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    Theme: Viral Video

    Arike’s POV

    The video stopped playing and I couldn’t help but exchanged glances with Busayomi. There was a picture of Dayo, Shalewa and Jamal pasted in the video too.
    “Oh…this stupid network has started nonsense now.” Busayomi complained.

    Some seconds later the video resumed playing.
    “Everybody is blaming Adedayo for a crime he didn’t commit. My brother has never raised his hands to hit any woman before and everything Shalewa Oriola told the police were all lies. We will be in court in two days time but before that I want to reveal the truth because I don’t trust our country’s judicial system. As it is now Shalewa is ready to do anything to send my brother to jail for some family related reasons which I am going to tell you now. I am sure you watching this video must know actress Shalewa Oriola, she is popularly known for all the scandals of sleeping with co actors. Some of her videos and pictures of her coming out of hotels even got leaked to the media. The last actor, Dele Balogun that she got involved with made my brother decide that he wanted to end things with her. My brother got a text from Actor Charles Adams that Jamal wasn’t his son. Then my brother went ahead to run a DNA test on Jamal and the result showed that Jamal wasn’t his son. Shalewa tried to deny but my brother showed her the text he got from Charles Adams who happened to be Jamal’s father and the DNA test results. Adedayo asked Shalewa for Divorce but she declined it just to protect her reputation as a celebrity.”
    Moyosoreoluwa revealed the whole truth in the video. How Shalewa hurt Dayo when he threatened to tell her father and everyone that Jamal wasn’t his son. How she threw herself off the stairs to make it look as if Dayo tried to kill her. The reason why Shalewa framed him and how she was bent on sending Dayo to jail.
    When she revealed the whole truth, Moyosoreoluwa was already crying in the video. Even I and Busayomi had tears in our eyes as we watched the video.

    “My Brother is innocent, he didn’t do anything wrong. If you don’t believe me, then check my next post. There is a recording of where my brother was telling the whole story and what really happened on the day of the incident. Please Nigerians I need justice for my brother for the unfair treatment he has received from Shalewa.” Then the video ended with Dayo and Shalewa’s and Jamal pictures popping up on the screen.
    “A recording?” I said with a lifted eyebrow.
    “I have listened to it, I think it is the same one you recorded the day you went to see Dayo at the station. I heard your voice in the recording.” Busayomi said.

    She clicked the next post and the recording started playing from where Dayo told the story of how he has suffered in the hands of Shalewa.
    “How on earth did she get the video?” I pondered.
    “I have no idea…see over 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments.” Busayomi mumbled.
    She searched for Instablog Naija and indeed the videos has so many likes and comments.
    “Come and read comments…the video is hitting big on Instablog Naija!” Busayomi scrolled to the comment down to the section.
    “I never like Shalewa Oriola, Tuah! What a shameless woman! ”
    “Why are you just coming out to speak few days to court hearing? For me I never believed any of the stories Shalewa told to the police! ”
    “Finally someone came out from the Awosika family to defend him. ”
    “One would never know Jamal isn’t Adedayo’s son, Omo they look so good together. Father and son duo but all na wayo. ”
    “How can a woman be this heartless? ”
    “There is fire on the mountain. ”
    “Omo I fear women o! Maka why all these Shalewa? Because he agreed to marry you to get a deal from your father to support his business. Anybody in his position would have done that! ”
    “Wahala wear koko shoe for this marital saga. ”
    “Justice for Adedayo. ”
    “I will be at the court… ”
    “Some people’s mentor.. a cheat, a w---e, a liar and a criminal. Chai! Wetin we no go see for this naija entertainment! ”
    “Stupid lady came out to talk and was even crying in the video she made and some people started raining curses on Mr Adedayo. Some people started campaign on actress Shalewa’s behalf to send an innocent man to jail! I hope you can all come out now to talk. ”
    “God will punish this actress Shalewa, I was one of those supporting her. Chai! God forgive me! ”
    “The judge in charge of this case should better pass a fair judgment! ”
    “If I am mr Adedayo Awosika, I will request for 100 million as settlement for defamation of character. ”
    “Is there a way to bring Mr Awosika to court for causing this whole mess in his son’s life? The old man is not even bothered about his son. ”
    “Please once you get out..just leave the country and cut all ties with your father. ”
    “This is why parents shouldn’t force their children to marry someone they don’t love. Mr Adedayo is in this mess because he listened to his greedy father and got blinded by sense of responsibility towards the family business. And please who that woman’s voice I heard in the recording? Is it his lawyer? ”
    “I like your courage Mrs Moyosoreoluwa and I pray God will heal you and your siblings hearts. You guys fell victims of modern slavery..I suggest you file a case against your father.”
    “I pray that they confine Shalewa to a psychiatric hospital. She is insane to have done something like this to a man she called her husband. No matter what..she shouldn’t have gone this far.”
    “Jail..Jail..Jail! Omo this one off me o. ”
    Those were the handful of comments words in the comment section.

    Abeg who gave Moyosoreoluwa the recording?
    Who also thinks that Social media is a means to settle a case?
    Okay I just wanted someone to come out and just say everything.
    In our country Nigeria, we will hear the beginning of a case…but how it ended..we won’t know.
    But my story everybody is going to know the beginning and the end.

    Oya let’s continue o..the story is still sweeting

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Who else gave the recording to moyosore if not barrister prosper

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Omo This One Na Operation Justice For Dayo

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Shalewa You Are In A Big Mess

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Arike, I Wish You Are Still A Lawyer, De Case Would Have Been A Bit Easy

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Wish Dis Accusation To Dayo’s Farther, So Police No See Reasons Invite Him For Questioning?

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    Barrister Prosper is not confidential at all

    Bringing social media into the case might help

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    Barrister Prosper at work

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