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    And You Guys Should Try And Device Another Means Of Evidence

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    You Guys Should Try And Device Another Means Of Evidence

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    Like we all know from the beginning that Adedayo don’t want to marry her, it was his father

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    And for not giving Her attention it was because of Arike that he did not see

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    Theme: Modern slavery

    Arike’s POV

    My phone vibrated in my purse and when I took it out to check, it was an unsaved number.
    “Is it Busayomi?” Bamidele asked.
    “No..the number is not saved on my phone.” I answered.
    “Do you want to pick it or ignore?” Bamidele asked again.
    “I will pick up the call, it might be one of those police men I gave my number to at the station.” Then I swiped the green button to accept the call and put it on speaker.
    “Hello…” I heard a feminine voice over the phone.
    “Yes..please who am I speaking with?” I asked.
    “Arike, it is you remember me? I am Adedayo’s sister.” The voice explained herself.

    Recognition registered in my mind. “Oh Mrs Moyo…how have you been?” I asked.
    “I have been good and forgive me for calling you unannounced.” She apologized.
    “It is alright.” I answered.
    “How have you been too?” She asked.
    “I have been well..and alright too. I hope there is no problem ma?” I asked.
    “There is no problem but I am calling to see if we can meet?” Moyosoreoluwa asked.
    “Oh..okay..when do you want to meet me?” I asked.
    “Can we meet now if it is okay with you?” Moyo asked.

    I exchanged glances with Bamidele and he nodded that I say yes.
    “Alright..I am less busy now so we can meet.” I responded.
    “I will text you the address to my place.” Mrs Moyo sounded happy over the phone.
    “Okay..I will be with you soon.” I said before the call got disconnected.
    “I don’t know why she wants to see me all of a sudden.” I said to Bamidele with a raised eyebrow.
    “Maybe she has something important to say to you. It might be about Dayo.” Bamidele scratched his head with the car key.
    “You maybe right because Moyo is the closest to Adedayo amongst his older sisters.”
    A message peeped on my screen.

    “She just sent me the address to her home.” I showed It to Bamidele.
    “ is very close to my law firm so I will drop you off.” He gave me back my phone and started the car.

    Finally we arrived at the address Moyosoreoluwa sent to me. I bid Bamidele goodbye before walking up to the gate.
    The gateman came to the gate. “How may I help you ma?” He asked.
    “Please I am here to see Mrs Moyosoreoluwa.” I said.
    “Okay..what’s your name?” He asked again.
    “Arike.” I answered.
    “Oh okay..she already told me someone with the name is coming to see her so I just wanted to confirm if you are the one. Please come in ma.” He opened the gate to let me in.
    “Thank you.” I said to the young man.
    I walked up the small stairs leading to the door and pressed the doorbell. I heard a voice screaming that she would be out soon. And some seconds later the door opened revealing the woman I had known for many years but I haven’t seen her for a very long time.

    Moyosoreoluwa was the second daughter of Mr Awosika. She left the country after she got married to a wealthy businessman when Dayo and I just finished secondary school. It has been over a decade now and I really don’t know much about her. I don’t even have the slightest idea if she was still married or divorced now.
    “Good day Arike.” She greeted me with a cheerful smile on her face.
    “Good afternoon Ma.” I managed to smile back at her.
    “Please come in.” She stepped aside and opened the door wide for me to walk into her home.
    “Thanks for coming when I haven’t even checked on you for years.” She said, walking towards a set of couches in the living room.
    “No it is alright and good to see you again ma.” I replied.
    I wasn’t close to any of the Awosika Sisters except for Adedayo. They were far more older than me so it wasn’t even easy relating with them.
    “Please take a seat.” She pointed to a couch facing her directly.
    I did as she instructed.
    “What will you like to drink? Tea? Wine? Juice? Soda?” She asked.
    “No..I am alright ma.” I replied.
    “What about water?” She asked.
    “Okay..that’s fine by me.” I answered.
    She stood up and walked away to a part I assumed to be the kitchen. And she came back with a tray filled with a bottle of chilled water and a glass cup.
    “No don’t worry ma..I can do it myself.” I stopped her from pouring me water.
    “Alright..” she sat back on the couch.
    “Thank you ma.” I poured myself a glass and drank little from the cold water.
    “Arike, I am sorry for calling you unannounced.” Moyosoreoluwa apologized.
    “It is okay..I am sure..that you must have called because it is important.” I said.

    She shook her head in agreement. “Yes..I have called you here because of Dayo’s case with his wife. I went to see his lawyer yesterday so he mentioned your name and said that you are working with him together with a very good lawyer..what is that his name again?” She tried to remember.
    “Attorney Bamidele.” I helped her out.
    “ I got your contact from barrister Prosper.” She explained.
    “Yes I hired attorney Bamidele to help with Dayo’s case.” I said.

    Sadness clouded her features. “I just found out about Dayo’s issue with his wife. And I really appreciate your help, Arike you have always been there for my brother since you guys were little.” She stuck her nose in the air and sniffed.

    “You don’t need to thank me. When I found out about Dayo’s case, I couldn’t sit back and watch him go to jail for crimes he didn’t commit.” I said.
    “I went to see him at the station after I spoke to his lawyer. I know my brother very well even though he is hard hearted like my dad, still he would never hurt anyone.” Her eyes twinkled with sincerity.

    At least someone from his family believes Dayo is innocent. I thought within.
    “We are working on getting his bail.” I said.
    “His lawyer told me that you have some evidences against Shalewa that would prove Dayo’s innocence.” She said.
    Wow! Barrister Bamidele was such a loosed mouth. I thought we agreed not to tell anyone about this evidences we have against Shalewa. Wait up, was that the reason why he asked Bamidele to send him the recording.
    “He told me that you have a witness that is willing to testify in court in favour of Dayo.” She added.
    I shook my head in response. Barrister Prosper has spilled too much to Moyosoreoluwa.
    “This is all my fathers fault! And right now I am feeling ashamed to even call him my father!” Moyo stood up from the couch abruptly.
    “All he cares about is his business! He used all his children to get what he wanted to favour his business…very greedy man!” She said with a grit.
    “I was surprised no one showed up to help Adedayo.” I mumbled as I fiddled with my fingers.
    “I took the earliest fight back to Nigeria yesterday after my big sister told me about the case.
    Adedayo never mentioned it to any of us that he was in such a mess. If he had called me right after he found out Jamal wasn’t his son, I would have helped him one way or the other.” Her face crinkled with bewilderment.
    “Your dad knows about the case but all he did was ask the lawyer to meet Mr Oriola for settlement.” I explained.
    “Can you see? Did the settlement work out? No!” Her eyes glinted angrily.
    “What about your mom?” I asked without even thinking if it was necessary for me to meddle in the family issues.
    “My mom kept mute all along! I don’t even know why she is so blinded by fear of what my dad would do to her! We were all forced to marry men we never loved and my mom watched it happen with folded arms! So I am not surprised she didn’t step in to help Adedayo.” She scowled.

    Her mouth set in a hard line. “All of our husbands knew our fathers tricked them to marry us for business purposes, so they in turn treated us like we were sold to them. My ex husband called it modern slavery.” Her eyes flooded with tears.

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    That Man Self Na Problem Oh

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    Why Not Trick Jamal’s Father Into Spillin Out De Truth And You Record It

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