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    Who will know whether Bamidele will be of help to Dayo now

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    Hmmm ? ? ? ?

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    Arike i no that dayo will open up to u….. And bami forget the past and help him out

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    It’s going hard ooo

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    Theme: The brutal police station

    Arike’s POV

    When we arrived at Idiagbon police station, there were some representatives from media houses which would make it hard for us to push our way through. Everyone was interested in the case simply because Adedayo Awosika was a wealthy businessman while Shalewa was a popular famous actress.

    “Omo! All these busy bodies are here again, they don’t get tired of feeding citizens with false news..look at them.” The uber driver scoffed.
    A man I suspected to be the Assistant Commissioner of Police was talking to the representatives from media houses as they questioned him.
    I should wait for Bamidele’s arrival, it would be easier to get in with his influences.
    “Sir do you mind me waiting in your car till my friend comes around? I will pay you an extra fee for waiting.”
    “Madam that is not a problem, I can’t even leave you to go in there all by yourself. The police in this station are merciless which makes me feel bad for Mr Adedayo Awosika. I hope they don’t torture him till he confessed to crimes he didn’t commit.” The man said in a pitiful tone.

    I became extremely worried and scared that I found it hard to sit still in the car. I reached out for my phone to call Bamidele. He needed to be here on time before the police does something bad to Adedayo.
    I dialed Bamidele’s number and he picked on the third ring.
    “Bamidele, where are you?” I asked.
    “I went to see a colleague of mine concerning Dayo’s case.” He answered.
    “You have to come now, Bamidele.”
    “Why is everything alright? Are you safe?”
    “Dayo is not safe, I heard the police at this station are brutal and I am afraid that they might do something bad to him.” I said.
    “Arike, calm down they won’t lay a finger of him.” He said in a soft tone.
    “How sure are you?” I asked in a worried tone.
    “His lawyer is there with him.” He answered.
    I heaved a sigh of relief. “Should I call the lawyer to come and take you in to see him?”
    “ media houses are here.”
    “Ehn yes the commissioner of police wants them to vacate the station so Adedayo won’t feel pressured.” Bamidele explained.
    “I just hope he is fine.” I mumbled.
    “Everything will be alright.” He said in an assuring tone.
    “Okay..I will be waiting for you.” I said before hanging up the call.
    I prayed silently that Bamidele should find something that would help Adedayo out of this case.

    Bamidele arrived one hours after I called him. The police station was free of media houses now. I watched Bamidele slide out of his car and looked around the environment.
    “I have to go now.” I said.
    “Oh! Lawyer Bamidele is here.” He pointed out.
    I brought out six thousand naira from purse to pay the driver. “Thank you for waiting.” I said.
    “Ah no madam this is too much, your fare is just four thousand naira.” He counted two thousand out of the money.
    “Yeah I am paying you for waiting for me.” I slide out of the car.
    “Madam you don’t need to pay me, as a matter of fact I am happy I waited because I get to see Barrister Bamidele plus you are trying to help a man I like so much.” He offered me the two thousand naira.

    “Please ma, take it from me.” He begged sincerely.
    I reached out to collect the money from him. “Thank you sir.”
    “Madam, God will shed more light to this case.” The driver prayer before he drove away.
    “Bamidele?” I called as I walked up to meet him.
    “I am sorry for keeping you waiting.” He apologized.
    “You don’t need to apologize, I am just glad you accepted to help Dayo.” Then we started the walk into the police station.
    “Maybe this would help me make up for everything I did to him. I hope he forgives me.” Bamidele sighed.
    I pat his back. “Did you find anything that might help with the case?” I asked.
    “I am not sure if what I find will help us.” He responded.
    “What is it?” I asked.
    “Dayo tried filing a divorce against his wife because she cheated on him. But I don’t know why he didn’t push through with the plans of divorce.”
    Suddenly I remembered the drivers words. “Bamidele-“ I stopped walking to think again.
    What if everything the man said was actually what had happened.
    “Are you alright?” Bamidele asked.
    “Yes..yes..but I think-“ I paused.
    “What if Shalewa tried to hurt herself after Dayo asked for divorce?” I said.
    Bamidele sighed. “I have thought about it too and it is possible being that Dayo was the one who took Shalewa to the hospital after she got hurt.
    But at the same time we can’t be sure of anything until we hear from Dayo.
    I nodded in agreement. “I hope that is the case.” I muttered.

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    still they’ve got to where dayo is this story saf

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    They whole truth about this matter lies in the mouth of Dayo and i just hope he would be ready to co-operate to get himself out of this mess

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    Am sure for the fact you have accepted to help him out on this case he might as well feel sorry for not forgiving u a long time ago and also forgive u

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