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    Like this now ehn

    Dayo don get the upper ↗ hand ✋

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    You guys should go for the second idea ?

    Let Shalewa pay for her crimes

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    I hope and I am sure that they will win the court case

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    recording his voice alone is progress

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    arike I know that shalewa didn’t like you so, maybe it will not be hard for her to bring out the truth,,all the best team dayo

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    I’m beginning to feel nervous,will Shalewa open up to Arike?
    Will Arike succeed in making Shalewa confess her bad deeds?
    Dis case na tough one oo,chaii…

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    Theme: She wants to meet daddy
    Arike’s POV

    I snapped my eyebrows together. “Did she do something wrong while I was away?” I asked.
    “Maybe..” Busayomi muttered.
    “What did she do?” I asked again.
    I know my child well, Iteoluwa preferred to report herself after doing what she has been told not to do instead of having someone to talk about her offenses.

    “What did she do? She gave you a hard time? Did she cry too much? Or did she break anything around the house?” I bombarded Busayomi with questions.
    She answered me with a sigh. “You look tired, go ahead and have a shower before our food gets cold.” Busayomi pushed me towards the direction of the bedroom.

    I became so worried and anxious to know what Iteoluwa has done to Busayomi. Iteoluwa had looked really sad after Busayomi spoke to her.
    I had the quickest bathe, changed into my night gown and grabbed my phone before walking out of the room.

    My phone beeped on getting to the dinning area where dinner has been served by Busayomi. It was Bamidele calling my phone. I hoped for good news as I accepted the call.
    “Hello Bamidele…” I said, moving away from the dinning area to the living room.
    “Arike, how are you feeling now?” He asked.
    “I am alright.” I replied.
    “Good to hear…” He said.
    “So what is the news?” I asked.
    “Barrister Prosper managed to get a contact who knows doctor Nelson.” He said.
    “Okay..that is nice…” I muttered.
    “I spoke to doctor Nelson and he agreed to see us.” Bamidele said.
    “Oh this is great did you mention the flash drive to him?” I asked.
    “No I didn’t want to be too forward.” Bamidele responded.
    “Okay…that is good.” I muttered.
    “Doctor Nelson said he has something to give us, I am sure it must be the flash drive.” He said.
    “Yes…that must be it.” I said.
    “So let us meet at that time because doctor Nelson said he would only be able to meet with us during visitation hours.” Bamidele said.
    “And we will find out about Shalewa’s condition from him before you meet her.” Bamidele coughed.
    “Oh sorry…”
    “Thanks..I just choked on water.” He said.
    “Okay…just keep me updated and give me a call whenever you are about to leave home.” I said.
    “Alright please get enough rest.” Bamidele coughed again.
    “Thanks for your concern, take care Bamidele.”
    “You are welcome, have a good night.” He said.
    “And you too.” I replied before ending the call.
    “Is everything alright?” Busayomi asked when
    I walked back to the dinning area.
    “Yes…everything is fine.” I answered.

    My gaze flickered on Iteoluwa, she wasn’t eating.
    Busayomi gestured to me to sit down, she handed me my food, I offered to feed Iteoluwa but an eye contact from Busayomi stopped me.
    “Iteoluwa, your mom won’t be able to feed you today, so eat yourself.” She said.
    Iteoluwa looked at me. “Come on eat.” Busayomi said.
    “Okay..big mommy.” She muttered and took her spoon to eat.
    “So let us all eat.” Busayomi said and we all ate in silence.
    Several minutes clicked by and we finished our meal with no one uttering a word. I stood up and reached out to take Iteoluwa’s plate.
    “Leave it..let her take it herself to the kitchen.” Busayomi said.
    I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.
    “Iteoluwa, take your plate to the kitchen.” Busayomi instructed.
    “Okay…big mommy.” She got out of the chair quickly and walked off to the kitchen with her plate.
    Busayomi stood up and collected the dishes I had assembled and she also walked away to the kitchen.
    “Don’t you dare try to interfere because I am doing this for your sake.” She said.
    She and Iteoluwa came back together some seconds later.
    “Go and prepare to sleep…” Busayomi said to her.
    “Okay big mommy…” she looked at me before walking away.
    I became confused as to why Busayomi was making Iteoluwa do things herself.
    I stood up to follow my child but Busayomi grabbed my upper arm and pulled me back on the chair.
    “You better sit down there before I hit your face.” She grimaced.
    “What is going on? You know Iteoluwa can’t put herself to sleep…she needs me.” I said with a raised eyebrow.
    “Iteoluwa can’t put herself to sleep..she needs me.” Busayomi mimicked me.
    I placed my curved palm under my chin.
    “She will learn to do it today,” Busayomi answered with a shrug.
    “Why? You know she is just five..not even five yet.” I said.
    “In few months time but does it matter? Do you want to kill yourself, you are thinking about are thinking about Iteoluwa, you have been out all day! And why are you so worked up about me telling Iteoluwa to do little things herself when I am just trying to show her the importance of having a mother in her life?!” She snapped at me.

    I understood her reason immediately and I began rub my temples.
    “I know why she is so spoilt that she can’t do little things herself. It is because you raised her where they do all the things for them. She wants to wee, she wants to poop, she wants to eat, she wants to do are the one doing it for her. Assuming she was raised here in Nigeria, she would be doing these little things herself. Her age grade are already washing plates in some houses.” Busayomi explained.
    “Alright..I understand but you know..I am only trying to make her comfortable. She is all I have.”
    “Are you the first mother on earth? I am not saying Iteoluwa is not a good child but try to make her do some things herself. Did you see how she fed herself without dropping any bit of food on the table?” She asked.
    I shook my head. “That shows that she can do these things herself.”
    “What did you say to her?” I asked.
    “I didn’t tell her anything about Adedayo but I only made it clear to her that you are doing your best to reunite her with her father.” Busayomi answered.
    “She doesn’t know what I am trying to do for her that is why she is mad at me.” I said.
    “She just wants to meet her daddy, but I am sure she understands you now.” Busayomi gave my hand a small squeeze.
    I heaved a sigh. “She will meet Adedayo once everything is over.”
    “Actually she is feeling guilty for acting cold towards you in the morning that is why she wanted to apologize.” Busayomi said.
    “I don’t want her to feel that way.” I whispered.
    “I am sure she will get over it once you talk things out with her.” I nodded my head in agreement.

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