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    Wicked man indeed and arike good job well done

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    Foreign slavery?

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    Lawyer Prosper is not trustworthy and a loose mouth. Next please

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    Theme: No settlement except seeing in court

    Arike’s POV

    Her mouth set in a hard line. “All of our husbands knew our fathers tricked them to marry us for business purposes, so they in turn treated us like we were sold to them. My ex husband called it modern slavery.” Her eyes flooded with tears.
    Ex-husband? Moyosoreoluwa was divorced, my gaze traveled down to her hands and I found no ring on it.

    “He wanted us to protect the company that was the only reason why we all agreed to marry his business partners. We got blinded by our sense of responsibility but look at us now…all divorced after being treated unfairly by our husbands.” She expressed her pains.
    And I didn’t even know what to do or say to Moyosoreoluwa. I just sat there and listened to her.
    “None of us had the chance to do what we wanted, our greedy father never gave us the opportunity to pursue our dreams. As his children, we let him do whatever he wanted to do with us. That is why I blame him for everything that is happening to Adedayo now.” She screwed up her face.

    I didn’t miss the pains and sorrow in her eyes, the Awosika sisters must have really suffered in their marriages.
    “Arike, I warned Adedayo when he told me dad picked a bride for him. I warned him never to listen to our father and I even offered to help him leave the country. I divorced my husband five years ago, alone with my two kids and had no one so I asked Dayo to come to New York but he insisted on staying in Nigeria. Adedayo also let his sense of responsibility get over him, as the only son he thought he could handle everything because running the company has always been his dream. To be honest, Dayo did a good job at running the company. He did better than all of us so we thought he was also doing well in his marriage. I thought he had finally grew to love Shalewa but…” her voice trailed off.

    More tears streamed down her cheeks. “His Fate was worst than ours. We had children, they weren’t taken from us, we gained custody of our children and we got compensated after reporting our husbands in court for violence. Arike, we all faced the same ill fate and we fought our marital battles ourselves without involving our parents.” She nibbled on her bottom lip.

    Moyosoreoluwa spoke up after some seconds of silence. “But Dayo’s fate is even worst, he is close to going to jail and our father is not willing to help. I can’t believe he kicked him out of the board and company and even froze all his accounts after so much sacrifices.” Moyosoreoluwa sobbed out loudly.
    “Now I feel so bad that I had left him to do things his ways. My brother is innocent and I don’t want to see suffer this way.” She wiped her face.
    “Well I blame your father because he didn’t give Adedayo the chance to explain himself and he just chose to believe that his son is guilty.” I said after Moyosoreoluwa was done cleaning her tears.

    She shook her head in agreement. “You are right and I think Shalewa should be the one in police custody. She cheated, deceived my brother into believing that that boy was his child and she even tried to kill my brother. Is there a way to file a case against her?” She asked with a glint of hope in her eyes.
    “The only way to clear Dayo’s name is to make Shalewa confess that Adedayo didn’t do anything wrong. Once we tender our evidences Dayo will be free and then we can file a case against Shalewa.” I answered.

    The corner of her mouth lifted. “No..Arike that is impossible, Shalewa will never agree to tell the court that Dayo is innocent. There has to be another way to put an end to this mess. And why on earth is she doing this to him?” Moyo rubber her temples.
    “I met with Shalewa at the hospital.” I blurted out.
    “You did what?” She stared at me in sheer surprise.
    “Barrister Bamidele and I visited Brajos hospital where Shalewa was admitted.” I made it clear to her.
    “Yes..Yes Brajos hospital..I think barrister Prosper mentioned something that a doctor there is willing to help.” She said.
    And how much did Barrister Prosper say to Moyosoreoluwa. This lawyer doesn’t have filter in his mouth.
    “Is it true? Please tell me that you managed to get more evidences to prove my brother’s innocence.” Moyosoreoluwa’s voice jolted me out of thought.
    What else do I need to hide from her since barrister Prosper already told her about our plans.
    “Shalewa framed Dayo because she found out that he only married her to get something from her father. She is making him suffer unfairly because she feels they used her for their own benefit.” I narrated everything Shalewa said to me.
    “I can’t believe this is really happening to Adedayo. How could she think of getting back at him this way? She should at least understand that Dayo was just blinded by a sense of responsibility.” Moyosoreoluwa cried even more.
    “She thinks that Dayo had every chance to refuse marrying her when his father suggested it. And Shalewa is really determined to send him to jail for deceiving her and her father.” I explained calmly.
    “Arike..please help my brother..he can’t go to jail..please.” She pleaded with me.
    “We will do our best to help Dayo clear his name.” I said.
    “Can’t we just settle things out of court? I mean I could arrange a meeting with Shalewa’s father.” She asked.
    It was clear that Moyosoreoluwa was willing to do anything to help Adedayo.
    “I am not sure settling things out of court will work out. Shalewa won’t back out until she sees Dayo in jail. So let’s do our best to face her in court and we will win.” I said confidently.
    “Okay..since court is the only way out..then let us do it.” She sighed.

    A vibration in my bag stopped my intended statement. I brought out my phone and saw that the number wasn’t saved.
    “Sorry..can I pick this call?” I asked.
    “Sure..please pick up your call.” She answered.
    Then I turned sideways and accepted the call.
    “Arike,” I heard Dayo’s voice over the phone.
    “Dayo.” I looked at Moyosoreoluwa.
    “ is of the sergeants let me use his cellphone.” He said.
    “Are you alright?” I asked in a worried tone.
    “Yes..I am alright and I just wanted to check if you have reached out to doctor Nelson.” He said.
    “Yes we went to see him today and he gave us the file.” I answered.
    “Are you sure things will work out as planned? I mean..will I be able to get out of this place?” He asked.

    Tears welled up in my eyes. “ will be free very soon.” I answered.
    “Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. Arike, my sister visited me yesterday and I told her that you are helping me. She promised to contact you but I don’t know if she will really reach out to you.” He said.
    “She called me..and I am with her right now.” I sniffled.
    “Alright..alright..and thank you for telling the policemen to get me good food.” He said.
    “Dayo..please make sure you eat well, you will enough strength to face Shalewa in court.” I grimaced.
    “I really don’t want to do this with her but she already started it. So I don’t care about anything, I just want to get out of this place and be free again.” He said shakily as if he was about to cry.
    “You will be free very soon, Dayo. I promise you that Shalewa will pay for whatever she has done to you.” I gritted.
    “Thank you, Arike.” He said in a tight whisper.
    “I will come around to check on you tomorrow.” I said.
    “Okay..bye.” Then I disconnected the call.
    “Is he alright?” Moyosoreoluwa asked anxiously.
    “Yes..he is fine. I have to go ahead now.” I stood up to leave.
    “Arike..thanks for coming over and please keep me updated.” She accompanied me to the door.
    “Okay ma.” I answered.
    And then she bid me goodbye.

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    So Mr Awosika is blinded by business that he doesn’t see that his children are suffering the same thing which is divorce

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    Moyosoreoluwa don’t worry justice would have it’s way in court

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    You guys should get Barrister Prosper off this case or better still keep some things from him before he spills out everything before the case gets to the court room

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    Find Another Means Of Evidence

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