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    We have already won the case

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    # #

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    Theme: Victory at last

    Arike’s POV

    •••15 MINUTES LATER•••

    “All rise the court is now in session.” The bailiff announced.
    The judge entered the courtroom and sat at the bench and then she told everyone to be seated.
    She called out the counsels to give their closing statements. The prosecuting counsel pointed out that justice be served for his client while the defense attorney pleaded not guilty and asked the judge for a fair verdict for his client.
    The female judge cleared her throat. “In all things, justice must be served. I have the statements of the counsels and I have also looked into the evidences presented by the defense counsel. And this is my verdict.” The judge paused and the whole courtroom was silent.

    She cleared her throat and spoke up after some seconds of studying Adedayo and then Shalewa before focusing on whatever was in front of her.
    “I am dismissing this case for lack of evidence from the prosecuting counsel. And I find you, Awosika Adedayo not guilty of the charges against you.” The judge said.

    And they was a loud cheer in the court room before the bailiff called everyone to order.
    “The accused is acquitted and for Shalewa Oriola, you are to pay a sum of 50 million naira for defamation of character and public humiliation to the accused within 48 hours.” She readjusted her eyeglasses.
    “This case would also serve as a lesson so many parents to never try to use your children for selfish purposes and amongst many other factors. This case is closed.” The judge hit the gravel again.
    “Court…Arise!” The court clerk screamed.
    We all stood up as the judge walked out of the courtroom.

    Tears welled up in my eyes as a loud cry of joy and cheers was heard among the spectators.
    Dayo was now a free man!
    Mrs Moyosoreoluwa and her parents went to meet Dayo where he stood wiping his face wet with tears.
    I watched as Shalewa slapped her attorney which threw the courtroom in absolute silence.
    “You should have told me that you are not competent to defend me in court!” She screamed out in frustration.

    Everyone became to murmur to each other’s ears.
    “And you..” she pointed to Adedayo. “This is not over!” She grimaced.
    “It is over..and don’t forget you have to pay my brother 50million naira. You have just 48hours to credit him…and you time starts now.” Moyosoreoluwa said with annoyance in her tone.
    “Trust me..this is not over!” She shouted before storming out of the court.

    The reporters filmed the whole scenario while some followed her outside the court room. Some reporters rushed to have a word from Adedayo as he moved out of the courtroom with Bamidele and barrister Prosper and his family guiding him.
    I stayed back in the court and listened to every bit of words people around me commented on this case.
    “I am happy for him o.”
    “Serves Shalewa right.”
    “No..they should have confined her to a psychiatric home.”
    “I came all the way from Ikorodu to witness this court drama.”
    “Did you see her face when she realized that she lost the case?”
    “She is a disgrace to womanhood.”
    “My sister..even motherhood join.”

    People commented as they walked out of the courtroom until I was the only left in the room.
    I stood up and went to the center of the room with my gaze fixed on the judicial logo hanging in the wall of the judge bench.
    That seat has once been part of my plans but here I was standing without a hint of any of those dreams on my mind. Every dream I had died down because I wanted to be devoted to my child.

    And now what next? Finally Dayo was free and I was left with a promise to fulfil to my child.
    “Arike…” a familiar feminine voice called my name.
    I turned to see Mrs Moyosoreoluwa there in the court room.
    “I thought you didn’t attend until I saw you when I was about to leave with my family.” She folded her arms.
    I just nodded my head.

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    Wow. Thank God dayo is free

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    Thank God for Dayo

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    E don Choke

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