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    Hoping For Good Out Come

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    I believe it will go well

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    i hope everything turns out good

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    Eddy Ug
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    That is great ride on

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    Theme: Doctor Nelson
    Arike’s POV

    A middle aged man dressed in white shirt, a white doctor’s coat over it with a pair of glasses hanging on his nose. I didn’t know we were meeting someone older than Adedayo. Doctor Nelson’s stood up to welcome us and we exchanged pleasantries.

    “Please take your seat.” He offered.
    Bamidele and I settled in the chairs facing him directly.
    Doctor Nelson cleared his throat. “First of all, I really appreciate your help to get Dayo out of police custody. It is a good thing that he has people like you guys willing to help out.” He said.
    “We have some evidences but we just need what you have with you.” I said.
    “A flash drive…” Bamdele added.
    “Dayo told you about the flash drive?” Doctor Nelson asked with his eyes beaming with hope.
    “Yes he told us everything that happened between he and Shalewa.” I answered.
    “I am glad that Adedayo came out of his shell and revealed the truth to you. I have the flash drive he told you about here.” He opened a drawer and brought out a brown envelope.
    “Everything you need to win this case is in this envelope, test results, copies of messages he received and also the flash drive.” He dropped it on the table and passed it to us.

    Bamidele reached out to take it. “Thank you doctor Nelson, but we still need your help.” I said.
    “I am willing to testify as a witness in court. I know Dayo is innocent and I don’t want him to pay for crimes he didn’t commit. Shalewa should be the one in police custody.” Doctor Nelson said with a hardened expression.
    “That is why we will still be needing your help.” Bamidele said after dropping the brown envelope back on the table.
    “What else do I need to do? Please let me know, I am willing to do anything for Dayo. He has been a good friend to me over the years.” Doctor Nelson said.

    Bamidele and I exchanged glances before he spoke up. “We need to see Shalewa.” He said.
    “Shalewa?” The doctor leaned back in his chair.
    I leaned forward to talk to doctor Nelson in case anyone was outside trying to listen to whatever we are saying.
    “I need to meet Shalewa, All we need now to back up our evidences is to make her confess that she framed Adedayo.” I explained to the doctor.
    Soon acknowledgement registered on doctor Nelson’s face and he leaned forward. “They have tightened the security outside Shalewa’s room. There are police men always standing on guard at her ward, so it won’t be easy getting in except you have an appointment with her.” Doctors Nelson explained.

    Geez! Why are there security outside her ward? To protect her? From who? Dayo who is in the police custody?! I thought deeply. Was this plan of getting Shalewa to confess going to work out?
    “What do we do?” Doctor Nelson asked.
    “Doctor, meeting Shalewa is the only way to clear up Dayo’s name if things works out as planned.” I said in a low tone.
    “We know this is dangerous because of your profession but what we are about to do is not illegal. We are just trying to get evidences to prove our client innocence.” Bamidele said.
    Doctor Nelson stared into space, absolutely lost in thought.
    “Doctor Nelson…” I called out to him.
    He snapped out of reverie. “Oh..sorry..but I think I have a way to get you into Shalewa’s room.” He whispered.
    “What way?” Bamidele and I asked the same time.
    “The only way to get into Shalewa’s room is for you to act as a nurse.” He whispered.
    Bamidele and I exchanged glances, he gave me a ‘are you okay with it? Look and I shook my head positively.
    “It makes sense..but how do we go about it?” I asked.
    “Nurse Joy is the one in charge of Shalewa medications for this week, I can talk to her to let you take her time.” Doctor Nelson said.
    “Will it be alright to involve her?” Bamidele asked.
    “Don’t worry she is one of Dayo’s fan.” He answered.
    “If it is going to work then I am in.” I said.
    “Okay..let me talk to her.” He grabbed his cellphone on the table.
    He put the phone on speaker after dialing the nurse number.
    “Hello nurse Joy, please is there anyone visiting Shalewa?”
    “No sir..there is no one with her and even her guards are out for lunch too.” Nurse Joy answered.
    “So she is alone..perhaps have you gone to give her medications?” He asked again.
    “No sir..but it is due in five minutes.” Nurse Joy answered.
    “Okay..can you bring her medications to my office, I will like to check on her myself.” He said.
    “Okay sir..I will be there soon.” Nurse Joy said before cutting off the call.
    “Are you going to her ward with me?” I asked.
    “No you will be the one to give Shalewa her drugs. And like you said I don’t think it will be alright to involve the nurse in this case.” Doctor Nelson said.
    “Okay sir.”
    He stood up from the chair. “I will be right back.” He walked out of the office.

    Several minutes clicked back before Doctor Nelson came back into the office with a tray in his hand and a white uniform in the other hand.
    “I managed to get a uniform from the store.” He gave the uniform to me. “You can go into the checking room to change your outfit into this uniform.”
    The room was demarcated with a curtain, I took it from him and walked into the room.

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Hmmm, Nice Work. Pls Make Her Speake

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    So shalewa that ur father still put security for u shameless woman… Arike plz be wise

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    Dela Cruise
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    What type of father picks money over his son…. A business oriented mogul who believes money is everything

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