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    Dela Cruise
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    So your father finally got to his senses after so long….

    it’s a good thing that u decided not to sue Shalewa after all she has done

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    Dayo is a good man

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    Theme: Court in session

    Arike’s POV

    Finally the day to prove Adedayo’s innocence was here. We all hoped and believed that he would be acquitted and declared not guilty.

    I left home as early as 7:00am with the plan of meeting Bamidele and barrister Prosper at the law firm but I was delayed by a stand still traffic.
    Bamidele and Barrister Prosper had successfully processed Dayo’s bail yesterday and I was told that Mrs Moyosoreoluwa was around at the station to bring Adedayo to her home.

    I didn’t get a chance to talk to Adedayo yesterday because I was nervous and a bit scared. I was also bothered if Mrs Moyosoreoluwa already told Adedayo about my child.
    I arrived late at the court. The Lagos State Judicary High Court was full of reporters and spectators attracted by the sensational nature of this case. I managed to get into the courtroom and found an empty space at the back of the gallery.

    How I missed this profession. There were times when I stood in this same court to get justice for people and prove my clients innocence. I could proudly say that I never lost a case.
    The prosecuting attorneys and defense attorneys were seated in their positions. Adedayo sat in the accused box and my eyes also found Shalewa sitting at the front roll with a dark glasses on her face and she was dressed in all black outfit as if she was mourning the dead. Shalewa still has a bandage on her head but I was pretty sure that her head was healed. She only has the bandage on to attract pity and sympathy from the judge.
    Amidst clamor and heated discussion going on in the court the judge walked in.

    “Order! Order! All rise..the court is now in session.” The bailiff asked everyone to stand up and show respect for the judge, the court and the law.
    The female judge walked in, sat down on her bench and told everyone to be seated.
    “Opening statements.” The female judge said.
    The prosecuting attorney stood up. “My lord, the accused stands in this court for a three count charges which I find him guilty. The accused after finding out that his wife cheated and upon knowing that he wasn’t the biological father of his son, decided to file in for a divorce which my client refused. The accused threatened to kill my client out of anger-“
    “Objection my lord!” Barrister prosper stood you to counter the prosecuting attorney.
    “Over ruled.” The female judge hit on the gravel. “Defensive counsel, let the prosecuting counsel tender his statement.” She said and barrister prosper sat back in the bench.
    “A fight ensued between my client and the accused which lead to him trying to kill my client. The injuries the accused incurred during the fight was done by client but she was only trying to protect herself. My lord, this is a clear case of self defense.” He said.

    Now he was trying to prove self defense for his client. The prosecuting attorney tried to turn the case upside down by proving that Adedayo reacted out of anger.
    “My lord, here are the medical reports of the injuries my client sustained after the incident.” He handed a brown file to the court clerk who passed it on to the judge to take a look at it.
    “My client lost her unborn child and fought for her dear life. This is a case of self defense and my client, Shalewa Oriola has made pain her companion ever since the incident.” He pointed at Shalewa who was trying to wipe her face with a handkerchief.

    Shalewa Oriola the actress! She better wake up to reality and know that this wasn’t a movie scene!
    “My lord, I hereby find the accused guilty of all charges levied against him.” He gave a slight bow before walking back to his seat.
    “Defense counsel statement.” The female judge said.
    Bamidele walked out of the defense bench to the center of the court room.
    “My lord and people of this court I want us to know that revenge, this is what this case is all about.” Bamidele said.

    The spectators hummed in agreement at his point and the bailiff called the court to order.
    Bamidele went ahead to explain the whole truth about the case and reason why Shalewa wanted to take revenge on Adedayo.
    “I present to you evidences to prove my points.” He walked back to the bench and collected set of files from barrister Prosper.
    “I have here with me, test results, text messages which my client received from Jamal’s biological father and also recordings.” Then he walked ahead to give it to the court clerk.
    They played the part of the recording where Dayo was explaining what really happened on the day of the incident.
    “Most of us here have heard one of the recordings I just presented to the court.” He said.
    “Objection my lord, the recording posted online was falsified and fabricated to favour the accused!” The prosecuting attorney said.
    “If you claimed that the recording was falsified to favor my client then let us listen to Mrs Shalewa’s Oriola confessing that she did framed her husband.” Bamidele countered the prosecuting attorney.

    Bamidele pressed a button on the device with him and the recording stated playing on the projector.
    Shalewa’s voice was heard just the part where she admitted to framing Dayo and the reason why she wanted to get back at him for using her. Bamidele also played the part where she stated that the law was on her side because she has everything.

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Pls Continue Oh Make No Faint

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Shalewa Yaf Entered

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Justice For Dayo

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    Dayo’s lawyers came prepared


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    I can see us winning this Case

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