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    It’s really getting intense oo but wait a minute,how did Bamidele get de voice recording of Shalewa??? Dis barrister is really on top of his game sha!!!

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    Theme: The only witness

    Arike’s POV

    A loud gasp was heard in the court from the spectators and even the prosecuting attorney was speechless. I was sure that Shalewa would be shocked to find out that I had recorded our conversation that day.

    “It is clear that Mrs Shalewa framed her husband just to enact revenge on him and she doesn’t feel remorseful about her deeds. My lord, with your permission I shall now call a witness to confirm the facts of text messages and test results. I call Doctor Nelson.” Bamidele said.
    “Doctor Nelson!” The court bailiff called out.
    Doctor Nelson stood up from where he was seated and went to the witness box. The court bailiff came to the front of the box.
    “What’s your religion?” He asked.
    “Christianity.” Doctor Nelson replied.
    The bailiff handed him a Bible and Doctor Nelson took it in his right hand.
    “Please repeat after me.” The bailiff instructed.

    “I swear by almighty God, that everything I shall say in this court shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
    Doctor Nelson repeated after the bailiff before going back to his seat.
    “Please tell this court your name.” Bamidele said.
    “My name is Ajibade Nelson.” He answered.
    “What is your occupation?” Bamidele asked.
    “I am a doctor at Bradjos hospital.” He replied.
    “Look at that man in the accused stand, can you justifiably say that you know him?” Bamidele pointed Adedayo.
    “Yes I know him.” Doctor Nelson nodded.
    “And for how long have you known him?” Bamidele asked again
    “I have known him for over a decade now.” Doctor Nelson responded.
    “And what’s your relationship with him?” Bamidele requested.
    “He is my very good friend. We went to the same university and he has really helped me a lot over the years.” Doctor Nelson replied.
    “Have you ever by an chance see him treat any woman unfairly?” Bamidele asked looking straight at Adedayo.
    “No..Adedayo is a good man.” Doctor Nelson answered confidently.
    “Doctor Nelson can you please tell this court what you know about his marriage.” Bamidele said.

    “About two years ago, Adedayo came to the hospital to tell me about the problems he was facing in his marriage. He complained that his wife was cheating which didn’t make him moved to make love with her. He thought that he wasn’t active sexually but after listening to him I figured that he has a psychological problem. The fact that his wife has been a cheat even before they got married has made him less sexually attracted to his wife. He also told me of how his wife has to get him drunk just for them to make love as a couple.” He narrated.
    “Tell the court what advice you gave to your friend as his consultant.” Bamidele requested.
    “Adedayo suggested a divorce but I advised him to have a chat with his wife with a hope that things would work out. I even fixed him up for a therapy section to help him get better.” Doctor Nelson explained to the whole court with sincerity in his expression.

    I have never heard this part of the story about Dayo.
    “And did he expressed any form of anger whenever he came to see you?” Bamidele asked.
    “No..he was never angry instead he blamed himself for everything that was happening in his marriage.” He answered.
    “And did he tell you the reason for blaming himself?” Bamidele asked.
    “Yes he did…” Doctor Nelson paused and focused on Adedayo. “He stated that he only married her to help his family business and I also tried to motivate him to move pass that notion.” He completed.
    “And how was the therapy section?” Bamidele asked again.
    “He got better until his wife cheated on him with an upcoming actor. Adedayo stopped seeing his wife and only went home whenever he wanted to see his son. And there are times when Shalewa tried to get him drunk again so they could make love.” He said.
    “Please tell this court how Dayo found out Jamal wasn’t his son.” Bamidele said.

    “Few months ago he came to my office and showed me the message he got from actor Charles Adams. So I suggested that he run a DNA test on his son and the results proved that Jamal wasn’t his son. That is the reason why Dayo made up his mind to file a divorce. I was solely involved in every decision he made and on the day of the incident his plan was to tell his wife to sign the divorce papers or else he would be forced to tell her family about the DNA results. The only call I got from him was to bring an ambulance to his home that his wife tried to kill herself by falling off the stairs intentionally after hurting him.” Doctor Nelson explained.

    The spectators made several sounds of disgust and contempt.
    “Order!” The bailiff shouted.
    “No further questioning, my lord. But lastly I have with me another text message Mr Charles sent to me explaining the reason why he decided to tell my client the truth.” He handed the court clerk the white sheet.
    “My client’s wife never stopped seeing her ex and the only reason why he texted my client was because Shalewa refused to grant him custody of his child.” Bamidele explained to the judge
    Another disapproving sounds from the spectators made the judge hit on the gravel.
    “All evidences I have tendered to this court are enough reasons to prove my client is not guilty.” Bamidele bowed slightly before walking back to the defense bench.

    It was surprising how the prosecuting counsel didn’t object or say a word before the judge announced a recess.

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    What is there to object to?

    Judgment time


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    What is the final say by now..

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    We have win this already
    Like have missed my little girl: Iteoluwakisi
    Please how about her???

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    Dela Cruise
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    Am wondering what he wants to object to when he never saw any of this coming most especially the doctor being the only witness..

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    Dela Cruise
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    Barrister Bamidele u have done a very nice job am sure Shalewa won’t escape this time around

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    Dela Cruise
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    Madam judge what do you have to say on this since you have the final verdict and it’s time for Dayo to get justice

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