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    So who do u guys think u r deceiving sha?
    U people r just failing to admit de fact DAT u like each other,hmmmmm!!!

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    Arike’s POV


    I grumbled as I hopped out of bed when I heard the doorbell in my deep sleep. Wait! It’s really late! I glanced at the alarm next to my bed, the red light beeped 2:35am! Who could be out there by this time?! Shit! And why is the doorbell So loud?! Plus I wasn’t expecting anyone except Busayomi who promise to visit yesterday but ended up being too busy with work at the office with her boss. I hate her boss for giving her too much work!

    The doorbell stopped ringing and a bang on the door came afterwards,making me afraid.
    “Who the hell is out there?!” I shouted when I got to the living room. No response
    Why on Earth did Ahmed let someone in by this time?! Perhaps is it a thief or worse thieves?!
    Gba! Gba! Gba! I should call the police.
    “Arike! Open up!” I heard Adedayo’s voice.
    I relaxed a bit. Why is he here? By this time? I haven’t seen him since almost two weeks now. We didn’t even exchange text messages online or even call. I assumed that Adedayo really accepted my decision to stay away.

    To be honest, I expected him to at least call to check on me but nothing. Busayomi said it was the right thing to do and I have been telling my heart to reason the same way.
    Dayo’s wedding is just in two weeks time. So I supposed he has been busy preparing for the big day. And guess what?! Shalewa asked me to be part of her bridal train but I declined. Why? I belonged to the husband side. And she also offered me the position of best lady, saying that her best friend was now heavily pregnant but I refused the offer. I don’t want! I am not even friends with her so why should I get involved with her! Shalewa was just trying to show me that Dayo was hers now. Dorrrhhhhh! Do I look like I Care? I wasn’t from a rich background so I wasn’t expecting anything more than friendship with Adedayo.

    I tried to remember where I had dropped the key but another bang on the door interrupted my train of thought.
    “Arike! Please open up! It’s me…Adedayo.”
    “Sorry…I’s you. I am looking for the keys!”
    “Found it!” I breathed out when I saw it on the stool next to the big couch.
    Then I rushed to the door to open it only for the smell of alcohol to wash over me. Ewwwww!! So disgusting.
    “Oh my God! Dayo….why are you so drunk?!”
    He laughed, pushed me aside and went into my apartment.
    I sighed in frustration and slammed the door.
    “Dayo! Dayo! What’s all this nonsense?!”
    “Trust me…I didn’t..drink much…”
    “Seriously? Why the drink at all?!”
    “ to…scold me..can’t you see I am drunk?!” He dropped on the couch.
    “Didn’t I make it clear that you can’t sleep over again?!”
    “I know..but -” He didn’t reply but a sniff from him got my attention.
    “Don’t I..look…pitiful to you?” He said in a low tone.
    I sighed and went to him. “Is everything okay?”
    Dayo was never the type who takes alcohol but he only gets drunk whenever something’s really bothering him.
    “You promised to never get drunk again.” I said.
    He shook his head. “I can take anything…but not you…pushing me away.” He placed his hand over his face. He was sober.
    “I am not pushing you away,Dayo.”
    He snorted. “Yes… that’s it. Arike…we didn’t keep in touch for about two weeks..and you were fine with it because that’s…how you want things to be between us now.”
    “Dayo -”
    “It was…hard for me..but I…have to respect your.. decision.”
    Okay so one thing about the drunk Dayo, he tends to talk too much anytime he is such state.
    “I am trying to protect your relationship with Shalewa. I know you love her and she loves you too. I don’t want to be a problem to -” I paused.
    I shouldn’t be conversing with a drunk man. I face palmed myself.

    “You should get some sleep.” I said.
    Suddenly Dayo pulled me in for a hug when I tried to stand up.
    “Dayo -”
    “Wait..let’s…stay like…this..for a while.”
    I tried to free myself. “Dayo we shouldn’t -”
    “I miss you.” He whispered. I wasn’t expecting it. His words stopped me from pushing him away. I miss you too but I can’t tell him.
    “Please just this one time…I promise to leave before anyone wakes up.”
    “You should take a shower. Your body stinks of alcohol.”
    “Why can’t they all be like you?” He mumbled into my ears.
    “Huh? W..w..what are you talk about?” I asked.
    No response came from him.


    So I am going on a date with Bamidele. Hey! I know what you are thinking! Hanging out with an Ex-Gay! Come of it! Bamidele is normal now! Lol! And we’ve been going out for a while now. We aren’t dating yet. No! Let me rephrase it. I am not in a relationship with Bamidele. We are still trying to figure if things can work out between us.
    My phone beeped as I apply make up to my face. I was kinda excited to see Bamidele. Honestly I enjoy Bamidele’s company. And guess what? We have decided to attend Dayo’s wedding together. Thank God I won’t be alone at the party,just watching my best friend get married.

    “Are you ready?” Bamidele asked.
    “Yes…I am ready.”
    “Okay…I am waiting outside your home.”
    “Oh really?!”
    Then I heard a horn. “Okay…I’ll be out soon.”
    We didn’t agree for him to come pick me up. The initial plan was to meet up at the restaurant.
    “I am almost done.”
    “Take your time.” He said before hanging up the call.
    I finished up my make up in a rush and motioned out of my room. I couldn’t understand why I was in a hurry to meet Bamidele.
    He was out of the car when I came out of the gate. His eyes was busying checking me out with as he smiled at me.
    “Hi..sorry I kept you waiting.” I said shyly as I was towards him.
    “ was worth thr wait. You…look beautiful.” He commented and I blushed.
    “Thanks. You don’t look bad yourself.” I complimented his looks too.
    “Ahmmm you sure?”
    “Of course!”
    “Okay..thanks. let’s get going.”
    “Wait… it’s my turn to drive.” I reminded him.
    Yeah! We always take turns to drive whenever we are going out together.
    “You can have the keys.” He dropped it into my open palm.
    “Thanks.” I said. We entered the car.
    “So now…I have to relax while you drive.” He adjusted the seat and relaxed.
    “That’s not fair.”
    “I didn’t sleep the last time you were in my position.”
    “Oh really?” He said and I hummed a response.
    “I am changing style today.” We both laughed.
    I started the car and the engine roared back to life.
    “I like it when you drive.” He said.
    “Does it surprise you?!”
    “No..not at all.” He responded.
    “So what?” I looked at him.
    “You look more beautiful.. whenever you drive.” He said after some seconds of silence.
    “Are you trying to flatter me?”
    “No…I am not flattering you.” He stuttered and avoided a glance with me.
    “Maybe…I should make a video of you driving.” He brought out his phone.
    “It is necessary.”
    “Says who?” I asked
    “Say me…Barrister Bamidele.”
    “Sounds like you are indeed proud of yourself.” I laughed.
    “Of course! And you’re Barrister Arike, the best criminal attorney working in the best law firm in Nigeria.”
    “One of the best.” I corrected.
    “Great! I am going to post this.”
    “What’s that?” I looked at him.
    “I just made a short clip of you.” He waved his phone.
    “Are you serious?” I tried to snatch his phone but he hid it away from me.
    “Oh please concerntrate on the road or else we’re going to crash.” He winked.

    I returned my focus back on the road. A ring from my phone stopped me from saying my next words to Bamidele.
    I checked the caller’s ID – Adedayo.
    “Won’t you pick up?” He asked.
    “I am driving.”
    “Why don’t you park somewhere and pick up the groom’s call.” Bamidele suggested.
    “I can help you pick up..who knows..he might need your help with something.”
    “Like what?”
    “Wedding preparation.” He answered.
    “No,his best man is there to help him out. I’ll talk to him later.”
    None of us said anything until we arrived at our destination.

    “Bamidele, thanks for bringing me out for dinner today.” I smiled.
    “You’re welcome. But…let’s do it again.”
    “Definitely not next weekend.”
    “Why not?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.
    “Oh! Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten -” I waited for him to remember but no response.
    “My best friend is getting married!” I snapped him out of reverie
    “Oh! That’s true! How did I forget that?!” He hit his head on the wheel.
    “If you don’t stop hitting your head on that wheel,you’ll have headache.”
    He stopped. “How can such big event skip my mind?”
    “Too much on your mind.”
    “So what’s the plan?”
    “I will be handling a new case from Monday but I will try to wrap things up quickly before Friday.”
    “Easier said than done.” He said.
    I laughed. “Exactly.”
    “Will you be sleeping over at Dayo’s home on Friday night?” He asked.
    “No!” My reply was sharp.
    His forehead creased at my response. Okay! I went a bit overboard.
    Why should I sleep over at his home on the night before his wedding?!
    “Sorry..I forgot you are a woman. But what about his family home?”
    “I am not going there either. Busayomi is coming over to my place on Friday, so we’ll all go together.”
    “Okay…good…I will come pick you ladies up on Saturday morning.”
    “Thank you.” I smiled. “You should get going….it’s late.” I tried to open the door but a hold on my wrist stopped me. I glanced up at Bamidele.
    “Sorry…. Just wanted to say… something.” He stuttered.
    “Okay…” I mumbled. Somehow my heartbeat accelerated as I waited for Bamidele to man up and talk to me.
    I heard him release a sigh.
    “I like you.” He said finally.
    Our eyes met. I didn’t look away neither did I utter a word. It was as if my tongue was tied. Of course I should have expected this day because Bamidele and I has been spending more time together.
    “Arike, I know…you already made it clear from the start that you want just friendship…with me..but -” he paused.
    “I can’t just control this feelings. This is me to me being that -”
    I cut him off. “I am the first woman you choose to like.”
    “’re right. And I would like it if you give me a chance,Arike.”
    We stared at each other for some time. “We can start from somewhere.”
    I swallowed hard. “Can you give me some time to think about it?” I asked.
    “Yes…you can have all the time you want. And I hope to get a positive response.” He said.
    I managed to smile. “I should get going now.” I said
    He unlocked the car. “Drive safely.”
    “Good Night.”
    I waved at him before entering my gate.

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    Carry on
    Sha think well about Bamidele oo

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    i no no watin dey worry dat dayo

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    Next please

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    if bamidele is nice why not,, hence dayo is not deciding on what to do now

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    Please continue

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