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    still following

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Arike, i hope your recorder is on sha, i trust you are not that foolish

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    Dayo’s father should be jailed, he caused all these

    Shalewa is also a victim, no wonder she wasn’t faithful

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    Shalewa why cant u go after dayo father why dayo… Arike be smart plz

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    Arike take it easy with her she will confess no matter how..

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    Carry on

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Which father chooses money over his son,an apparent heir to his wealth?
    So all dis wealth n properties he’s amassing, who will inherent dem when he’s no more if not Dayo?

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    Theme: Who should be blamed?

    Arike’s POV

    “My father signed the billion naira deal with Adedayo after we got married. I got to know that they used me to get what they wanted from my father. Adedayo stopped paying attention to me, he barely cames home to sleep and when he was around, he never looked at me. Several times I had to get us drunk so we could make love as couples but for how long did I keep doing that? A long time and each time he wakes up ext day, he feels irritated by my presence. Dayo made me feel worthless, so I changed up too. I slept with few men just to hurt him. I felt abandoned and useless so tell me one reason why I shouldn’t make him suffer?!” She grimaced, anger clear in her expression.

    “So you also didn’t accept the divorce because you wanted him to suffer?” I asked.
    “Yes..he can’t back out..never. We vowed forever at the I am not going to accept to divorce him.” Her eyes flooded with tears and this time around I could see the pains in them.
    Both parties are both claiming victims, now who should be blamed?
    “So you framed him just to make him suffer too?” I asked hoping to get what I wanted from her.
    The corners of her mouth turned up. “Yes..he has to be the one to suffer while I be the victim!”
    I closed my eyes…this was it…she just confessed it! Shalewa had let her guard down because she was angry. I should still push through with my plan to get more from her. Though I felt pity for Shalewa too for everything she went through in this marriage.

    “You don’t have to do this…” I said my voice coming out in a tight whisper.
    She shot me a glare. “I will do everything in my power to make sure that Dayo ends up in Jail!”
    “Shalewa there is still chance for you to come out clear and confess the truth. We can settle this out of court if you want..” I tried to persuade her.
    Her jaw clenched and expressed hardened even more. “Settle? Settle what? This case? No..Get out! Get out you imbecile! Get out!” She snarled.
    I felt insulted by her words! I don’t really care if Dayo was also to be blamed for what was happening! Shalewa went to far! She should have devised another way to get back at Dayo for hurting her. And isn’t lying about who the father of her child was enough to make him suffer? Dayo found out the boy he assumes to be his son wasn’t really his child – that was a huge blow for him.

    “Get out!” She pointed towards the door.
    My mouth twitched. “Justice will prevail!”
    “Get out!” She reached out and pressed the alarm on the door.
    “I will see you in court.” I said before storming out of the room.
    I could hear footsteps approaching probably the guards meant to watch the door or the nurses on duty, and then I ran the opposite way to avoid them. I hope this doesn’t stir up trouble for doctor Nelson. I rushed into doctor Nelson’s office.
    Bamidele and Doctor Nelson were still waiting for me.
    “How was it?” Bamidele asked.
    “It wasn’t easy..she found out I was there for Dayo. But I am afraid that she might tell the nurses about me because she pressed the alarm before I left. Won’t it get you into trouble because you told the nurse that you want to give Shalewa her drugs?” I blabbed in fear for Doctor Nelson.
    I was afraid that he was going to lose his job if they decided to investigate it.

    “You don’t have to worry…I didn’t meet up with Nurse Joy the other time because I knew this might happen. I told the nurse not to worry that I won’t be able to attend to Shalewa.” He explained.
    “So no one will think you are involved?” I asked.
    “But why didn’t nurse Joy go in to give Shalewa her drugs?” Bamidele asked.
    “Wait..what if she saw me when I went into the ward and decided to listen to what we talked about?” I asked again, Bamidele and I exchanging glances.

    Doctor Nelson just watched us as we bombarded him with series of what ifs.
    “Nurse Joy went out for lunch and please don’t worry I will take care of things around here.” He said calmly.
    I was surprised by his calmness…maybe he was right. Nothing would go wrong since everything had seemed to work out for us.
    “Did she confess anything to you?” Bamidele asked.
    “I was able to get some truth from her…” I brought out the recording device attached to my trouser band and gave it to Bamidele.
    “What do you think before I play the recording?” Bamidele asked.

    A knocked came on the door and I froze immediately. Doctor Nelson gestured to us to stay quiet by placing a finger on his lips.
    “Yes..who is that?” He asked.
    “Doctor, it is me..nurse Titi.” A feminine nurse said.
    “Should we go and stay in that room…?” I mouthed.
    “No..stay..I am consulting you as a couple.” He said and we nodded in agreement.
    “Nurse Titi..please come in…” Doctor Nelson said.
    Bamidele reached for my hand as soon as the door opened. “Babe..don’t worry..everything will be fine..”
    I sniffed in pretense. “I hope our child is safe…” I sobbed.
    We acted like a couple in here with our doctor for consultation.
    “Yes..nurse…” Doctor Nelson said.
    “Ahh Doctor….your attention is needed in ward 305.” She said.
    Ward 305? Was that Shalewa’s ward?
    “Why?” Doctor Nelson asked.
    “The nursing mother is complaining that she is having a hard time breathing.” Nurse Titi answered.
    Slowly I heaved a sigh of relief.
    “Oh okay..I will be with you shortly.” Doctor Nelson replied.
    He gave her instructed on how to help the nursing mother.
    “Okay Doctor.” She said and the left the room.
    “That was close.” I breathed out.
    Doctor Nelson stood up from the chair. “I have to attend to a patient.” He said.
    “We will go ahead now too.” Bamidele and I stood up too.
    “Please help Adedayo get out of this mess.” He said.
    “Don’t worry we will do our best.” Bamidele said.
    “Thank you for helping us, doctor Nelson.” I said while Bamidele shook hands with him.

    And we all walked out of the office. Doctor Nelson bid us goodbye before walking away while we started out of the hospital.
    Bamidele replayed the recording when we settled in the car, he replayed at every point Shalewa had said things against herself.
    “The law is always on the side of those who can pay their way through. I think they are planning to bribe the judge or something.” I suggested.
    “You are right but all the things she stated here can be used as concrete evidence. Dayo is innocent and it is obvious that she framed him just to get back at him.” I said.
    “And she doesn’t feel remorseful about it. If Dayo wins this case then we can in turn sue her for defamation of character and public humiliation.” Bamidele said, his mouth set in a hard line.
    “Intentional homicide on her child, how could she fall off the stair knowing that she was pregnant and she even hurt Dayo by breaking a bottle on his head. What if he had died?” I screwed up my face.
    “If she is not careful..she might get a long sentence.” Bamidele said.
    “What do you think concerning what she said about Dayo and his father deeds?” I asked.
    “In this case I think Mr Awosika should be blamed for all that is happening to Dayo. He must have pressured Dayo to marry Shalewa for the sake of the family business.” Bamidele responded.

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