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    Theme: The Psychologist Driver

    Arike’s POV

    “Dayo has refused to talk to anyone even his lawyer. His silence is beginning to stir an uproar that he is really guilty of the crimes.” He said.
    “Close to four count charges..” I repeated.
    “It might be more..”
    “What is the..sentence for..the ones charged against him?” I asked shakily.
    “Maybe a life sentence or serving his jail terms for each count charge against him.” Bamidele replied.
    “ can’t go to jail. We have to do something, Bamidele.” My voice pleaded.
    “Arike, calm down..there is nothing I can do because I am not his lawyer.” Bamidele said.
    “Bamidele..can I ask you to take up his case? Even if he is guilty, there must be a reason..please you have to help me.” I pleaded tearfully.
    “Arike, I am not sure Adedayo would want me to defend him.”
    “Bamidele, it is me making a request for you to take up the case. Please forget about about what Dayo might think, I will pay you whatever amount you want just make sure Dayo doesn’t go to jail.” I pleaded.
    “This is not about the payment. Don’t worry I will try to get in touch with his lawyer to see what I can do.” He said.
    “What do I do now?” I asked.
    “Let me find out the address of the police station they will take him in for questioning.” He replied.
    “Okay..thank you.” I hang up the call.

    I cried for a few minutes before I calmed down and cleaned my face.
    “Madam, I am sorry and I don’t mean to prey..please are you related to Mr Adedayo Awosika the husband of that Nollywood actress?” The driver asked.
    “I know him.” I mumbled as I looked down at Adedayo’s picture on my phone.
    “This case is just getting bigger day by day, different news everywhere that we don’t even know what to believe. Mr Adedayo doesn’t seem like someone who would commit such crimes. And to me, I feel the wife is the beater in this case.” He said.

    I torn my gaze away from the picture and looked at the man. “Why did you say so?” I asked.
    “Come to think of it, there was time we heard the rumor that she cheated on her husband with one upcoming actor. Now my instinct tells me that Mr Adedayo must have heard about it too and probably asked for a divorce, you know no man will ever stay calm under such situation. And over the years we have heard news of people seeing her in hotels with actors she has acted with in films..many scandals about her. So what if he had asked for a divorce but she refused and one thing led to another..and she tried to hurt herself.” He explained.

    And somehow I found myself reasoning with everything he just said to me. Shalewa was always known for cheating even before she got married to Adedayo. That sly hasn’t even changed, she still goes about sleeping with co-actors.
    “I don’t take his silence as someone who is guilty or remorseful. Madam I have a degree in psychology, one look at a person then I can tell what is going on in the person’s life. Each time I look at Mr Adedayo Awosika’s pictures in the news, all I see is pains in his he is not happy, whereas I can also tell that Mrs Shalewa is trying to play victim. I don’t know maybe you understand what I am trying to say.”
    “Yes..I understand.”
    “But this country, police only follow whatever evidence they find and punish innocent citizens. Hmm..that was how they almost put my brother to jail two years ago for a crime he didn’t commit, if not for connection. See my sister, it is only God that will save us in this country.” The driver prayed.

    What if he was right? What if Shalewa has really tried to hurt herself when Adedayo asked for a divorce? It would have been a shame om her and confirmation of the rumor that she had cheated on her husband.
    I thought deeply as I kept reading articles about Shalewa.
    “Nollywood Actress suspected to be cheating on her husband with an upcoming actor, Dele Balogun.”
    And this had only happened some months to when this case started.
    A message came on my phone from Bamidele. It was the address to the police station Dayo was taken to be questioned.
    “Excuse me sir, I won’t be going to that address again.” I said.
    “Where are you going?” He asked.
    “Idiagbon police station.” I replied.
    “Oh! I know that place, is that where Mr Adedayo was taken to for questioning?” The driver asked.
    “Yes sir.”
    “Eh! I wish that I could be of any help o, ah it is only God that can save him now o.” The driver made a turn.

    Another message beeped on my phone. “I already contacted Dayo’s lawyer so we will work together on the case.”
    “Will they let me see him?” I texted back.
    “No but don’t worry I will be on my way soon, just wait for me outside the station.” He said.
    “Okay, Bamidele..thank you very much.” I said.
    “Madam, I am not sure you will be able to see him.” The driver said.
    “His lawyer is on the way.” I muttered.
    “Very good if it is Lawyer Bamidele, he hardly lost a case.” He rattled on about popular cases Bamidele had won in the last five years while I texted Busayomi to let her know about my whereabouts.

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    this is gonna be tough

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    Getting more interesting… next

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    Nice development

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Its Getting Interesting Now, Ride On, There Must Surly Be A Way For Dayo

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    this is going to be tough,,, please long episode

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    Yeah this is getting more tougher and interesting

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    So like this now won’t dayo’s dad now lose all the shares he has been fighting for

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