’t waste your time sitting around here thinking of how you will stay away from Bamidele.”
    She was done eating now. I helped her take her plates to the kitchen.
    “And guess who visited me today?”

    I rolled my eyes. Bamidele doesn’t even know my place lest to talk of coming to my house. I didn’t let him pick me up or even drop me off at my place after we had dinner.
    “Dayo?” She tried again. I shook my head. “Abeg spill it, you know I am not good at guessing.”
    “Ahn ahn wetin she dey find?”
    I narrated what happened to Busayomi and all she did was laugh for a long time.
    “Seriously sister mi?! It’s not funny o. My heart almost came out of my chest when she said it straight to my face that I am in love with Dayo.”
    “Ahn ahn isn’t she right?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “What are we talking about?” She replied
    “Shalewa.” I responded.

    She leaned forward. “So aunty are you in love with Uncle Adedayo Awosika?” She asked with a serious face.
    “No! You shouldn’t think like Shalewa too! You of all people should know that Adedayo and I are just bestfriends.”
    She stared intently at me. “Then why are you scared and concerned about Dayo finding out that you and Bamidele are together?”
    “Bamidele and I are not together.”
    “Because Dayo asked you to stay away from him right?”
    “This is not about -”
    “And you choose to obey Dayo?”
    “No! I wouldn’t have had dinner with Bamidele if I wanted to obey Dayo.”

    She shook her head hopefully in understanding. I only agreed to have dinner with Bamidele because of what she said plus I saw no reason to avoid Bamidele because Dayo asked me to.
    “To be honest you have to stop doing some things just to make Dayo happy.”
    “You don’t understand.” I avoided her gaze.
    “Think about yourself too. You deserve to be happy.” She said softly.
    I nodded in agreement. “Dayo wants to talk to me.”
    She rolled her eyes. “After avoiding you and not replying your texts and calls? Who does he think he is? He feels he can just boss you around.”
    “He’s not bossing me around. Sister mi, I feel Dayo has a good reason for asking me to stay away from Bamidele.”
    “See babe..Hmmm -” she paused.
    “Never mind but all I know is that the Bamidele I saw that day doesn’t look like a bad person.”
    “And what if he’s pretending to be good just to get me?”
    “I don’t think so. Listen whether Dayo likes it or not there’s nothing he can do if you and Bamidele are meant be together.”
    “I don’t think we are meant to be toge -”
    She cuts me off with a glare. “Stay there and be saying nonsense. Don’t wise up before it’s too late. Be waiting for Mr Right to look at you.” She stood up. “Please I need to rest.”

    Busayomi walked away to the bedroom while I went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.
    I don’t understand why she’s against Adedayo, probably because she likes Bamidele for me but Dayo was against it.
    Busayomi wants me to give Bamidele a chance but she can’t understand my feelings. No one can understand. Perhaps does she have an idea?
    Oh God I need to do something before I ruin someone else’s relationship. Nobody really has to know,all I have to do is play along and act like everything was fine.
    “I’ll get over it.” I mumbled to myself.


    Do you think Arike is making some kinda mistake here?
    Do you think Busayomi knows what’s going on in Arike’s mind?
    Do you think there’s something big about Bamidele that Dayo knows or he’s just asking Arike to stay away for his own selfish reasons?

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    The law! That’s good of you. They must pay for that, but be careful with Bamidele.

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    This is getting confusing

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    Nigeria movie, best friend Marry best friend that’s all

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    maybe next epi will tell

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    Like there’s something Dayo is not saying

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