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    i luv d bold step

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    It’s really getting interesting n intense as well….
    Shalewa,u better get ready oo cuz dis incoming fire I’m seeing erh,nawa for u oo!!!

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    Theme: Who gave out the recording?

    Arike’s POV

    The handful of comments by the viewers on Instablog naija still got me thinking if it was right for Moyosoreoluwa to have posted the recording online. A strong evidence we wanted to use to fight Shalewa in court and I also pondered on how she got the recording.

    “Omo..Arike..see comments we can’t even read it. Jesus! This reactions are hot! I need to visit Shalewa’s page..that stupid sly. Arike, this is what I suggested to you the other day. I said leak the recording online and let everybody know the true criminal but you decided to do things in a lawful way. Omo! I love Mrs Moyosoreoluwa…no dulling.” She scrolled up and down her phone.
    “This stupid woman didn’t post any video! Why can’t she come out now and make another video to counter Mrs Moyosoreoluwa’s video!” She hissed out loudly.

    And soon realization hit me! I remembered that Mrs Moyosoreoluwa had met Barrister Prosper few days ago. Perhaps it was barrister Prosper who sent the recording to her just to prove that Dayo was truly innocent.
    How could he give out a strong evidence like that to her?! It was meant to be a secret between us.
    “Arike..come and see people are really commenting under the last video Shalewa posted on her page.” Busayomi laughed.
    “Please come out and talk to us your fans.” She read out comments.
    “Can you just imagine! This actress has a very wicked soul!”
    Busayomi scoffed after reading this one.
    “I pray that they sentence you to 20 years imprisonment or you should be confined to a mental home.”

    Busayomi snorted and pushed me closer to see the comments.
    “She is crazy! Your type shouldn’t be living amongst humans.”
    Busayomi read out comments and I listened but still thinking about how much help the posted recording and video would do in this case.
    “This actress could have killed her husband and herself if he hadn’t called the ambulance.”

    A beeping sound stopped me from reading more comments. I stood up and went in search of my phone and I found it under the pillow. It was Bamidele.
    “Hello Bamidele..”
    “Arike, have you watched the news? Mrs Moyosoreoluwa posted a video revealing the truth about Dayo’s case and it has gone viral. It has been showed on national tv and it is even getting massive reactions on all social media platforms. And as I speak to you now, people are outside the police station where Dayo is and protesting for his release.” Bamidele rushed out his words with excitement clear in his tone.

    “Yes I have-“ he interrupted me.
    “I got a call from the commissioner of police that we can process Dayo’s bail!” He exclaimed.
    My jaw went slack immediately. We tried to process Dayo’s bail but we were told that he can’t be granted bail.
    “Where are you?” I asked.
    “I am at my office with barrister prosper preparing to go to the station.” He answered.
    “Alright…that’s good news.” I said.
    I was excited about the news that Dayo could go home.
    “We will finalize all of the evidences we have gathered and face Shalewa in court. And as it is now, I will suggest to Dayo to sue Shalewa. I am sure we will win the case and it is all thanks to the viral video.” Bamidele said.
    “Speaking of the video, I think barrister prosper gave Mrs Moyosoreoluwa the recording.” I said with a snapped eyebrow.
    “She got the recording from him but without his knowledge.” He responded.
    “And how is that possible?” I asked.
    “Let me give the phone to him.”

    I heard murmurs before his clear voice came on the phone. “Hello miss Arike…” barrister Prosper.” said.
    “Yes..barrister Prosper, I must tell you that you are being unprofessional. You spilled too much of everything we gathered to Mrs Moyosoreoluwa.” I said with annoyance clear in my tone.
    “I am sorry about that..but it wasn’t my fault. It was Mrs Moyosoreoluwa who kept pestering me to tell her the whole truth. I just felt pity for Mr Adedayo that someone from his family was willing to help.” He explained.
    “This is not enough reason to send her the recording, a strong evidence we intend to tender in court.” I countered.
    “I didn’t send the recording to her but I will assume that she took it from my phone.” He said.
    “What? How is that possible? And what are you talking about?” I asked.
    “Okay..when I told her about the recording, she requested that I let her listen to it. I called barrister Bamidele and got the recording from him and played it to her. Mrs Moyosoreoluwa asked if it was possible for me to send the recording to her so she could send it to her parents and sister abroad but I turned her down. I told her that it was a strong evidence..that is meant to be a secret.” He explained.
    “So how do you think she got the recording? How do you want me to believe that you didn’t send it to her?” I snapped at him.

    “Please relax, she must have taken it from my phone when I stepped out of my office to get water on her request. I didn’t even know she had the recording until I saw the attachment to the video she posted.” He explained in a calm tone.
    Mrs Moyosoreoluwa must have planned it all along. I would assume that she went ahead with the plans to leak the recording after I told her that the only way to solve the issue was in court.
    “Believe me..I didn’t know about it.” He said.

    I could sense the sincerity in his tone and I felt my tempered body relaxing after my realization.
    “I am sorry..” Barrister Prosper apologized.
    “It is alright..let us just make sure to win this case and please put in all your best tomorrow.” I said.
    “We will win this case.” He said confidently.
    “Arike…” I heard Bamidele’s voice.
    “Yes what do you intend to do now?” I asked.
    “We are heading to the police station after I drop this call.” He answered.
    “Alright…I will be there too.” I said.
    “ don’t worry about coming to the police station, it will be too packed and remember that it was your voice that was in the recording. We have been receiving calls and text of well known people asking who owns the voice in the recording. So I think it is best you stay out of the case for now, I don’t want you to get dragged into this whole mess.” He said.
    “Bamidele…” he cut me off when I tried to protest.
    “Please listen to me just this once..” he mumbled.
    Tears welled up in my eyes. “ are right but please make sure…Dayo is safe.” I said shakily.
    “Yeah..sure and I will keep you updated. See you in court tomorrow.” He said before disconnecting the call.

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    See you in court!…next

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    that’s why I didn’t like that barrister prosper I know he’s behind the record thin

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    I pray they wont hurt dayo on his way out of the police custody o

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    Ride on

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