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    Dela Cruise
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    Dayo and Arike i just hope this plane of evidence doesn’t crash before u guys land. Best of luck in getting justice

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    Dela Cruise
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    So in a way Shalewa’s father is not at fault because he is acting based on what his daughter tells him and how she portrays herself as the victim…

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    Theme: Recording

    Arike’s POV

    Tears welled up in my eyes again as I twisted the door knob and stepped out of the room. Bamidele and barrister Prosper leaned your against the wall waiting for me.
    They rushed towards me at the sound of me closing the door.

    “Arike?” Bamidele pursed his lips when he saw the tears in my eyes.
    Barrister Prosper mouth quirked up. “Didn’t he open up to you?” He asked.
    I shook my head. “He..did..Dayo” I answered shakily.
    “Arike, what about the recording?” Bamidele asked.
    “I have it in my bag.” I answered.
    Barrister Prosper heaved a sigh of relief. “Let us step out of here and listen to the recording.” He said.
    “Yes we don’t have much time.” Bamidele agreed.
    Then we started the walked out of the police station but I stopped when we got to the counter.
    “Please go ahead, I need to talk to the sergeants.” I said.
    Bamidele and barrister Prosper exchanged glances.
    “Will you be fine alone?” Bamidele asked.
    I nodded. “Yes.”
    “Please be careful.” Barrister Prosper said.
    “Okay we will be waiting in the car.” Bamidele added before walking away with Barrister Propser.
    I turned towards the sergeant after the men’s departure.
    “Good afternoon madam.” The sergeants greeted me at the same time.
    “Good afternoon, please I need your help.” I said.
    “How may I help you ma?” The fair and tall sergeant with the name tag Banjo answered.
    “It is about the man in custody.” I said.
    “Oh the rich businessman?” The dark sergeant with the name tag Idris said with a raised eyebrow.
    “Yes..Adedayo Awosika.” I replied.
    The sergeants exchanged glances. “What do you want madam?” Sergeant Idris asked.
    “I want to drop my number so he can always give me a call whenever he needs anything. Can I?” I asked.
    “The rich man didn’t drop anybody’s number while he was filling the statement form.” Sergeant Idris snorted.
    Doesn’t the rich man have a name? I don’t like this sergeant Idris.
    Sergeant Banjo nudged sergeant Idris side, trying to caution him.
    “Madam how are you related to him?” Sergeant Banjo asked.
    “Well I am like a family to him. A..distant relative.” I answered with a forced smile.
    “Okay..that is not a problem. We just need someone to stand in for him aside the lawyer.” Sergeant Banjo explained.

    “Yes..I understand.” I said.
    He passed a big record book to me. “You can write your name, phone number and address here.” Sergeants Banjo instructed.
    “Okay…” I did as instructed before passing the book back to him.
    Sergeant Banjo shook his head. “This is okay.” He said.
    “ it okay to leave him some money just in case he wants anything?” I asked.
    The men exchanged glances again. It was no news anymore that police stations don’t give out good food to the people in custody. And I don’t want Adedayo falling sick before court day.
    “Madam you can leave some cash for him.” Sergeant Idris answered.
    I reached into my bag and took out my wallet. I counted five thousand naira.
    “Please he is kinda picky when it comes to food.” I gave three thousand naira to sergeant Banjo. “This is for him, just buy him catfish pepper soup and probably a good food from the eatery across the station.” I said.

    I had seen on fast food across the station when I was about to come in. And it was funny how much I still know about Adedayo.
    “Okay..madam.” Sergeant Banjo said.
    “And this is for you..” I gave a thousand naira note to the sergeants.
    “No don’t need to-“

    I interrupted sergeant Banjo. “This is not a bribe..I am just appreciating your efforts around here.” I made it clear to them with the hope that they would be nice enough to Adedayo since I heard that that they brutal at this station.
    “Thank you madam.” Sergeant Idris said.
    Sergeant Banjo looked at his colleague, shook his head before accepting the money from me. “Thank you ma.” He said.
    “You are welcome.” I forced a smile on my face before walking away.
    I met Bamidele having a conversation with barrister Prosper.
    “Sorry for the delay..I had to drop my number in case Dayo needs anything.” I said.
    “I offered to stand in but they gave me a separate note to sign as his lawyer and asked me to call his family.” Barrister Prosper huffed.
    “Did they let you sign it?” Bamidele asked.
    “Yes..I told them that I was his distant relative.” I answered.
    “I really feel bad for mr Dayo because I called his dad but he refused to come and see his son.” Barrister shook his head in pity.
    “Let us listen to the recording before deciding our next move.” Bamidele said.
    “Yes…you are right.” Barrister Prosper added.
    “You look tired, are you okay?” Barrister asked in a concerned tone.
    I shook my head. “Yes I am alright.”
    I wasn’t happy, felt really weak after finding out the truth Adedayo’s situation.
    “I will drive you home.” Bamidele unlocked his car.
    “Can you give me a ride too? My car broke down yesterday and I haven’t gotten a call from the auto repair shop.” Barrister Prosper asked.
    “That’s not a problem, we can listen to the recording on our way.” Bamidele said.
    “Okay.” Barrister responded.

    I sat in the backseat while barrister Prosper sat next to the driver seat. We hit the highway after driving out of the police station street and I handed recording device to barrister Prosper.
    Barrister Prosper pressed the red button on the device and the recording started to play with my voice at first and then Dayo’s voice was heard too.
    Several minutes passed before the recording ended. And I couldn’t control the tears that streamed down my cheeks but I wiped my face clea. I could feel my heart breaking every single time I think about what Dayo has been through while he was with Shalewa.

    “I have always known that there was more to this story.” Bamidele hands gripped the steering wheel.
    “Can you just imagine?! My God! How can she be so selfish and shameless?! The actress is pure evil! And everyone has been blaming me Dayo in this incident!” Barrister Prosper expresses his disgust and anger towards Shalewa.
    “We have the evidence that will retake the truth, all we need to do is edit the recording and play just the important part in the court.” Bamidele said.
    And all of a sudden a bothersome question struck my mind.

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    Sulihat Adeola Abdul Yekeen
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    Finally,he revealed the truth behind the scandal

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    wow! arike ur sister wedding make all this to happen,, thank God he’s telling you everything

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    Wao what a wicked actress shalewa u and ur dad will surely paid for it

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    What abt his phone arike? You didnt ask them abt it. G wish you 3 the best in this case o

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