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    Theme: A meeting with Shalewa
    Arike’s POV

    I was disguised as a nurse with a face mask to hide my identity. When I got to Shalewa’s private ward, there were no guards at the entrance. Bamidele was nearby waiting to distract the guards in case they come back and I hope they are stupid enough to not suspect anything. I have just fifteen minutes to get Shalewa to confess that she framed Adedayo.

    I breathed in and out heavily before walking into the ward. The room was for VIP patients and it was quite expensive. And there she was sitting comfortably in bed with a blue spiral binding book in her hand, one I assumed to be a script.
    Unbelievable! This sly female was ready to act again in a movie amidst all this chaos she created while Dayo was suffering in the police custody. Shalewa was selfish and inhumane.

    I held the tray tightly for some seconds before clearing my throat and Shalewa looked at me. She looked better than Dayo with only her bandage around her head.
    “Oh nurse..I was just about to ring the alarm, I am feeling a bit uneasy.” She said.
    She feels uneasy but she is reading a script!
    I started towards the bed without saying a word to her. I did a good job at giving her the drugs Doctor Nelson had given to me.
    It was easy for me to give her overdose but I am not a bad person. And I have decided to fight her fairly.
    “Thank you.” She said after gulping down the drugs with water.
    “Perhaps are you new here because I haven’t seen your face. I mean all the nurses here always talk to me even before giving me drugs.” She said.
    She seemed proud of who she was – the famous Nollywood Actress.

    I carried the tray to the couch, I placed the tray on it before settling in the couch.
    “Oh you decided to stay after giving me you want an autograph too? Or you want me to also tell you the story of how my husband pushed me down the stairs?” She asked with a coy smile.
    Let us see if you will have this confidence after seeing my face.
    I reached out for the mask on my face and removed it slowly. Recognition registered on Shalewa’s face immediately.
    “Do I still look new to you? I asked.
    Her face expressed shock. “What…what..a here?” She stuttered looking outside through the transparent gap on the door.
    “Your guards are still out for lunch and don’t even think of pressing the alarm to alert the nurses.” I flashed her a faked smile.
    “Are you a nurse now?” She asked in fear.
    “I will be your nurse for today but…why do you look so afraid? Have you done something bad?” I asked.

    She looked away from me. “I am not afraid but only surprised to see you. It has been five years since I saw you.” She faked a smile to get rid of the fear in her eyes.
    I was angry but I have to calm down to make her believe I am on her side. If it works out as planned then we are good to go.
    “Come is good to see you again, Shalewa.” I managed to flash her a fake bright smile.
    I have to act like I don’t know what is happening and probably make her believe that I am on your side.
    “Where have you been all these years, Arike?” She asked.
    “Didn’t Dayo tell you anything about me?” I asked in return.
    She shook her head with a frown on her face at the mention of Dayo. “He only mentioned that you left the country without giving me a good reason.” Shalewa answered.
    “Yes..I have been in New York.” I said.
    “Oh that is good..but -“ she pursed her lips.
    “But what?” I asked.
    “But let me be straight with you, when and why did you return and what are you doing at the hospital?” She asked .
    “I got back to the country few weeks ago because my sister is getting married.” I answered.
    “What is her name again..I mean that your sister.” She said.
    “Busayomi and I am here at the hospital because of you.” I said in a calm tone.
    Shalewa eyed me suspiciously. “Why? You should have booked appointment with my PA if you wanted to see me.” She said.
    I was short of words.

    “Perhaps have you met Dayo?” She blurted out and now the fear returned to her expression.
    “No..after I read the news..I am not sure I know Dayo anymore. I am also not sure that I want to meet him.” I said.
    “Oh really? And why is that?” She asked with a raised eyebrows.
    “To be honest I am more worried about you.” I said in a feigned pitiful tone.
    Suddenly Shalewa laughed out loudly throwing me into a state of confusion.

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    i think it working out

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    Shalewa is not ashame of herself

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    I hope she didn’t know you are lying?

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    Dela Cruise
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    She’s laughing out loud because she feels u also fell for the lies and acts she portrayed to the public

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    Dela Cruise
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    Shalewa now time to be caught unawares because am sure u are about to blurt out the truth unknowningly and to the last person u should have told that to

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    Dela Cruise
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    Arike i never knew you to be a good liar and actress until now. Keep it up until she spills out the truth

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    Confession mood

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