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    THEME: A failed marriage
    Arike’s POV

    Iteoluwa was a cheerful child and so full of life. And she was always silent like this only when she was badly hurt. I love her more than anything in the world and I would do everything in my power to make up for the fact that I didn’t let her meet her father when and I always thought I had done a great job of fulfilling both roles of a father and mother in her life.

    The knowledge of knowing her father was near but couldn’t meet him must be hurting her right now. She was just a child, close to five year old, and definitely she had missed having a father around.
    But Iteoluwa was trying to act mature and smarter than her age by trying to hide her pain just to protect me. She could tell that I wasn’t ready to meet her dad so she didn’t pressure me about it so I wouldn’t get hurt.

    My child was starting to protect me when it was my job to protect her. So how was I going to make her open up to me and me her feelings?
    “It was all my fault.” I admitted to no one in particular.
    I took the whole blame knowing that Adedayo wouldn’t have cut us out if he knew I was carrying his child. He would have supported and protected us because he loved me. I knew Adedayo wouldn’t have acted like I never existed if I had told him I was going to have his child five years ago.

    I should have made connections with him but I didn’t, which had resulted in hurting my child when I didn’t even want her to be caught in this situation from the start.
    I had cut Adedayo out completely for five years. Obviously I have been an idiot to think that we were going to be fine without him. I was horribly sorry that my child has been caught in the middle of my selfish affairs.
    “I am sorry.” I mumbled.
    I peered down at Iteoluwa, her eyes were close so I couldn’t tell if she was asleep or pretending to be asleep. I slide out of bed and went out of the bedroom.

    I needed to drink water and clear my head. I can’t keep hurting my child, I have to decide on what is best for my daughter.
    On getting to the kitchen, I saw Busayomi in the dinning area. She gestured to me to come over.
    “Why aren’t you asleep? It is late.” I asked.
    She shook her head. “It is past midnight, let us say that..I am worried.” She answered.
    I raised my eyebrow. “Hold on let me get water.”
    She nodded and I walked into the kitchen. I grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge and went back to the dinning area.
    “Why are you you worried?” I handed her a bottle of water.
    “Thank you.” She muttered.
    We drank from our bottles of water respectively and set it back down on the table.
    “So tell me why are you worried?” I repeated the question.
    “Is it because of the wedding? I guess you must be really stressed from the wedding preparation.” I said.
    She shook her head in disagreement. “It is not about the wedding. I am just worried about you and Iteoluwa.” She said.
    “Why are you worried about us? Can’t you see that we are comfortable, alright and also looking forward to the big day.” I put on a fake smile.
    “Arike, I have known you for years now, so don’t pretend like you are fine.” She said.
    “Seriously-“ I tried to assure her that I was alright but then she broke the ice.
    “I overheard you talking to Iteoluwa.” She said.
    My false smile faded and was replaced with a sad look.
    “I wasn’t eavesdropping but it happened that I was passing by at that moment.”
    I swallowed the bitterness that welled up inside of me. “I told her everything..the truth and now I think she hates me because I am not ready to meet Dayo.”
    “Arike-“ she reached out to hold my hand. “It must have been hard for you to return to Nigeria and I commend your courage to be able to tell Iteoluwa the truth.”
    “I am worried about her.” I admitted sincerely.
    “If you are truly worried about her, you need to let her meet Adedayo.”
    “But that would stir-“ Busayomi interrupted me.
    “Dayo’s marriage is not what you think it is, Arike.” She said with a sigh.
    My forehead creased. “What do you mean?” I asked.
    “It is a failed marriage.” She blurted out.
    “What about?” I stammered.
    “I am in no position to tell you anything.” Busayomi replied.
    “You have to tell me what-“

    She cuts me off. “You have to meet Adedayo if you want to know anything.” She stood up to leave but I grabbed her wrist.
    I was confused as to what she was saying. “What is going on with Adedayo?” I asked in a concerned tone.
    “I can see that you still care so much about him. If you want to know peace, find him so you won’t have to worry anymore.” She let go of my hand. “Check the news.” She said before walking away.
    “The news? What news?” I asked but no response came from her.

    The news? Bamidele has mentioned something about the news too. What are they hiding about Adedayo’s marriage? A failed marriage? What had happened in five years? I needed to know.

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    Good decision, next please

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    Check the news

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    I know thies marriage can’t last

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    Sulihat Adeola Abdul Yekeen
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    I guess their marriage has hit the rock already

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    Sulihat Adeola Abdul Yekeen
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    Ride on please

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Its Obvious There Cut Her Cheating

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    see what your selfishness lead you to

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