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    This suspense is too much oh

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    Please continue this story o.

    This suspence is at high tempo and I don’t just know maybe Dayo will open up to Arike or he will be mad at her.

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    I pray he confined in you,, next pls

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    Theme: He searched for me

    Arike’s POV

    I cleared my throat hoping to gain his attention but he didn’t raise his head up.
    “I have nothing to say to anyone.”
    My breathe caught at the sound of the voice I was once used to hearing always. It has been so long.
    Slowly I started towards the table only the sound of my footsteps echoed in the room. I was focused on his figure and finally reached the spare chair and I pulled it backward before settling on it. Adedayo didn’t raise his head to see me.
    “Hello Dayo.” I said.

    His shoulder moved as acknowledgement of my voice registered to him. Slowly Dayo raised his head, I leaned forward resting my elbow on the table so he could see my face.
    Recognition dawned on his face, the woman sitting in front of him was his best friend and his expression appeared stricken.
    Adedayo closed his eyes, he must have thought that he was hallucinating my presence in the room.

    For a second, my mind checked all the difference between the man in front and the man I had remembered. His images had been locked up in my mind for years. He was hearing a black tshirt that showed off his well built chest, his face was thinner but he hasn’t changed much from the man I knew.
    “Dayo, it is Arike.” I reached out to touch his hand on the table.
    Adedayo reopened his eyes and his face went blank at the realization that I was truly there, touching him and talking to him.
    I heard his breathe caught as his eyes gleamed with shock. He reached out to touch my hand and our gaze met with an unflinching stare.
    I was ready for this, for one long undefinable minute it was as if we were back to how things was in Juniors school, high school and university days when it has been only the two of us.
    My eyes swan with tears but I controlled it. Dayo started to say something, stopped, he tried again and stopped again. Then the moment was gone when I broke the silence.
    “How have you been?” I asked only to realize that it was a stupid question.

    It was obvious that he wasn’t fine, a bandage around his head and left wrist and plaster on his right cheek to probably cover up bruises under his skin. He was just in a bad shape the same way I had seen it on tv.
    Sadness clouded his features. “I..I..can’t believe you are..really here.” Tears filled his eyes.
    “Yes..yes..I am here.” I said shakily.
    His eyes flooded with tears followed by an outcry as he lowered his head. And I couldn’t control my tears either, I let my tears that had threatened to spill flow uncontrollably.
    I have known Adedayo for close to twenty years now but I have never seen him break down and cry this way.
    Twenty years? The realization was a blow and it made me weak as his eyes bored into mine.
    “A..rike..” he called out my name.
    And I won’t deny that I missed him so much.
    He drew his lower lip between his lips. “Where..have you been..all these years? I tried to find you.”
    “Dayo…” I pressed my lips together not knowing what to say to him.
    “I did everything I could to find you..I contacted your uncle when your number wasn’t going through, and few months after you left..your uncle said you didn’t meet him and he doesn’t know where you are…” his voice trailed off.
    My mouth fell open to say something but words failed me.

    He sniffed. “Two years..I tried calling him gain but he told me you were in Arizona. And foolishly I traveled to Arizona and asked a friend to try to find you but everything I did failed. Then your uncle Badejo’s number stopped going through, I couldn’t find Busayomi was as if you purposely avoided me or didn’t want me to ever find you.” He cried.
    “I am.. sorry, Dayo.” I bit my lips.
    He glanced up to the ceiling. “Arike..I have suffered. I have been through terrible moments without having anyone to talk to or share it with.”
    I gave his hand a small squeeze. “What happened?” I asked.
    His jaw tightened. “If only you have been here, all of these wouldn’t have happened to me.”
    “I am sorry.” I reached out to touch his face, caressed his cheek to comfort him.
    “Now..I have lost everything and I feel so ashamed to even look at you. I am in a big mess.” He said in the lowest tone he could muster.
    “Dayo..listen to me..I saw the news and I believe..I believe you didn’t do it.” My eyes sparked with sincerity.

    I have to be strong for him, we have to scale through this problem together for the sake of my daughter – our child.
    His eyebrows drew together. “You believe that I can’t do such right?” He asked.
    I shook my head. “Yes..yes I know you..Dayo you can be mean but I also know that you can’t hurt anyone.” I said.
    He nodded repeatedly. “Yes..Yes..” his eyes bored in mine. “I didn’t do it but no one will ever believe me.” He said.
    “I believe you.” I said.
    “But I am going to end up in jail.” Tears filled his eyes again.
    “” please don’t say that. I will do everything to get you out of here.”
    I cut him off. “Dayo..please tell me what really happened because Barrister Bamidele is working on your case.”
    His eyes sparked with shock. “Bamidele?”
    I nodded. “The same Bamkdele and he is willing to help.”
    “What about my lawyer?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
    “He is going to work with Bamidele from now on.” I answered.
    “Arike..I don’t have any money to pay Bamidele. I lost everything because my dad seized my assets.”
    “Dayo, I hired Bamidele for you so don’t worry about the payment. I just need you to tell me the truth, everything that happened before that day and on that day.”
    My eyes pleaded with him as I held him hands, assuring him that everything will be fine.

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    This episode is too short ?

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Too Short

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    More please

    This suspense will kill person oh

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