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    Dela Cruise
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    Hmm it’s time to use the facts given by Dayo unknowingly to begin investigation

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    Dela Cruise
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    The father of the Jamal should be a testifier in court stating all what he told Dayo though his life would be at risk but for the fact that he wants to get his son back he should be ready for the worst

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    Dela Cruise
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    So even Dayo’s father couldn’t trust in his son knowing what his son can do and what he can’t do

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    Dela Cruise
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    justice must prevail for Dayo’s sake and he must be compensated for all what he went through and how they soiled his image in public for what he didn’t do

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    HÎt’z Mhe Treasure Trove
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    Why is d story short nw

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    Theme: The Truth

    Arike’s POV

    “Dayo, how did you incur all these injuries?” I asked.
    “That day I told Shalewa that I was going to reveal the truth to our parents if she doesn’t accept the divorce. We argued until she hit me with a wine bottle out of anger and she even tried to stab herself after she saw that I was bleeding and badly hurt. I managed to get the object from her and tried to leave to get to the hospital but she outsmarted me.” Adedayo narrated with a deep frown on his face.

    “what do you mean?” I asked.
    “Shalewa figured my injury would get her into trouble, so she tried to fall off the stairs. Believe me..Arike, I held her hand to save her but when she knew I couldn’t hold on for too long because I became so dizzy, so she intentionally threw herself down the stairs.” He rubbed his palms over his face.
    “I didn’t even know she was pregnant if not I would have avoided a fight with her.” He added.
    “You called the hospital?” I asked.
    “Yes I put a call through my friend who works at the hospital and the ambulance came to our home before things got worst. And I am just glad that she didn’t die.” He sniffed.

    Yes if Shalewa had died no one would ever believe the truth. They would pin her death on him and won’t waste time sending his to jail for murder.
    “Where was Jamal when you had a fight with Shalewa?” I asked.
    “He was at my family home to spend the weekend with my parents.” He answered.
    “So how did it turn out that you tried to kill her on the news?” I questioned.
    “Her father was too quick to make up things in his head without asking me what really happened.” He responded.
    “And didn’t Shalewa explained things to her father?” I asked.
    “No Shalewa didn’t tell him the truth, she made up a story that I tried to kill her because I was angry she cheated on me. She told the police that I got my injuries when she tried to defend herself against me.” He explained.
    My eyebrows snapped together. “She lied to cover up her shameful act and made it seem like she is the victim in this case.” I said.

    Adedayo shook his head in agreement. “It was her way of getting back at me for asking for a divorce and for wanting to reveal the truth about Jamal.” Adedayo said.
    “Does anyone else know that Jamal is not your son? And about what happened at your home?” I asked.
    “Charles Adams, Shalewa and my doctor friend who did the DNA test. I told him everything during my stay at the hospital.” He answered.
    “Good it is clear that Shalewa framed you so we will use all these things you just told me to defend you in court.” I said.
    “Arike, are you sure that I will be able to get out of here and won’t go to jail?” Adedayo asked with his eyes pleading with me.
    “Yes it will help but we need more evidences like the messages from Charles Adams, DNA results and if your doctor friend can bear witness in court since you revealed the truth to him.” I said.
    “Yes I still have the messages and I even shared it with my doctor friend.” Adedayo said in a rush.
    “What about the lawyer who wanted to help you file a divorce?” I asked.
    “He is currently out of the country but I can give you his contact.” He replied.
    “Okay Dayo…” I reached out to hold his hands. “In case you remember anything-“
    “He interrupted me. “One more thing, the miscarriage Shalewa had, the baby wasn’t mine.” He said.

    My eyebrows drew together again in sheer surprise. “Again?!”
    Adedayo looked up and sighed. “Few days ago I got a call from Dele Balogun, he said that Shalewa’s baby was his and that they didn’t stop seeing each other even after the news has it that they were having an affair. I don’t know if what he told me was true because he asked for a huge amount of money.” He explained.
    “Money? For what?!” I asked.
    “He offered to reveal to the police that the child was his thinking it might help reduce the charges against me.” He said.
    “Do you have the number he used to call you?” I asked.
    “Yes I have everything you need on my phone but the police took everything. But you can meet my doctor friend, he has everything too.” He answered.
    “Can I have his number?”
    “I don’t know it by heart but his name is Ajibade Nelson and he works at Bradjos Hospital.” He gave the information about his doctor friend.
    “What if he doesn’t feel comfortable giving us any information we need?” I asked.
    “Go with my lawyer and tell him that I asked to give the flash drive with him.” He responded.
    “Flash drive?” I repeated.
    “Yes everything you need to solve this case is on the flash drive.” Adedayo said.
    “Don’t worry I will make sure the lawyers make good use of the truth you just revealed.” I flashed him a small smile.
    “Thank you, Arike.” He squeezed my hands gently.
    “I have to go now.” I said.
    He nodded. “Okay…will you come around again?” He asked.

    I shook my head. “I will be here tomorrow.”
    He managed to smile. “I will drop my number at the counter so if you need anything call me okay?”
    Adedayo shook his head. “Sure.”
    I let go of his hand and stood up to leave.
    “Arike, it is good to see you again.” He said.
    And this time I didn’t miss the gleam of happiness on his face.
    “Bye Dayo.” I smiled back at him before stepping out of the room.

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    Ubi Kyle
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    i pray everything get solved

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