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    that true

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    big mummy take it easy

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    sweet child don’t worry your mummy and her friend are doing everything for ur dad to be free

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    … …

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    Theme: Doubting barrister Prosper

    Arike’s POV

    It was a very cold morning because there had been a huge downpours in the middle of the night. I woke up around 6:00am and did the necessary things in the house before getting dressed, ready to face whatever the day has in store for me.

    Busayomi yawned. “Oh you have prepared breakfast for us…” she grumbled.
    “Yes..I know you will be very busy today with the stuffs you want to put together for the wedding. And having to watch Iteoluwa, I don’t want you to stress yourself out.” I said.
    “So are you ready to leave?” She asked rubbing her sleepy eyes.
    “Yes..” I answered.
    “Is Bamidele here already?” She asked, yawning out loud again.
    “No..not yet…” I taped on my phone to send Bamidele a message.
    “Wow! Omo this cold sabi freeze person o, is Iteoluwa okay?” She asked with concern in her tone.
    “Yes she is fine, I already bathe her with hot water and she is asleep now.” I answered.
    “Okay..the rain is still drizzling, let me get a umbrella for you.” She said.
    “Okay..thanks.” I mumbled.

    Busayomi walked off into her room while my phone beeped. It was a call from Bamidele.
    “Arike, I am outside your home now.” He said.
    “Oh I already sent you a text.” I grabbed my bag from the table.
    “Yes I just saw it now, I couldn’t reply your message because I was driving.” He answered.
    “Okay…I will be out soon.” I said and disconnected the call.
    Busayomi came back with an umbrella and pull over jacket.
    “Have it to prevent you from catching cold.” She handed the umbrella and jacket to me.
    “Thank you.” I took the stuffs from her and wore the jacket. “I have to leave now, Bamidele is at the gate.” I hugged her.
    “Okay… please be careful, if anything comes up please don’t hesitate to call me.” She said with a worried expression on her face.
    “Alright but don’t worry everything will go well.” I flashed her a small smile.
    “Okay..bye bye.” Busayomi said as she walked me to the door.
    I walked out of the house, pulled the hood of the jacket over my head, opened the umbrella and started towards the gate.

    Bamidele car honked to get my attention, he was three houses away from our gate. I walked to the car and slide into it after closing off the umbrella.
    “Good morning,” I greeted Bamidele.
    “What a cold morning…I hope you managed to get some sleep?” He asked.
    “Yes I tried to sleep but when the case is over, I will definitely have my beauty sleep.” I heaved a sigh.
    “Okay…I guess we can leave now.” He said.
    “Sure.” I dropped the umbrella in the back seat and fastened my seatbelt.
    Bamidele started the car and it glide in slow motion.
    “I think it is right for you to know that I sent a copy of the recording to barrister Prosper yesterday night.” Bamidele informed me.
    “You sound is like you don’t want him to have the recording.” I said.

    Bamidele look at me for a second before focusing on the road ahead. “You still have your reading mind spirit huh?” He asked.
    I managed to laugh at his joke. “What reading mind spirit?”
    “Arike should I be honest with you?” He asked.
    “Sure.” I replied.
    “I don’t trust barrister Prosper.” He said.
    “Why? He seems incompetent at first but I think he will do a good job with your help in court.” I said.
    He nodded his head in agreement.“I observe that he is easily swayed, and I am afraid that if our opponent find out about this evidence they might want to use him against us or what do you think?” He asked.
    “Are you insinuating that they can bribe him?” I asked.
    “Something like that…” he answered.
    Bamidele is an observant, for him to have said out his thoughts means that he was bothered about barrister Prosper.
    “Bamidele I really don’t know what to think but let us not jump into conclusions yet.” I said.
    “I am just thinking about the possibilities anyways.” Bamidele mumbled.
    “Let us trust him this once because he is also helpful in the case.” I said.
    “Alright if he is a lawyer who fight for justice for the people then I am definitely going to hire him to work in my firm.” Bamidele said.

    The drive to the hospital was filled with Bamidele telling me about his plans for his law firm and how he intend to hire more lawyers to work with him.
    Finally we reached Branjos hospital, Bamidele asked the nurse at the reception desk for the pathway leading to doctor Nelson’s office.
    “Sir do you have an appointment with him?” She asked.
    “Not really but he is aware that we are coming to see him.” I answered.
    “Yes he sent me a message to let me know the time to come around to see him.” Bamidele added.
    “Can I see the message please?” The nurse asked.
    “Sure..” Bamidele brought out his phone and show the nurse the message.
    “Okay..I think he should be less busy since it is visiting hours.” She said.
    “Yeah that is also what he told us.” Bamidele said.
    The nurse faced her colleague that was sitting next to her. “Nurse Joy please take them to doctor Nelson’s office.”
    “Okay..” Nurse Joy stood up and came out of the cubicle. “Please come with me.”
    We thanked the nurse and we followed nurse Joy.
    “I hope everything works out as planned.” Bamidele whispered to me.
    We passed a long hallway leading into several wards and soon the nurse stopped in front of a door.
    “This is doctor Nelson’s office, please wait here I will let him you are here. What are your names?” Nurse Joy asked.
    Bamidele and I exchanged glances. “Just tell him, barrister Bamidele and Arike.” I answered.
    She knocked on the door and only entered after she heard a come in. Nurse Joy stepped in closing the door behind her.

    “I should have called him to come and pick us at the reception, all the waiting and questioning scheme is a waste of time.” Bamidele grumbled.
    “You are acting like you are not a lawful person. You know how these things works, they have to be careful and strict with their policy of having people around here.” I said.
    “ are right sometimes I forget my profession.” Bamidele chuckled.

    Nurse Joy came out with a huge smile on her lips. “You can go in to see doctor Nelson.” She said.
    I heard Bamdiele heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you.” We both said in unison before the nurse walked away.
    Bamidele opened the door and let me into the office first before he followed in closing the door gently behind him.
    A middle aged man dressed in white shirt, a white doctor’s coat over it with a pair of glasses hanging on his nose. I didn’t know we were meeting someone older than Adedayo. Doctor Nelson stood up to welcome us and we exchanged pleasantries.

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    This your sis go tear person head o, abi which one is dis-father again!

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    I hope things turn out good.

    Ride on.

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