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    Ubi Kyle
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    Their Father Self Na Bad Man Oh

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    this barrister prosper can talk too much,,,arike you an bamidele should stop giving information to him before he will sell you two out to another person,how can he be talking like that

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Arike should not allow anybody see her daughter now bcoz it myt make d case go in anoda dimention o. I wish them the best and they need to scold barrister prosper o, his mouth is too loose

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    Theme: Dayo committed suicide

    Arike’s POV

    •••Three Days Later•••

    A loud bang on the door snapped me out of my deep sleep.
    “Arike! Arike! Arike! Wake up!” I heard Busayomi screaming at the top of her voice.
    What was wrong? Perhaps was the house on fire? Thieves? What could make her scream out like that?! Many possibilities flooded my mind in a rush.

    I got out of bed quickly and rushed to open the door.
    “What’s wrong?!” I asked with a worried look on my face.
    Busayomi has tears in her eyes. “ is is Dayo…” she sobbed.
    My heart beat accelerated. “What is wrong with Dayo?!” I fridgeted.

    Cold beads of sweats broke out on my forehead and my breathe quickened at the thought of something bad happening to Dayo.
    “The news..I saw it in the news just now that he was found dead in the cell this morning…..” she cried.

    My mouth fell open and tears streamed down my cheeks almost immediately. “What?!”
    “Adedayo..committed suicide…” Busayomi cried.
    “’” I said repeatedly as I could feel my legs growing weak.
    “This can’t be true..Dayo..can’t die like that.” I stuttered.
    “Dayo is dead!” Busayomi cried.
    My vision became blurry then slowly I felt my system shutting down.
    “Arike!” Busayomi grabbed me before I could hit the ground.
    “Arike! Somebody help!” She screamed but her voice was so distant in my ears.
    “Wake up! Arike..please look at me..” she shouted.
    I lost consciousness.
    Suddenly I felt someone shaking me up and my eyes fluttered open. I saw Busayomi’s figure over me.
    “Dayo! Dayo! Where is Dayo?! What happened to Dayo?!” I sat up on the bed abruptly.
    Busayomi just stood there watching me as if I had grow two heads.
    “Are you alright?” She asked with a confused look on her face.
    “ can’t be dead.” I slide out of bed in an attempt to get dressed and head straight to the station.
    “Dead? Did you just have a bad dream or something?” She giggled.
    Did she just say a bad dream? I thought and look the room to be sure I was in the right place.
    She clapped her hands. “I don’t understand you..Dayo is fine.” She said.
    I stopped on track and turned to face her. Busayomi stood at an akimbo. “Dayo…” my voice trailed off to think.
    “Yes madam Arike..what is wrong with Adedayo?” She asked.
    If something was wrong with Adedayo, she won’t be here standing like this and she was smiling too.
    “It is just a dream.” I heaved a sigh of relief when I realized that it was only a dream.
    Slowly I made my way back to the bed. “Thank is only a dream.” I mumbled and wiped the sweat on my forehead with the back of my palm.
    “ look like you have just seen a ghost.” She laughed.
    “I had a very bad dream..that Dayo died in prison.” I said.
    “God forbid! I reject death for Adedayo Awosika.” She prayed.
    “Amen..and nothing bad will happen to him.” I prayed too.
    “Please Arike..put your mind at rest. I am sure you had this dream because you thought of Adedayo before going to bed.” She placed her hand on my shoulder.
    “You are right..I couldn’t stop thinking about him.” I muttered.
    “Arike, I believe Dayo will be free very soon.” She said.
    I shook my head in agreement. “Where is my daughter?” I asked.
    “Oh she is in the living room watching her favorite cartoon.” She answered.
    “Alright..I should get dressed to see Adedayo at the station.” I made an attempt to stand up but Busayomi pushed me back to the bed gently.
    “I came to wake you up to show you something important. You really need to watch this video.” She sat down next to me on the bed.
    My eyebrows snapped together. “What video?” I asked.
    “Just calm down…” Busayomi went straight to the Instagram app on her phone.
    She type in Moyo_Awosika in the search button.
    “Why are you searching for Dayo’s sister on instagram?” I asked.
    “You body too Dey hot, I said that I want to show you a video.” She answered.
    “No vex..” I replied.

    The search brought out Dayo’s sister accounts.
    “She posted a video last night which has gone really viral on all social media platforms.” Busayomi said.
    “What? What is the video about?” I asked anxiously.
    “Just calm will see it now.” She scrolled to the profile and click on a video.
    Moyo was talking but I couldn’t hear until Busayomi increased the volume at the button by the side did her phone.
    “Good evening my fellow Nigerians, my name is Moyosoreoluwa Awosika and I am an elder to Adedayo Awosika. The same man who was accused of assaulting his wife, Actress Shalewa Oriola. So I am making this video on my brother’s behalf with the hope that this would clear his name and prove his innocence.”
    The video stopped playing and I couldn’t help but exchanged glances with Busayomi. There was a picture of Dayo, Shalewa and Jamal pasted in the video too.

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Why this short now? Nothin bad should happen to dayo o, he needs to meet his daughter o and live a life out of his father’s influence

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    What has happened again?… next

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    the level this episode stop sometimes make me angry,, what’s all this suspend nah,, what did Dayo sister say I hope she didn’t implicate arike in her speech?

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    Dela Cruise
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    I don’t like this suspense. First Dayo commits suicide which ends up being a dream and then a video of Dayo, Shalewa and Jamal being posted online without full details been given

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