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    @omosanyadamilola it isn’t possible because it’s your username

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    Theme: Good manners

    Arike’s POV

    Finally we reached our destination, Bamidele pulled up in front of the gate.
    “I should come in to say hi to Busayomi, but I am running late and my wife must be worried about us.” He said.
    “That is not a problem, you can come in to see her next time.” I said.
    “Don’t forget to send me the wedding invitation online.” He reminded me.
    “Sure.” I said.
    “Mr Bamidele, thank you for everything.” Iteoluwa said.
    “You are welcome Iteoluwa and I hope to see you soon too.” He smiled.
    “Don’t worry we will talk over the phone. Take care.” I answered.
    I got out of the car to help Iteoluwa open the car door.
    “Bye bye Banjo.” She waved at him
    Then car horn sounded before Bamidele drove away. “Mr very nice just like Mr Daniel.” Iteoluwa said.
    “Yes he is very nice.” I muttered.
    “And a good thing that you know him.” She said.
    “Why did you say that?” I asked.
    “Bad friends..corrupt good manners..that is what you always say so since..Mr Bamidele is a nice man and he is your..friend-“ she paused.
    “So?” I waited for her to complete her sentence.
    “He won’t corrupt your good manners.” She giggled.
    “You are too smart..where did you get that from?”
    I tickled her as we got closer to the entrance leading to Busayomi’s apartment.
    She giggled. “I can’t wait to hear my doll singing..I didn’t play it in the car..I just looked at it so I won’t disturb Banjo.”
    “Do you like the doll that much?” I asked.
    “Yes I love it!” She flashed me a girlish grin.
    “More than you love me?” I teased.
    “No! I love you more than my toys!” She giggled.
    “I love you more than anything else in the world.” I bent down and kissed her cheeks.

    I pressed the doorbell to let Busayomi know of our presence before I made use of the key to open the door.
    “Big mooommmmmyyy!” Iteoluwa rushed to embrace Busayomi.
    “Welcome, I hope you enjoyed the day?” Busayomi asked.
    “Yes it was fun and -“ she paused.
    I went ahead to sit on the couch and pulled off my heels. I leaned into the couch and closed my eyes. What a relief. I sighed.
    “Why did you stop talking?” Busayomi asked.
    “I got lost at the mall, a man helped me and he turns..out to be mommy’s friend.” She said in a low tone.

    I reopened my eyes to see remorse in her expression. Busayomi shot me a What-is-she-talking about look.
    “My love, why don’t you go into the room and play with your singing doll.”
    “Okay mom.” She raced off to her room.
    “Madam who is the friend?” She sat beside me on the couch.
    “Bamidele.” I answered.
    Her eyes widened in surprise. “Are you for real? What a coincidence.” Busayomi covered her mouth.
    “I didn’t expect to see him too.” I said.
    “Abegi give me the full gist about what happened? How did she get lost in the mall? How did you meet Bamidele?” She flooded me with questions.
    “Won’t you let me rest?” I asked.
    “Han sheybi you are already resting on my couch? Start talking or else I will put my fingers into your throat.” She joked.
    “Okay..I will tell you everything but please I need water.” I breathed out.
    “Water is in the kitchen now, go and drink.” She said.
    “Haba please help me now you can see I am tired, I won’t tell you about anything o.” I poured.
    We laughed. “So because of gist now you want to send me on an errand?” She laughed.
    “I am only asking for help..please.”

    She stood up from the couch. “See that your head like volley ball..” she motioned towards the kitchen but soon came back with a chilled bottle water.
    “Thank you.” I opened the cap and gulped down half of the bottle.
    “You better tell me everything and don’t leave out any detail.” She folded her arms.
    “Sure but please can you massage my ankle?” I gave her a puppy face.
    She eyed me. “Your ankle again?”
    “Please now, I went running around the mall and I think I have sprained it.” I faked being in pain while I massage my right ankle.
    “Does it hurt that much?” She asked in a worried tone.
    “I will be fine after a massage.” I mumbled.
    “Oya sha bring it lemme massage it for you.” She said.

    I faced her and adjusted my position before stretching out my right leg on her laps.
    “Thank you.” I smiled.
    “I am listening.” She said.

    I narrated everything that happened from the mall till when Bamidele dropped us off.
    After the whole narration, we had dinner and retired to sleep in our respective rooms. Iteoluwa kept playing with her singing doll and didn’t stop pressing the button the doll’s back to enable it to sing. She did it over and over again until she fell asleep hugging it tightly to her chest.

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    This your aunt so much loves jist sha

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Carry On

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    Oooooo nooo i cant wait to read the next episode

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    i hope something you didnt expect turn out

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    Let me pray everything ends well

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    I think Dayo have issues so better find a way to talk to him

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