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    Theme: Evil Wife and Greedy Father
    Arike’s POV

    “Actually she is feeling guilty for acting cold towards you in the morning that is why she wanted to apologize.” Busayomi said.
    “I don’t want her to feel that way.” I whispered.
    “I am sure she will get over it once you talk things out with her.”
    I nodded my head in agreement.
    “So how was the meeting with Dayo?” Busayomi asked.
    “It went well…I guess.” I nibbled on my bottom lip.
    “Did Adedayo tell you what really happened?” She asked curiously.
    I shook my head and heaved a sigh.
    “So who is guilty?” She asked again.
    “According to what Adedayo told me, It is Shalewa that is guilty.” I answered.
    “I knew it!” Busayomi snapped her finger.
    Then I narrated everything Adedayo told me and our plans of meeting the doctor who has the flash drive and also Shalewa.

    Busayomi fell mouth open. “Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Oh my God! Shalewa is a terrible woman o! Omo! I fear who no fear our gender o! How can she do such a shameful act and still pretend to me a victim just to protect her career and reputation!” Busayomi gasped out in shock.
    “I was surprised too o especially the part that Jamal is not his son.” I said.
    “Mr Awosika should be blamed, he is just concerned about money. He doesn’t even care about his only son!” Busayomi gritted her teeth.
    I rubbed my slightly aching temples. “And I don’t know why he is like that to his children.” I muttered.

    “Arike make sure you get the truth out of Shalewa even if you have beat her up for it. See if she wants to be saying rubbish just grab her hair, make her go bald and punch her face really hard.” Busayomi demonstrated how I should treat Shalewa on our next meeting.
    “Ahh that is violence now and it will only complicate the case even more. It is not -“
    Her mouth set in hardline. “Who cares? When she was doing her shit and got Dayo into this whole mess, didn’t she think about violence? Woh let us just scatter everything..leak the recording to social media and let everybody hear about it and know that Shalewa is evil. And let Dayo charge her to court for humiliation and he should demand 50 million naira as settlement and compensation.” She said.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at her dramatic nature. “Thank God you are not a lawyer, you would have been a very violent lawyer in court.” I said.
    “I wish I was one..see all these ones you are finding evidence, I will just go to judge house and play him the recording, leak it everywhere on media, send to reporters..abi should I come with you to see Shalewa?” She asked.
    “Ah no I can handle it.” I laughed.
    “See if you need help beating her up if she doesn’t talk don’t just hesitate to call me. One beep and I will come rushing to that hospital, who is she? How can she treat Adedayo like that? Ahh I feel like going there right now and go and deal with her.” She hissed.
    I giggled. “Please why are you acting like a war freak?” I asked.

    She stood up abruptly. “Woh! I don’t mind to be a woman of violence just to deal with Shalewa. That woman needs someone to teach her a big lesson…ahh I feel bad for Adedayo, if mr Awosika was my father I would have disfather him a long time ago.” She hissed out again.
    “Disfather? Which one is that one again?” I laughed out.
    “I will disown him if he was my father…” she answered.
    “Let us be calming down o.” I laughed.
    Busayomi laughed too. “Woh..this Dayo’s case is really on my mind, I wish I could help him.”
    “We will do our best to help me.” I said.
    “I will keep on praying to God to shed more light into this case and I am sure everything will be fine. Adedayo Awosika will be free again..and this time he will be free forever from the grip of that devious woman and a greedy father.” She prayed.
    “Amen!” I said heartily.

    Busayomi yawned. “I am feeling sleepy but I still need to wash the dishes.”
    “Why don’t you just leave it?” I said.
    “No…those ant and cockroaches will just appear from no where and start feeding on the left overs.” She yawned again.
    “Okay..I will wash it.” I stood up.
    “No I don’t want to stress you, save up your energy for Shalewa.” She started towards the kitchen.
    “Are you sure you don’t need my help?” I asked.
    “Please go and have a good rest, you need all the whole strength to deal with Shalewa tomorrow.” She answered.
    “Okay…goodnight.” I said.
    “Goodnight.” She answered before walking into the kitchen.
    I motioned towards my bedroom, when I walked in Iteoluwa was laying in bed, playing with her singing doll.
    “Mom…” she sat up abruptly.
    “My love…” I got into bed and pull the bed covers over our bodies. “Why are you still awake?” I asked.
    Iteoluwa nestled closer to my side and rested her head on my chest.
    “I was waiting for you.” She mumbled.
    “Why? It is really late you should have gone to sleep.” She intertwined our hands.
    “I want to say..sorry mommy, I shouldn’t be mad at you…” she stopped talking.
    “Iteoluwa-“ I called her name but no response came from her.

    All she did was cuddle me tightly and she sniffled.
    “Sweetie are you crying?” I tilted her head to look up at me and she has tears in her eyes.
    “Yes mommy… I feel so bad for ignoring you this morning and for getting mad at you after promising that I won’t be angry with you.” She sobbed. “I am sorry mommy.”
    “It is alright.” I placed a kiss on her forehead.
    “You have always been there for have been doing everything for me..I am sorry mommy.”

    Tears welled up in my eyes. “Please stop crying, I understand that you want to meet your daddy so badly right?”
    “Yes mom..I really want to see him.” She admitted.
    “ will soon meet him, please just give me a little time. Once everything is sorted out then I bring you to see your daddy.” I said.
    She stared intensely at me, a look of disappointment on her face.
    “Please..” I muttered.
    “Okay..I will wait..mommy.” She sniffed.
    “Please don’t cry my love…I am sorry you have to go through this…” I embraced her tightly.
    “Okay mommy.” She said in a tight whisper.
    “I love you so much.” I said with a kiss on her forehead.
    “I love you too mommy.” She replied.
    Then I started singing her favorite lullaby and soon I heard a small snore from her. She was asleep.

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    I would have disfather him


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    Iteoluwa you will soon ? meet ya daddy

    You hear

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    But busayomi you too dey vex o

    If to say you con be lawyer nko

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    But is good to let your daughter be doing some house work, she is a female child, I agree with your friend

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    Ubi Kyle
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    For De Sake Of Ite, Pls Arike Try And Find Justice For Dayo

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    Mr. Awosika is a disgrace to fatherhood

    Dayo will get justice

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