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    Iteoluwa don’t worry

    E hear

    Just don’t worry

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    Dela Cruise
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    So the viral video helped in way to get a bail for Dayo. Kudos to Moyosoreoluwa

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    Dela Cruise
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    The silence of Shalewa should not be taken for granted am sure she’s working on a plan or her dad might actually be doing that

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    Thanks moyo and i hope that notthing happen to dayo and arike plz becarefull so that shalewa father wount hut u

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    Theme: He just wants to be free
    Arike’s POV

    After Bamidele disconnected the call, I sat down on the bed slowly and reached out to wipe my face clean from tears.
    “Hey..what’s up?” Busayomi asked.
    “They can now process Dayo’s bail.” I answered with tears threatening to spill again.
    “Ah! Thank God! He will put our enemies to shame over this case!” She danced around.
    I just let the tears flow when I couldn’t control it and a feeling of relief washed over me.
    “Dayo would be free to go home.” Those words echoed on my mind.

    I was excited that we were getting close to rounding off this case. Tomorrow would be the day everything would end.

    If Shalewa believe that she has everything to fight Adedayo in court and the law was in her side, I am sure she would be terrified now. She doesn’t know the power of social media was the court of this decade.

    We have so many lawyers and judges who didn’t study law on the internet. If she has paid people to pass an unlawful verdict on this case then she should be ready to face me in Supreme Court. I don’t mind going back to practice just to win this case and make her pay for her crimes. I was willing to do everything for Adedayo.
    Another vibration from my phone jolted me out of deep thought. It was the number that called me from the police station – Dayo.
    I stood up from the bed abruptly after picking up the call. “Dayo..are you alright?” I asked in a concerned tone.
    “Yes..Yes I am fine. Arike..I am sure you have watched the video my sister posted. One of the police men here showed it to me and he said that..there are so many people outside the station protesting for my release.” Excitement was so clear in his tone.
    And I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing again. “Yes..Yes Dayo..everyone is on your side now. Your lawyers are on their way to the station and you will be free very soon.” I sniffed.
    “Please don’t cry..Arike I am..just really happy right now..” He stuttered.
    And I could tell that he was crying too but at the same time trying to hold back his tears.
    “I am going to be free.” He said.

    Hearing him sound like this made me happier because all I ever wanted was to see him happy.
    “Arike..I don’t know what I would have done..without your help.” He said.
    “ is know that I am always willing to do anything for you.” I cried.
    “Yes I know about that and…” his voice trailed off and I heard him sniffing over the phone.
    “The good news is that my dad visited early this morning.” He said finally after some seconds of silence.
    “Really?” I asked and he hummed a response. “So what did he say? Does he believe you now?” I asked again.
    “Yes..I guess he watched the video and listened to the recording and he believed that I didn’t do most of those things Shalewa accused me of doing. My mom and dad have been asking me for forgiveness for not believing me and for neglecting me.” He sobbed over the phone.
    “And what did you say to them?” I asked.
    “I don’t blame my mom, she only followed my dad’s order and you know it has always been like that. And for my dad….” he paused again probably trying to put his words together.

    I have always known Dayo to be a good son to his parents. His admiration for his dad and endearment for his mom would never give him a chance to hold a grudge against them. He loves them so much and was willing to do whatever they asked of him. He would forgive them.
    “I don’t have any choice..I forgive them. My dad is more annoyed that Jamal is not my son and right now he is willing to help me on this case. And he even said that the company wants to pay me a huge sum of money for some damages.” He explained.
    Was this supposed to be a great news? I pondered.
    “So does that mean you will return back to the company as a CEO?” I asked.
    “As a little child running the company has been my dream, I wanted to be a good son and prove to my father that was capable that was why I agreed to marry Shalewa. But I don’t think I want that life anymore. I already advices my dad to hire a business expert to run the company. And once I am free…I want to live my own life and be happy.” He answered.
    Live his own life? Perhaps would that involve having Iteoluwa in his life too? I thought but quickly discarded it.

    I reached out to wipe my face. “Alright so you are ready to face Shalewa in court?” I asked.
    “Now that everyone believes that I am innocent, I don’t have anything to be afraid of and I am ready to face her in court.” He responded.
    “ can decide to sue her…” I suggested.
    “Arike, I have thought about it too but I don’t think suing Shalewa will be necessary. I should also be blamed in this case because I only married her to get a deal from her father. So there is no point in dragging on this case, let me just be free and then I will talk to Bamidele to file in a divorce letter for me.” He said in a usual calm tone.

    I wiped my tears. Dayo was still the good man I have always known. Anyone in his position would have sued Shalewa but he took on the blame and all he wanted was just his freedom and a peaceful life.
    And how I wish Shalewa was here to hear him say these things.
    “Alright..once Bamidele suggest you sue Shalewa..tell him that you are not interested.” I said.
    “ will you be at the court tomorrow?” He asked.
    “Sure..I will be there to see you regaining your freedom.” I answered.
    “Thank you, Arike.” He said.
    Some minutes after I ended the call with Adedayo, my phone beeped again but this time it was a message from Mrs Moyosoreoluwa.
    “I am sorry it has to be this way. I got tired of reading comments of people blaming my brother, so leaking the strong evidence was the best way for me to prove his innocence before going to court. As it is now, my parents wants to reconcile with everyone of us once Dayo is free. I really do appreciate your help in proving Dayo’s innocence. I hope to see you in court tomorrow and please don’t take too long to tell my brother about his child.”

    My eyebrows snapped together at the last line of the message.
    “What is that?” Busayomi snatched my phone from me. “And you are looking like someone who just bumped into a Zombie.” Her gaze flickered to the phone.
    “What?!” She raised her eyebrows after reading the message.
    “ did..she find out about your child?” She asked.
    “ idea.” I stammered and sat back on the bed with a dazed look.
    “Perhaps did you mention it the day you went to see her?” She asked.
    “We didn’t talk about me…it was Dayo all through the conversation.” I answered.
    “So how come? Wait..I hope it is not that she has been stalking you?” Busayomi paced to and fro.
    “ can’t be..I mean what if Dayo already knows about it?” I panicked.
    “Hey relax…the message says that don’t take too long to tell my brother about his child. And that only means that Dayo doesn’t know about Iteoluwa yet.” She explained.
    “What do I do?” I asked.
    “Are you asking me? Didn’t you plan to let Iteoluwa meet her father once all these mess is cleared?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.
    I shook my head in agreement. “You are right…” I rubbed my palms together trying the calm myself down.
    “Should I take her along with me to court tomorrow.” I asked.
    “No..never I don’t agree to that idea and It will only stir up another rumor. I will stay with Iteoluwa tomorrow.” She said.
    “Maybe I shouldn’t attend the court, I mean I…I can stay back and wait for Bamidele to call me about the judgment.” I said.
    “Arike whatever choice you feel comfortable with just do it. The aim is for Dayo to be free so Iteoluwa can get to meet him.” She rubbed my back gently to calm me down.
    I shook my head in agreement. “Yes.”

    But I was still shocked to find out that my baby’s secret was no longer a secret.
    And sooner I know that I have to bring Iteoljws to meet Adedayo.

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    Atleast, that has helped you a little

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