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    Theme: False Evidence

    Arike’s POV

    A bothersome question struck my mind and I couldn’t hide it. “Bamidele, what if the court says the recording is staged?” I asked.
    The men lapsed into silence. Gosh! Why didn’t I think about it?! Shalewa’s lawyer could counter our evidence with the claim that it was staged and falsified to favour Adedayo.

    “You are right..but at the same time we have a witness.” Bamidele muttered.
    “I have an idea.” Barrister Prosper said.
    “What is it?” I asked.
    He adjusted his sitting position and turned to face me. “It is dangerous but I believe we can do it.” Barrister Prosper stared intently at me.
    “As long as it is legal, then we can consider it.” Bamidele said as he focused on the road ahead.
    “My first question is who will meet doctor Ajibade Nelson, our only witness?” Barrister Prosper asked.
    “I will visit the hospital tomorrow to talk to doctor Nelson and get the flash drive.” Bamidele answered.
    “I am coming with you.” I said.
    “Arike, you don’t need to come along. Let us do our job or have you forgotten that you have so much to do for Busayomi’s wedding?” He asked.
    “Bamidele, this is about Dayo and I am sure my sister will understand me. So I am coming with you and don’t tell me otherwise.” I countered.
    “Very have to go with him and the reason is not to meet doctor Nelson.” Barrister Prosper said.

    My eyebrows drew together in confusion. “If I am not going to meet doctor Nelson then who am I meeting?” I asked.
    “Shalewa.” Barrister Prosper answered.
    “Are you serious right now?” Bamidele said.
    “Yes..I think meeting Shalewa is the only way for the court to believe this recording.” Barrister Prosper said.
    My frown deepened. “How?” I asked.
    “Good question, all you need to do is make Shalewa confess that she did these things Dayo said in the recording.” Barrister Prosper explained.
    My mouth fell open. “Shalewa might tell her lawyer and they will use it against us in court.” Bamidele said after a moment of silence.
    “You don’t understand my idea, I am not saying that you should force Shalewa to agree to anything.” Barrister Prosper said.
    “So what are you insinuating?” Bamidele asked.
    “You already know the truth, just put up an act of concern and self pity that would make Shalewa believe that you are on her side. You can as well let her know that you know the truth and then if she plead guilty in the recording, we can settle the case without going to court. Either ways, our work is to get mr Dayo out of police custody and probably have a settlement for him.” Barrister Prosper said.

    “No, Shalewa must pay for everything she has done to Dayo.” I grimaced.
    “Either ways..I think Dayo would be the one to decide if he wants to settle out of court after she admits that she is at fault. If he wants to go to court to plead not guilty and with good evidence if he is really found not guilty you the court then Shalewa would be asked to pay a huge sum of money to Dayo for defamation of character and public humiliation.” Bamidele explained.
    “We would win on both sides is mr Dayo is found not guilty.” Barrister Prosper said.
    “Well barrister Prosper’s idea is actually not bad, if I make Shalewa admit that it was her fault then Dayo can be free.” I said.
    “Can you do that?” Barrister Prosper asked.
    I shook my head. “Yes, I am willing to do anything to help Dayo as long as it is legal.” I answered.
    Barrister Prosper gave me a thumps up. “You guys should meet up with doctor Nelson and Shalewa while I meet some contacts who can help on this case.” He turned and faced the road ahead.
    “Okay..good what time should we meet?” I asked.
    “Is 9:00am okay with you?” Bamidele asked.
    “Let us make it by 8:00am.” I answered.
    “Hospital visiting time starts by 9 and ends by 12, so you should be there within that period of time.” Barrister prosper said.
    “Arike, I will come and pick you up tomorrow.” Bamidele said.
    “Thank you, Bamidele.”
    “You should hold this…” Barrister gave the recording device to Bamidele. “You will need it tomorrow.”
    “Please drop it in my safe.” Bamidele said.
    Barrister Prosper did as instructed.
    “I am certain we will win this case.” I said within.

    Bamidele dropped me at home before turning to leave for his place. Busayomi had called twice in the car to check if everything was fine and I told her hat I would be home soon.
    She was definitely waiting for me to come and deliver the full gist of what happened at the police station.

    When I stepped into the house Iteoluwa was watching cartoon while I didn’t see Busayomi in the living room. I expected the cold attitude from Iteoluwa so I didn’t want to bother her sweet moment as she sang along to Sofia the first theme song.
    “I am finding out what being royal is all about…Sofia the first.”
    I took just few step ms to head straight to the kitchen then I heard her voice.
    “Mom…” Iteoluwa said.
    And I turned around to face her. “My love..”
    She reduced the volume of the television. “Welcome mommy.” She started towards me.
    “I didn’t want to disturb you.” I forced a smile on my face.
    “Oh Arike…you are back!” Busayomi cane out of the kitchen.
    “Yes I came in just now and I was about to come and see you in the kitchen.” I said.
    “It is alright. I have prepared dinner so go inside and have a bathe then come out to eat.” Busayomi said.
    “Okay.” I muttered.

    Busayomi cuts her off. “Go ahead and watch your cartoon, your mom needs to get changed.”
    “Okay..big mommy.” Iteoluwa mumbled, sadness clouded her features as she walked back to the couch.

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    Hmmmmmm some women are sumtin else o walahi.

    Arike that’s good move.

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Like seriously, i wish this story is a completed one so that i can read it once.

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    And i hope arike knows how to bring out the truth from shalewa’s mouth

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    what question is that

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    the little girl wants to hear good news

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Which Question @episode 39

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Good Will Surly Prevail Over Evil

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